#BelowDeck 9/15 “Do Not Mess With Captain Lee, and Other Unwritten Rules for Surviving Reality at Sea”

Tuesday’s episode of Below Deck began with the nuclear fall-out from Don Abanante’s bombshell. In case you’ve been living in the shadow of Chef Leon’s huge head, you will remember deckhand (But I’m an Engineer!!!) Don quit last week it a fit of anabollic anger. Lil’ Donnie did a “no no” by following stewardess Racquel “Rocky” Dakota into the ocean for a dip without permission. When called to the bridge by Bosun Eddie and Captain Lee to answer for his behavior, Don runs his mouth to the Captain and quits in the middle of charter. WTF??

Clearly Don Boy didn’t learn anything from seasons 1 & 2 of Below Deck. Let me educate you doll.

don babyZIP IT ROCKY

Rule #1 of Below Deck

Do not F%&K with Captain Lee!! People who have messed with our beloved Cap’n in the past include: Adrienne (gone), Sam (gone), Kat (gone), Amy’s brother (gone), CJ (presumed dead-joke!), and Aleks…….See the pattern people? Now you can add Don to the ever growing list of ass-hats that can’t cut it with “Leethority.”

stud of the sea

Rule #2

Do Not Embarrass The Boat! Captain Lee has a plane ticket with your name on it if your antics cause him/Eros to look bad. I predict Rocky Dakota will not only embarrass the boat, but herself in a big permanent way by end of season. You are allowed to embarrass yourself on theme nights with Kate Chastain’s permission to please the clients.

donpedo range

Rule #3

Don’t Lie To Get On Below Deck! We all remember that idiot from Season 2 who fudged his resume so he could be a deckhand right? I don’t remember his name either, but his legacy lives on in Rocky! Yep….Rocky lied her way onto the show so she can become a HUGE star. Rocky tries to come off as quirky and fun, while playing victim of “evil” Kate. Kate isn’t evil, she’s trying to work with a hot-mess created by Rocky’s lack of (lied about) experience. Rocky’s actions belong on land where others don’t have to pick up the slack. Production needs to screen potential “yachties” a bit better. Fans of the show are smarter than given credit for, and can spot a “planted” cast member a mile away. Rocky was added to “Bring Extra Drama” and that’s not why devoted fans love the show.

Rocky Broadway

Rule #4

Embrace serving others in a service industry! Watching people complain about the jobs they were hired/casted to do on a luxury yacht is laughable. You make $1,000-$2,000 in tips for 3 days work?? You get paid by Bravo. You are traveling on a private yacht to exotic locations others only dream about, and yet the 20-yr-olds whine about hard work? Here’s a tip!!


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