#BravoTV It’s The #RHOC Beador Family Vacation! #VodkaShannon and David Take The Kids to #Dismaland!


Dismaland Park UK by Banksy! For the family who’s outlook on life never looked brighter.. Unless, of course, it was under the influence of Mickey’s pal Grey Goose, and Mr. Lime Twist!


Have fun kids! Mom and Dad left all the relationship tension with Cinderella………..


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12 Comments on #BravoTV It’s The #RHOC Beador Family Vacation! #VodkaShannon and David Take The Kids to #Dismaland!

  1. Attention Ms. Bitch! It seems that Yolanda has not let her diagnosis of a leaky boob stop the cure tour! She is undergoing Cryotherapy which my husband just told me cures nothing like chronic Lyme’es disease caused by leaky boobs and cow tonguing.
    It is used to cool down the whole body which decreases the metabolism of the spinal cord. It only used for spinal cord injuries, football injuries and to cool down the brain if severe brain trauma is incurred so the brain uses less energy to heal. You have to have general anesthesia for it. It slows down the heart, slows your breathing and changes your whole physiology. It is a real big deal to have this. Busted Yolanda!!!!!!! Busted on the fingernail polish, too. You can’t have used deodorant, hair conditioner, perfumes, hand sanitizers or fingernail polish. No accredited hospital would ever use cryotherapy for the reasons she states. Why are so many of these bitches completely crazy? Now she is claiming that she had Chronic Lyme’s disease which was made worse by a leaky silicone boob but no the cause of it. She cannot give up her quest for the cure!

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    • She said it was three min. of bliss. Three min? to drop your core temperature to -250 degrees? Bwhaaaaa, Hey, stupid you would have had to have been put under AND they would have killed you if they dropped you like that in three min. Does she not know that there are medical professionals out there who know that the things she claims are not possible?

      ““Sometimes I wonder how my spirit keeps going, but no matter how dark my days are, I always try to remember that there are people out there who have problems much bigger than mine and under much worse circumstances,’” she wrote on the Dr. Oz website.
      Well, that explains her sob story on the Dr. Oz story. He has been hauled in front of Congress for Quackery and thoroughly disgraced. T

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    • I’m thinking she was at a new bar in LA that offers freezing and drinking, not at licensed physician’s office 🙂


  2. This woman is insufferable. Tamra writes how nasty people are on social media and it is so unfair after all Shannon has endured have repairing their marriage. What I think is mean and nasty is humiliating the hell out of your husand and kids every week, but what do i know. Did the kids need to know that David Beador banged another woman on her birthday after he left her? Did we need to know? She is a sadist and a masochist att he same time. Ugh. I can’t wait for this season to be over. I can’t look at Shannon without getting sick. She makes me want to join A.A. and i don’t even drink. Fly away on your broom! Scat!

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