#BelowDeck Episode 2 “There’s Something About Don….”


So happy Below Deck is back on Bravo Tuesday nights!

Captain Lee and the crew welcomed Dean Slover back on Charter for the 3rd time in 3 seasons…..If the show is in need of fresh guests, please use my contact information! I can bring friends and levity to the Lido deck…

Charter guest Slover decides he and his band of “Merry Men” would like to do some fishing! The crew springs into action to make that happen, except for Leon. Leon suggests to the guests they should “catch their own lunch.” Yeah, I’d pay $30,000 for a private chef and catch my own food…#NOT. Leon should be nowhere near the Eros, but I hear Carnival Cruise Line is looking for a buffet cook. Connie is amazing and super excited to take the guests fishing! Fishing is her forte and they bring back lobsters and conch for Leon to prepare…

beef cheeks 4 slubber



Leon is in big trouble. This “chef” has no clue how to remove the conch from its shell! Yep….Mr. Magoo tells the guests he will prepare their catch, but has no clue on how to shuck-it from the shell. So after several humorous tries, Leon gives up and resorts to ( shudder ) FROZEN CONCH!!



Slover loves Leon’s conch ( yes it’s making me giggle to!) and Kate quizzes the chef as to where the shell is? Leon tells her to mind her own business! When the clients ask Leon how he prepared the conch, he lies through his teeth! It’s OK Leon, don’t forget about the cruise ship job…and the fact that this is being shown to several million people and will live forever on the internet. Savvy?

stud of the sea


Poor Kate and Captain Lee.

The crew is whack. Rocky has brought a mermaid tail with her on Charter, yet no work ethic. Don has brought muscles, good looks, Roid-rage, and an Engineering degree, when the muscles would have been sufficient. What Don doesn’t understand is that you do the job you were hired for, not Eddie’s or the Captain’s. Chef Leon has brought a recipe for “beef cheeks” and pasta from every country, yet thinks it’s OK to tell guests to catch their own fish and lie to them about actually using it. Yep….we have the “A” team. Leon also won’t give out the recipe for his “House Dressing” because its more valuable than his integrity.

Chief Stew2

Poor Eddie tries to coach Don on how to do his job, but Engineers don’t need coaching…..because they are engineers. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kate quizzes Leon about his background as a chef, which includes McDonald’s and the QE2. He is not a “yachtie” and it shows! He’s used to yelling orders at line cooks, not the delicate dance of catering to the whims of charter clients. His ego is too large for the galley and Chef Ben Robinson is needed on board stat!

Rocky Broadway

After hours of being “tortured” by Kate, which most of us call actual work, Rocky needs a break. We need a break from Rocky. Kate allows her to take a swim. Rocky uses her break to swim in a thong bathing suit in front of the male crew members. This puts a testosterone fueled Don into over drive. Don strips down so he can “grab those sweet cheeks” on wet Rocky, then proceeds to dive in after her without permission. Is Don from Jersey? Or is he just crass? Perhaps now he realizes that deck hands need to ask the Captain before swimming on Charter? Captain Lee was quick to order Don out of the water and back to work! Eddie and Lee discuss Don’s behavior/over-all performance privately, then ask him to the Bridge for a “chat.” Don knows he’s in deep shit and runs to Kate for advice, which he blatantly ignores when talking to the Captain. You should have listened to KATE.

don baby

Don also should have sat quietly listening to Captain Lee and Eddie’s concerns. Genius boy however uses the time to be combative with his responses. I’ve seen steroid reactions and this one has all of the signs, but Don himself denies using.

Captain Lee tells Don to pull his weight. Don decides to argue and just keeps digging his grave deeper. Then without warning he stands up and gives his resignation effective immediately! Maybe he forgot they were at sea? Hope you can swim Don……..

don tweet

Until next week!


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