KUWTK Poor Tyga! He’s Broke and Stuck With An Idiotic Narccisist 18 Year-Old Snapchat Addict AKA Kylie Jenner!

by ken

   ( Photo by Kendall Jenner/Snapchat….we agree! LMAO )

It’s truly the universe coming around to bite Tyga in the ass! Mr.Pedo may not have been prosecuted in a court of law for dating then-minor 16 yr-old Kylie Jenner, but he’s paying for his sins now! In recent videos posted from #Snapchat the D-list rapper is openly annoyed at Jenner’s toddler antics for attention. Kylie Jenner posts between 10-20 videos of herself daily citing “Snapchatting” as one of her best talents in a recent Vogue interview. The Mirror picked up the videos and posted them Saturday-see below!


Tyga has no escape from the youngest Kardashian/Jenner either. Rumor has it he’s being EVICTED from his Calabasas mansion just down the street for non-payment! It’s hard trying to sell the #KinginWithTyga lifestyle when your girlfriend has to lease her own birthday whip and pay your rent.

ho  hoho

Enjoy Tyga! Raising 2 kids is amazing. She and King Cairo can share toys 🙂

~Bitch By Bravo

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