#RHOC Tamra Once Again Proves TV Comes Before Her Kids


PTA isn’t calling you Tamra……

Maybe this is why your kids aren’t either?


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9 Comments on #RHOC Tamra Once Again Proves TV Comes Before Her Kids

  1. Don’t all born again Christians have sex parties?

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  2. It’s just horrible. The kid asked to go before a judge and convinced him that there was no parental alienation of affection. The daughter is just happier with the father. She must have a valid reason. Believe it or not, Tamra, there are some people who just don’t want to be on a reality show. Imagine that! And there are some people that would not like your lifestyle your creepy husband or your pervy son. Sorry. Give the kid some space and maybe you can repair your relationship as adults. Don’t be more concerned with you thinking that people might think you are a parental failure. Be more concerned about the happiness of your child. Maybe, just maybe, she didn’t like you discussing your custody battle and how hard it has been for you on television. Maybe. Maybe she is upset with you for a really good reason. Whatever it is, the Judge sided with her. So stfu. for now.

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    • I think ANY 16 year old girl would be mortified to watch their mom act like a hooker on TV. Mine are 18 and 19 now and would have run for the hills if they saw me act like Tamra. Its selfish on her part. Fame and staying on a BS TV show more important than her teen’s love? Not for me!


    • Hey on a side note….would you like me to publish blog entries for you here? Ms SH did that for me and I really enjoyed it. You can write about whatever you want and I will post it here giving you credit. Let me know 🙂


  3. Such a dreadful, low-class woman. One of the tackiest parties Bravo has ever paid for.

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