RHOC Shannon Beador Husband David Beador’s Affair/Mistress Revealed!! Nicole McMackin is Confirmed as “The Other Woman!”


The Daily Mail just broke the news-the identity of David Beador’s mistress. David is the husband of hard-drinking #RHOC star Shannon Beador. Their marital struggles have been the main story-line for Shannon this season on the show. According to Daily Mail-

The woman who cheated with Shannon Beador’s husband in a sordid eight-month affair is the married president of a successful Orange County tech firm, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

David Beador, who has been married to Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon for 15 years – yesterday was their anniversary –  became intimate with blonde executive Nicole McMackin during secret hotel trysts in and around Newport Beach, California.

The pair met at a meeting of an elite business club for entrepreneurs called Young President’s Organization in September, 2013.

McMackin, 43, who is President of Irvine Technology Corp, a firm which provides IT solutions and personnel, immediately hit it off with David, 50, who owns Beador Construction Inc. and has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

The pair – who live just 20 minutes drive apart – embarked on a secret affair and stole intimate moments at luxury hotels when both could slip away from their partners – including the night of Shannon’s 50th birthday, as viewers were told.

A source close to mom-of-three Shannon told Daily Mail Online: ‘Shannon first suspected David was cheating after catching him whispering to someone on the phone.

‘Then in April last year – before filming had started for Season 10 of the show – Shannon decided to check David’s briefcase while he was out and she found hotel receipts stuffed inside.

‘When he got back she confronted him and David admitted to an affair.’

The friend said devastated Shannon, 51, who has three daughters with David- 13-year-old Sophie and 10-year-old twins, Stella and Adeline –  wanted to know who the mistress was but decided not to confront her in person – instead focusing on how best to mend her marriage.

What compounded the reality star’s hurt, Daily Mail Online has learned, was that Shannon and McMackin had become friendly after meeting at their daughters’ after school basketball games.

The close friend said: ‘‘It turns out that Nicole purposely put her kid on Shannon’s daughter’s basketball team, a team that David coaches.

‘The whole thing is upsetting for a lot of different reasons.

‘They began talking during games and Nicole would ask her how her relationship was going.

‘It just seems really underhanded and manipulative, almost as if she was probing for info to use to break them up. Or maybe she was just feeling guilty.’


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7 Comments on RHOC Shannon Beador Husband David Beador’s Affair/Mistress Revealed!! Nicole McMackin is Confirmed as “The Other Woman!”

  1. Does that Nicole lady not see that her husband is better looking than David? He’s probably away a lot for work.. Does David not get that Shannon is prettier than Nicole? Maybe Nicole is hot in bed and Shannon isn’t. I can totally see that. But anyway. David’s an idiot. Why keep those receipts from their hotel stays? Trash them, duh! Nicole sounds like a low down bitch. I hope it was her house that the Beador twins toilet papered, lol!

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  2. Her husband is kind of hot. The woman needs a nose job desperately, but otherwise not bad. She was probably very nice to David. And he went into shock. She shouldn’t have kicked him out of the bedroom, and emasculated him at every opportunity if she didn’t want her husband to stray. She may love him but she doesn’t like him, which in many cases is more important. If you want to change everything about your husband, you probably don’t like him. Sorry, but no pity for Vodka Shannon who’s kids admit that she is a drunk, and she has involved in the success or failure of her marriage. She is a monster. How is that Feng Sui and crystal crap working out for you? Whack job.

    Liked by 1 person

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