Ladies Of London New Year’s Eve! Annabelle Neilson Keeps The Peace, While Caroline Stanbury and Company Party Like Rock Stars!


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Talk about New Year’s party envy! Juliet Angus threw a London rager in episode 3 of “Ladies Of London.” From the private club elegance and formal dinner, to fireworks and animal onesies, this fete had A-list in spades. Not to mention a fair amount of bubbly imbibed by our Ladies and their husbands. To be a fly on the wall…..

It wouldn’t be Ladies Of London without a fair amount of drama, and tonight’s issues centered around Caroline Stanbury’s razor shop tongue vs.Julie Montagu’s hurt feelings. Julie seems especially fragile this season. Perhaps the pressures of trying to save the family estate “Mapperton” have been too great, while still dealing with family, starting JUB (Julie’s Unbelievable Balls ),and riding a bike everywhere teaching Yoga? Here’s what went down at dinner- Julie Monatgu was dared by Caroline Fleming to do a headstand, and the rest is history……..

nye nye1

Headstand clip by Bravo below:

The emotional aftermath was awful. Julie left the room in tears and Annabelle Neilson was there to pick up the pieces. Annabelle is the voice of reason and sincerity this season, and I’m loving her more every week. She revealed Caroline can be a “cow”, and thinks her comments to Julie were unfair.Caroline’s comments do tend to get sharper as the Champagne flows, and are not for the faint of heart. But with the Brits you need to give it right back to them, or they will continue having a go at you! Let’s remember too that Caroline’s business is on the verge of collapse, and she’s wound up tight with worry. She needs to let off some steam and is enjoying the night. I think being alone on New Year’s Eve without husband Luke was really hard for Julie. Her nerves got the best of her and she took Caroline’s snark to heart. Clearly drinking and Yoga do not mix, nor does doing head-stands at a formal dinner! It was fun to watch the drama unfold, until somebody begins sobbing.


Julie’s meltdown clip by Bravo below:

Of course both ladies took to their Bravo blogs to explain their side of things. Julie Montagu had this to say. You went to Caroline Stanbury for self-confidence — did you get what you were looking for from your business talk?
Julie Montagu: Not really. When someone tells you, “You don’t have a brain,” it doesn’t help one’s self confidence. So I walked away actually feeling really bad about myself and not very confident in my business JUB. I guess her comment to me was funny to her, so at least someone walked away feeling good about themselves. Oh well. Tell us about being on the receiving end of Caroline’s yoga comments at NYE dinner. What did you think of her apology?
JM: Yoga is a major part of my life, so when someone makes fun of you again (first it’s that I have no brain and now this), it makes me feel like I’m not really good at anything I do in Caroline’s eyes. I didn’t feel that her apology was very sincere — I don’t think she cared very much that she hurt me. In fact, I really don’t think Caroline cares at all what she says or does to me. She thinks it’s all just very funny. And this is where we’re different — I would never ever make fun of her and her businesses. Ever. What were you thinking when you watched Caroline straddling Gregor? Was it all in good fun or was it inappropriate?
JM: No comment.

Caroline Stanbury’s rebuttal below. What were your thoughts on Julie’s business pitch and your meeting?

CS: I was super impressed by Julie’s business pitch, she was super organized but I needed to take time out and concentrate on trying to save my own business. As much as I wanted to help her and be there for her, I wanted her to learn from the mistakes I had made. Did you think your comments at dinner were a dig to Julie? What were you thinking when Julie reacted the way she did? 

CS: Clearly I didn’t think they were a dig at Julie. There were two drunk women at the end of the table doing headstands, you can hardly take that seriously. Tell us about “Humpgate.” Did you feel that you crossed the line with Juliet’s husband? Why or why not?

CS: No, it was New Year’s Eve, everyone was drunk. I wanted everyone to join in with the fun. Looking back it probably was poor judgement but it was all done in good humor.

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Caroline delivered one of best one-liners about Julie’s reaction to her comment….

carolines titanic quote

After the “Yoga” incident Caroline Stanbury was again in trouble……( Sorry, but I adore her!) This time with resident trouble-maker Juliet Angus who must have felt left out. Juliet’s usually the one who offends anything with a beating heart, however this time she’s offended by Caroline wearing a Unicorn onesie and fake-humping her husband Gregor. Why was Caroline a Unicorn? Because all of the ladies changed into hilarious PJ’s that Caroline bought for them, to relax after the London fireworks display. It was hysterical to see Gregor’s drunk little face being humped (no contact) by Unicorn Stanbury.

Unicorn humping video below:

Too bad the episode ended and we missed the confrontation that followed between Juliet and Caroline! Luke Henderson was on hand “the day after” to get the scoop from Caroline about the night’s antics.


Cheers until next week!

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8 Comments on Ladies Of London New Year’s Eve! Annabelle Neilson Keeps The Peace, While Caroline Stanbury and Company Party Like Rock Stars!

  1. Caroline could/should be mindful of some of her words. I realize she is under a lot of stress but I found many of her comments to be inappropriate. Julie is going through a difficult time too.

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  2. I’m obsessed with Annabelle! She’s the voice of reason and like Yoda this season.Loved her story abt the MeMeMe’s too. Caroline gets super bitchy when she drinks and was extra nasty this week. I love Julie Montagu, but she needs thicker skin. She’s emotionally fragile and may not be right for Bravo drama. Loved her JUB balls too. The NYE drama was silly and everyone over-reacted….Caroline the Unicorn was hilarious. Gregor and Juliet vacation with Caroline and Cem so they are all very close. Juliet always has to be the center of attention and this was her way of doing it yet again! Show is amazeballs!! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Caroline was being a total bitch this ep and so was her sister in law. Team Jules! I loved Juliet’s party! I also really like Annabelle. I always have. I know I’m alone in that, but oh well. I thought her children’s book was magnificent. I’m really looking forward to next week’s ep! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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