#BelowDeck Episode 2 : Things Not To Do As A “New” Eros Crew Member

Adrienne career path Below Deck

Poor Captain Lee.

I swear Bravo hired a production company that planted “wanna-be” actors into the Eros yacht crew, instead of dedicated Charter industry workers. Did Rocky, Emile, and Don all have SAG cards prior to being cast on Below Deck? Hmmmmm? This crew is a hot-mess of deck hands/stews that get irritated when asked to wash a bloody window because it’s “beneath them?” Since when is doing your job, not part of the job? These prima-donnas need a good, hard, Captain Lee off-camera beat down! Is it possible that this season the men are actually afraid to break a sweat so their hair game stays strong? God forbid Don pull a quad from the strain of inflating the Eros slide and his ego simultaneously. We now know Don’s body is his “Temple” and that he’s practicing his religion by removing his shirt every 10 seconds. Someone needs to have him pee in a cup stat….

don baby   emile2

What ever happened to a work ethic? I’m with Captain Lee tonight. Either these people shape up or they can (get casted) find work elsewhere. How can Kate and Eddie do their jobs properly with zero experienced crew members? I take that back, Amy has experience. So that makes one stew to serve elite clients, and Kate leading service. Rocky is too busy getting Gamma radiation with Emile to work, but I’m sure she will have her hand out at tip time.


Deck boss Eddie did not hire ANY of the new deck crew.

Captain Lee certainly didn’t hire the deck crew.

I know who hired these boys….

Dallas did.


On a side-note from BitchByBravo

“Bullwinkle called me this week begging me not to use his likeness with Below Deck’s “Rocky.” He’s worried she will tarnish the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” brand. I understood his concerns and assured him that Raquel is bound to improve as the season unfolds. Since she’s not a paid actress and isn’t working a script, its silly to assume her work “performance” won’t improve. Right Rocky? Or did you audition for Below Deck to be the idiot attention whore every reality show “pulls out of their hat?” Bravo fans love Below Deck, so if you came on board to sink this ship you better wun wascally wabbit. Waahaha.”

Rocky workingCapt Lee Not Amused Rocky

Best of luck again next week Captain Lee and amazing Kate Chastain! If anyone can kick this “Motley Crew’s” ass into shape it’s you two!

More fun to come! – Bitch By Bravo

ZIP IT ROCKY titanic rocky

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2 Comments on #BelowDeck Episode 2 : Things Not To Do As A “New” Eros Crew Member

  1. Kate hates everybody, bad for business!


  2. Besides Captain Lee Kate Amy and Eddie……….YUCK!! Please please bring back REAL yachting industry employees……..Reality TV not idiot can’t get a job actors!

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