Kylie Jenner Picked A Winner! Tyga Now Being Audited By The State Of California For UNPAID Taxes! #NotKinginNoMo

It isn’t Sunday without Kylie Jenner doing something nasty.You can’t read Daily Mail anymore without seeing the 18 yr-old reality star pouting for her phone camera. Saturday night was special at the Jenner lair, she chose to give her Greyhound dog’s nose a blow job on SnapChat. No I’m not kidding……video proof below:


Yep. She’s a peach.

So is her boyfriend Tyga. The star of (trying not to laugh) “Kingin’ With Tyga” has well-documented money problems and has been sued by his landlord (YES the KING rents LMAO) for non-payment. Tyga LOST in court and had to pay his landlord $70,000 in back rent. “King Gold Chains” then made a spectacle of himself at Kylie’s 18th birthday dinner by giving the reality star a Lamborghini. Trouble with the gift was….it was leased for Kylie by Kylie!! Tyga can’t afford to keep up with the Kardashians. The special moment was filmed for the upcoming season of “KUWTK” so I’m sure production paid for the down payment. Tyga, for all of his bravado about his lush lifestyle, is BROKE. His music isn’t selling and his only source of income are club appearances and his “Last Kings” clothing line. Kylie Jenner is footing the bill for her 1st love, which may also include paying off Tyga’s tax liens. More details from TMZ below.


Tyga is getting hit from every angle on the money front.

Kylie’s BF just got slapped with a tax lien from the State of California to the tune of $19,124.98. He allegedly shorted the Golden State on his 2009, 2010 and 2011 tax bills.

$20k would ordinarily be chump change for a rapper at his level, but he already owes his landlord $70k in back rent, and has lawsuits piling up.

It’s also not the first time Uncle Sam has come after Tyga … the feds hit Tyga last year with a $100k delinquent bill.

Things could be worse, but he’s dating Kylie so he’s got collateral.

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13 Comments on Kylie Jenner Picked A Winner! Tyga Now Being Audited By The State Of California For UNPAID Taxes! #NotKinginNoMo

  1. The attraction to a butt-ugly, stupid, talentless, loser like Tyga will baffle me for all of eternity. He is so freaking ugly and so stupid that he thinks she is a Kardashian and he is getting some Kardashian ****. The only good news is that any man associated with this clan has a complete downfall, and so to shall Tyga. It has already begun.

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  2. rox, I doubt highly that he was the first one to rock her world, since she seems to be very……err…. open. She just thinks that he’ll bring her more star power like her pee-princess-sister-Kimye. Blech!!! I had no idea that this pedophile had financial issues too. He should just be in jail, and the K/J parental figures should be fined!

    I read today that Kylie got some of her troll hair pulled out by a fan at Chris Brown’s concert in L.A. Many articles referred to her as a “model”. WTF????? The CHILD shouldn’t pretend that she fits in with adults in adult situations!! You play with fire and you’ll eventually get in trouble. Brat.

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    • you make a great point that family is very sexual i am sure she has had experience …and her man should of been thrown in jail !! that just makes me angry he is a pedophile yes the parents should be held accountable.
      my 14yr old talks about her and i have had to tell her that Kylie Jenner was a child dating a man who is using her for sex , her $$ and connections with famous people . the guy was a nobody until he stared being seen with Kylie she will eventually get burned I just hope there is somebody there for her to pick up the pieces.


      • donewithbravo // September 22, 2015 at 2:46 am // Reply

        I hope so too. She doesn’t seem to have any decent, moral relatives though.

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        • It was abuse and very public. Kris Jenner was alone trying to parent a child while Bruce played in Malibu. She has zero control over Kylie who has always been a problem child.

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          • donewithbravo // September 23, 2015 at 1:49 am // Reply

            And she allowed her slutty daughters to be an example for this lost daughter??? D’uh!!! It was the time to STOP worrying about being famous and START paying attention to the child in front of you! Call in professionals (therapists, etc…).

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            • Bruce doing his dance screwed up the younger girls royally. Kylie is the newest Lohan….mark my words.


              • It is just sad this family needs prayers

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              • donewithbravo // September 24, 2015 at 5:01 am // Reply

                I agree, BBB. I’m sure that Bruce’s issues played a big part in his younger daughters’ messed up lives, but look at every single person in their extended families–they’re ALL messed up!!! Pretty sad. “Be careful what you wish for” comes to mind. These people are without souls!

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                • When you have everything at a young age what else is there to do besides break rules? Hollywood brat gone wild. If you watched the first KUWTK Sunday both Kendall and Khloe admit none of them saw Caitlyn for months after her transition. Kylie was MIA hiding at Tyga’s and wouldn’t answer Kourtney when quizzed about where she had been staying. Kris had no clue.


                  • donewithbravo // September 25, 2015 at 3:55 am // Reply

                    Nope, I don’t watch their show; never did unless it was accidentally left on that channel (and then I’d rush to change it). They are all so detestable, IMO, and I’d never want to add to their $$ or ratings.

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  3. I feel sorry for this girl he must of gave her,her 1st orgasm so she must confuse that with love.
    she needs to kick that guy to the curb.


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