Why Don’t Laws Apply To #Kylie Jenner and #Tyga? How Dating A 16 Year Old Became Legal in California and What That Says About Celebrity Culture

Kylie Jenner met Tyga in 2013. At the time he and Scott Disick were close friends. Scott helped book Tyga for Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16 party which was taped for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” The video is from February 2013 with Tyga singing inappropriate songs like “Lap Dance’ to a room filled with minors. Kylie Jenner is visibly flirting with the then 24-year-old rapper while being just 15 herself. Her hair flipping and dancing on stage clearly reflect her crush on the man who should have been off-limits

Young Kylie had an agenda and zero respect for authority. Neither Bruce or Kris could ever control her promiscuous behavior and tried to keep it hidden from the cameras.

On #KUWTK Kylie constantly asked her sisters about sex and dating. Unfortunately the Kardashian sisters started their sexual experiments underage, so Kylie took those actions as a greenlight for bad behavior. In this clip Khloe confesses she was 14 and dating an 18 yr old and that it was “so horrible.” What a hypocrite! In a later interview in 2015 Khloe condones Kylie having sex because “she’s not an average 17-year-old and a special case.” This statement and the family’s lack of control affirmed to Kylie her sick relationship was fine.

2015 is a different tune….

Kylie celebrated her 17th birthday at rapper Tyga’s house. Chris Brown, Justin Beiber,The Game, and Tyga kept giving her drinks screaming at her to take a “shot, shot, shot!!” as she dances on a table next to a penis cake. If you had a daughter this age ( I have 2) and you saw a bunch of older rappers getting her drunk what would you do? I guess Kris Jenner was just bummed she didn’t get invited? Tyga should have been arrested for giving alcohol to a minor, and something else later on in bed. Keep in mind Kylie Jenner turned 17 that night, yet clearly already had a relationship with Tyga!

After that party on 9/10/14 Kylie and Tyga were seen everywhere together. Rumors flew that when Kris and Bruce Jenner tried to stop Kylie from running after the rapper, she threatened to run away and quit the show. After Bruce decided to become a woman Kylie withdrew from her family even more. Tyga had her exactly where he wanted her. Kylie needed Tyga to fulfill a “Daddy” role and Tyga needs Kylie Jenner for a career.

0810-kylie-jenner-instagram-01-1200x630Caitlynk vs k

World-wide headlines began dissing Tyga and Kylie’s relationship. Tyga’s Gold Album released during the media vitriol was an abject failure selling only 12,000 copies. To promote his joint project with Chris Brown called “Fan Of A Fan” Tyga and Brown gave interview on several radio stations including Power 105 in New York City. Tyga claimed he wanted to set the record straight about Kylie Jenner, and their “relationship.” He said they were strictly friends and “I am NOT dating Kylie Jenner.” People were extremely sceptical. Weeks later on the same radio station Kanye West said, “Kylie and Tyga, they in love. You know Tyga is smart…he got there first.” Public outcry began again, and the “Young Money” rapper Tyga  became the brunt of every joke world-wide.

Tyga became big news again over the summer for 2 separate cheating scandals. His ex BlacChyna released a series of text messages from the rapper to her begging for another chance. Those texts were published on BlacChyna’s Instagram showing Tyga want to “get his family back together.” After being exposed as a cheater Tyga went on the big denial tour….blah blah blah. The public saw the proof, yet Kylie Jenner didn’t break up with Tyga? A month later Transsexual model Mia Isabella’s texts and photos were exposed. Tyga was shown nude, and engaging in graphic sexual conversations with Isabella. Both of these stories were featured on this blog.

Kylie Jenner again forgave Tyga and absolutely refuses to face the truth about the pedophile she fell in love with. Tyga is using Kylie’s fame, money, and family name to make his career take off. He sees himself as a younger version of Kanye West with a trophy “bitch.”

Chyna Cheating scandal-


Transsexual Cheating scandal-



On September 10th 2015 Kylie Jenner turned 18 and wasted no time shoving Tyga PDA down the public/media’s throat. Like the spoiled and talentless reality star she is, Jenner is giving the world the finger. Her actions scream like a bratty 2-year old, “I can do what I want!” Unfortunately for Tyga and Kylie, actions and lies have consequences in the court of public opinion. The public isn’t amused by the couples lies to media and fans. We now know definitively that Tyga committed a sexual battery crime on a minor female. One of the radio stations, Power 105 in NYC, that Tyga denied dating Jenner to had this to say about the rapper.


