#NYFW Poor Kendall Jenner! She’s Trying To Distance Herself From Her Unfashionable “Vegas-Looking” Siblings As They Crash Fashion Week!

Kim , Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian all showed up to New York Fashion Week to “support” sibling Kendall Jenner. Kendall has very noticeably distanced herself from the family brand, and considers modeling “her escape” from the Kardashian machine. During London Fashion Week 2014 Kendall was furious with mother Kris Jenner for coming to shows she was walking in! Kendall does NOT want her A-list modeling brand tarnished by association, yet her sisters continue to show up wearing HORRIBLE clothes to get press attention.Kim Kardashian is no longer the most famous sister, and Kendall Jenner has potential to be the biggest star in the family.

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Kendall joined her siblings for dinner in NYC last night trying to stay incognito wearing minimal make-up, and a simple black outfit. Her sisters looked like something from a “Sigfreid and Roy” Vegas show…..

We feel your pain Kendall!! Good thing Kylie Jenner is still around to follow in Kim’s porn foot-steps complete with a grill-wearing rapper! I’d be embarrassed to be a member of the Kardashian’s too Kendall. Don’t worry about your sisters, keep doing you!

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7 Comments on #NYFW Poor Kendall Jenner! She’s Trying To Distance Herself From Her Unfashionable “Vegas-Looking” Siblings As They Crash Fashion Week!

  1. donewithbravo // September 17, 2015 at 2:40 am // Reply

    In looking at this pics again, what’s up with Kourtney K’s outfit in the first big pic? I see a sexy long raincoat, thigh-high boots (must be a K-prerequisite), a black onesie, but then I see a peek of bronze. WTH is that? Did her onesie open?? Weird!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, why do these people insist on thigh-high boots?????
    As a side note: I do think that the “model” K does look more natural than the rest of the family. It’s refreshing. If she and the pudge-face are the new look for models, then the modeling world has changed enormously since the days of the ubermodel!

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  2. What the hell is Kim wearing? Holy hell!

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