#RHOC #BravoTV Recap: The #VodkaShannon Chronic-Bitch Tour Continues, Vicki Gunvalson Goes KooKoo , Heather Dubrow Is In The Pooper, And Meghan Will Cut A Ho!

It was a rather lively night on Bravo!

Our #RHOC “Ladies” went on a 10 minute trip to Nascar during tonight’s episode…..still have no idea why…..don’t care. Vroom Vrooom.

The staged “Psychic Friends Network” saga continues over Brooks’ Birthday dinner, with a full Beador breakdown…..Looks like Vicky was trying to tell producers to “cut” when the conversation about Brooks’ cancer was brought up by Shannon Beador ( aka #VodkaShannon) Vicky decides to shoot the messenger by giving #VodkaShannon a verbal smack down. David Beador tried to hide his glee, but his smirk was priceless. David is usually the one getting his ass kicked in the OC. Vicky is pretending to be hurt because Tamra’s psychic “Chris” had a tingling sensation, that meant Brooks’s cancer was fake (Or he has an infection). Model Meghan had the nerve to discuss psychic Chris’s revelations with the other ladies after a workout at Cut Fitness. Rascally rabbit #VodkaShannon couldn’t run fast enough to tattle to Vicky. It’s all so very Bravo…..stupid in-fighting with middle-aged women over numerous cocktails. Before Vicky and Brooks sprint from dinner, #VodkaShannon cries telling Vicky that is was all Model Meghan’s fault. Since they all hate Meghan we know whats coming…….


Heather “Fancy Pants” Dubrow is building a Mega mansion so she can move on up to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Can you blame her? The ladies of the OC really don’t scream “extreme wealth.” Heather’s situation is much more akin to the Vanderpumps or Fosters of #RHOBH, than the gym owner Judge’s of her current franchise. We know she and Terry will petition Andy for a transfer as soon as their 14 “powder rooms” are completed. That is quite the poo situation! Collette will be happy to Christen each one Heather…..

Heather’s home tour below!


Heather served a beautiful formal luncheon in the middle of her partially built McMansion. The ladies had a wonderful time until Meghan brings up the psychic cancer situation. Vicky of course loses her shit and threatens to “Take Meghan Down!” Maybe Vicky forgot that the take down threat was used last year against the Beadors to no avail? Meghan isn’t scared of the Vicky stank-eye and I kind of love that about her. Vick’s eyes are bulging, she’s screaming – ready to implode, and Meghan looks as cool as a daisy! Watch the brawl below:


Meghan’s blog was posted after Monday’s episode. She has this to say about Vicky and Brooks.

 I was shocked at Vicki’s response to me when I brought up the psychic and Brooks’ treatment. Vicki immediately went on the attack and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Watching this made me ask myself if her style of arguing by throwing jabs is simply a personality flaw and/or a defense mechanism to hide a deeper issue? It still remains strange to me that people (Vicki) who have similar struggles (like cancer) don’t band together. I’ve never experienced the kind of hatred that Vicki spews at me regarding a devastating illness. Any single one of you reading this blog who has been directly affected by cancer (either through a close friend, yourself, or a caregiver) knows that it consumes you. “Too much time on my hands” says Shannon, no, it is an all-consuming thirst for knowledge, a cure, a support group – anything to help you cope! So yes, of course when I heard about this alternative to chemo that Brooks was trying called “resveratrol” I researched it. If he is onto something that can cure cancer and I don’t know about it, I can damn well promise you I will be doing some thorough research.
But guess what, resveratrol doesn’t cure cancer. Add another strange tidbit to the pile of doubt surrounding Brooks’ story…Meghan Edmonds


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3 Comments on #RHOC #BravoTV Recap: The #VodkaShannon Chronic-Bitch Tour Continues, Vicki Gunvalson Goes KooKoo , Heather Dubrow Is In The Pooper, And Meghan Will Cut A Ho!

  1. Well it’s true! How the hell else is the bartender supposed to squeeze an entire lime into a glass, he has to use his dirty findernails as a juicer. Miss Debutante retard. (People who were born in Ma. are grandfathered in on the retard word, don’t worry.) Check out David Beador’s abs on google. The man is ripped. And he’s cute. I think I have a crush on him even though I am very happily married. I wish he would get a divorce. It’s worth the money. It’s going to happen sooner or later. But you are right, that must be why he stays with her. That and when he goes he knows that the fun goes with him and the kids are left with Miss Ball o” Misery. I bet he feels very trapped.

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  2. Bwhaaaaa. I love the save the vodka photo. So true. I’ve had more than I can take of Shannon, and I only see her once a week on my t.v. David Beador is a saint to put up with her morose personality and her idiotic and extremely expensive wellness voodoo. Shannon has no medical training, or even a basic comprehension of illness and it’s cause (see exhibit a. inhaler for non-existent asthma and coughing up black sputum, taking antibiotics for one night and being cured.) She is a walking and talking mongoloid. She claims to have come from a well-to-do family and been a debutante. I think she would have been more suited to some pretentious, hedge fund dude who sat around in a smoking jacket. She has even sucked the prettiness out of her face in one season. Why is she doing this to her girls? Her stated reasons are the antithesis of what a loving parent would do. She needs attention and pity and if she isn’t playing the role of a martyr she isn’t happy. It seems that she cares more about the idea of not being a divorce statistic than actually staying married to her husband because she loves him. She certainly doesn’t like him. I think he is cute and he could be happy with someone that adores him. I think the girls would be happier without the Shannon-shit-show, too. I think they would be relieved if there was a divorce. The bottom line is that if she cared about her marriage she wouldn’t bust his balls on t.v. every week.
    She didn’t like the restaurant….., She ASKED for them to squeeze the whole lime into her vodka, but never mind. Who want’s somebody’s fist in their glass of vodka? Gross. I could explain to her the correct way that a lady de- juices a lime or lemon into a drink and it doesn’t include the chubby, unwashed fingers of a bartender. Is it just me or does she always change up her vodka orders to make it seem like she enjoys variety. No, honey. You drink straight vodka. You have issues. The meat was fatty. The restaurant was beneath her standards. She looked at her birthday cake with disgust. And she looked at her husband with disgust, too. Even their therapist is 100% on David’s side. She ruined Brook’s birthday party, and made it all about the ugliness she was carrying inside. She just had to release it. She gives herself credit for not sharing the Brooks has no cancer story with Vicky, when in fact she was DYING to spill the beans, she could not wait to tell Vicky not until after dinner. Vicky bitch slapped (metaphorically) her mouth closed which is the only reason she didn’t. Because Vicky WOULD NOT LISTEN. Enough of this insufferable woman. She is awful. She is depressing. I hope she doesn’t get asked back. And i hope her Nene choppers don’t get asked back, either.
    Meghan I have a little more respect for. For her age, she handles the adult world pretty well. I really didn’t find my spine until I was 35 or so. If Vicky wants to make reference to her age in an argument, well then right back at you, bitch. I can’t wait to find out why Vicky broke up with Brooks. Did she wait until the reunion was wrapped so she could not be asked about it?

    I like Heather more and more, but seriously, that house is pretentious. It reeks of desperation.

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    • I may never get “Vodka-fisting” out of my head dear, thanks for that! LMAO
      Your point about looking down on David is dead on. Couldn’t believe her reaction to her family dinner out! Such an ungrateful bitch. David hasn’t divorced Shannon because of the cost $$$$$ That is the ONLY reason he is still under the same roof. She would take 50%, alimony, and child support. Maybe he needs a hitman? LOL


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