And the video for “Stimulated”….. Poor Kylie. Not smart enough to hear within the song lyrics that she’s being used. Shame on you Kris and Bruce. The state of California also failed Kylie Jenner for the 2 years this relationship took place before the legal age of 18. LAPD proves once again that celebrities get their own set of rules that don’t apply to you and me. Kylie Jenner is well on her way to being the next “Lindsay Lohan” of Calabasas.


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18 Comments on Why Don’t Laws Apply To #Kylie Jenner and #Tyga? How Dating A 16 Year Old Became Legal in California and What That Says About Celebrity Culture

  1. I have yet to hear any of this loser’s songs on the radio. Who’s paying his bills mama K?

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  2. Oh Really? How lucky you are! I love it there and the weather is so nice (compared to the tropical swamp I live in) that is funny that he is really cute. Do you mean really cute like a fuzzy wuzzy bear or really cute as in Timothy Olyphant? Whatever, he is gay anyway.

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  3. I can’t bid you adieu without giving a special shout out to Former President Bill Clinton, for teaching an entire generation that a blow-job is not sex. Well done! Now you have girls blowing half of the school and thinking they are virgins.

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  4. Caifornia is the state that is trying to figure out what to do with the human waste on the sidewalk problem, and the urine corroding metal poles issue, but only for the Superbowl, so don’t worry guys, we will command certain shops to let the homeless use their restrooms. They also passed an extremely important law allowing people to walk the streets and shops completely nude. Because that is important. When 4 people complained that they didn’t want to sit on a chair where somebody just had their flea-ridden junque, they politely ask that one sit on a newspaper. So that’s California. Do the crime and get no time California. They are just too busy to care about the welfare of a minor. There are a couple of things that you pointed out which I did not know and I had an Ah-ha moment. One is that her entire family, sisters included, are dirt bags. They spend hundreds of thousands a year shaping themselves into sex symbols for black men. That is not a racist thing to say, it is just a fact. Having a big fat ass is not on the inspiration list of most high school and college age girls. If you don’t believe me, take a survey. You are right about Tyga. He fancies himself to be the next Kanye, and Kylie transformed herself into a virtual mirror image of her but younger. She dresses like a tramp. She wants to be the next Kim.
    We know she is a liar because she let all those tweens try to blow up their lips using a shot glass, before she was so busted and finally had to stop lying and tell the truth because girls were hurting themselves.
    But the most important thing is that Kylie threatened to quit the show unless she could date this talentless pedophile. That was what mattered to them the most. The show. The money. That is what Kris and Jenner care about most. The show. They made a choice to put the show over the well-being of their daughter. They are pimps. I have no doubt that the sex tape was the mother’s idea.
    Neither of these men, Kanye or Tyga have genuine talent. They write filthy songs. Kanye is widely considered (after his last speech) to be a mentally ill person who can rap. Tyga is just f*****g awful. How he got a microphone in his hand is a mystery. I had teenage daughters, too. They need you to talk sense into them as they are bombarded by all media that they are a mere sex object. We have to counter-act that constantly hoping that just part of it sinks in. The parents do not value education. Who needs to understand history when you are with a dumb-as-shit rapper? No their skills, are making money off of their looks. Kylie has gotten everything she ever wanted by threatening to not be on the show. But at the expense of being a well-rounded human being. Ironically, her boyfriend likes transvestites. Does that matter to Caitlin? Nah. Is Kris concerned about her daughter having the same fate befall her? nah. They don’t care about anything else but money and vanity.
    The father is off the deep end, and drowning in narcissism and mental illness, and the mother is a pimp.
    ~sorry, that was all before coffee. Very good article. I am glad to see that at least one person in this world cares about this girl. I hope to hear more from you in the future on this topic. It is heart-breaking from the standpoint of a mother. Anybody who has ever had a teenage girl knows how vulnerable they are, how they think they know everything, and how how much they need parental guidance to navigate through the shit storm that is popular culture.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD7P9iPkCes you won’t be able to take much of this, but this is Kanye, or Jesus singing at Glastonberry.

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