Ladies Of London Episode #4 Recap: Caroline Stanbury Labeled “Husband Humper” On New Year’s Eve By “Nuclear Over-Reactor” Juliet Angus!

The aftermath of New Year’s Eve leaves 2 Americans in bed, Annabelle out the door, and the Hermer/Stanbury/Fleming’s pulling an all-nighter in Sophie’s room still having a good time. Bravo! Juliet however,couldn’t stay in bed, and comes back to yet AGAIN to discuss humping! Sophie and Caroline Stanbury  are lethally funny, and sick to death of the subject! Our Brit sisters tired of Angus’s antics, wound Juliet up over #Humpgate so tight, that she had no place left to go and blew her stack. It was brilliant. The Stanbury sisters were trying so hard not to let Juliet spoil their “holiday cheer”, but as usual the “Energizer Juliet” kept on going until she lost her audience. Marissa Hermer wasn’t surprised by Juliet’s outburst, having been on the receiving end of “Turkey-gate.” If Juliet was truly upset by Caroline’s actions she should have spoken to her privately the next day! Not when everyone has a 3am Champagne buzz and is celebrating New Years.

Bravo TV had an online poll last night with surprising results! I saw good New Year’s fun, but jealous wives prevailed.

humpgate poll

Frankly if I could listen to a loop of Caroline Stanbury saying “Husband Humper” in her very upper crust British accent for the entire episode I’d love it….

Bless Julie Montagu, she got up at 6am and taught New Year’s Day Yoga with a hangover! All of the other ladies are just wrecked and unable to function. Caroline has a morning reenactment call to bestie “Bubbles” aka Luke Henderson, while Marissa, Annabelle, and Julie discuss the night over coffee and Advil. Juliet Angus hosts a brunch for the group and acts like nothing happened! Seriously?? She’s now the Elephant in her own dining room.

carolines titanic quote

The Ladies begin to rehash the evening as a group, and Caroline decides to retract her apologies from Julie Montagu! Annabelle doesn’t like that at all. She tries to set Caroline straight on the do’s and dont’s of being sorry, but that falls flat with Stanbury. Annabelle decides to leave, tired of Caroline’s behavior. Caroline isn’t backing down. This proves that serious discussions and hangovers do not mix..


Marissa Hermer makes the newspaper with her “Top Dog” opening in Soho. Matt and Marissa both enjoy the coverage and laugh at the wiener picture covering Marissa’s mouth! Horizontal hot-dog eating-lol. Matt is really proud of Marissa’s success and the press surrounding her new brand.

cs lh  csbags

Caroline Stanbury’s “Gift Library” is running out of funding. A less than perfect holiday season left her finances in trouble. Having a frank discussion with Luke, Caroline confesses she needs a management team to come in and take-over operations or may she have to liquidate the company. Its heartbreaking to watch because Caroline started this business herself from home and built it into a great brand. Caroline and husband Cemmin Habib go to dinner to discuss New Year’s Eve and business. Cem says he saw nothing inappropriate in #Humpgate. Cem (pronounced Gem) tells Caroline she’s lost her “personal momentum” in the Gift Library business, but its more than that. Caroline has 3 very young children at home that she misses terribly, and is facing the horrible gut-wrenching guilt of not being with them enough. It’s a heart-breaking situation that I, and every mom on the planet, can relate to. I don’t think she’s lost momentum, I think she’s run out of hours in the day to function as mother, wife, and CEO.

flem40  ss8

Caroline Fleming’s heart and soul are in Denmark. We meet her lovely Grandmother who raised her, after her own mother’s tragic death when Caroline was 10. The cast will be traveling to Denmark in an upcoming episode to stay at the castle Caroline Fleming grew up in.

Husband humping serious juliet zipped

Annabelle, Julie, and Juliet meet for coffee to discuss NYE. Julie confesses she’s “terrified” by Caroline Stanbury. Julie is truly upset from Caroline revoking her apology on New Year’s Day about the yoga moment during the Christmas dinner party. I love Julie. Her heart is clean and pure, as are her motives. She’s a lamb in a field of lions! Juliet Angus is also terrified of Stanbury, and admits as much to Julie Montagu in a private phone conversation. Julie Montagu repeats the conversation to Annabelle Neilson without Juliet’s permission. Apparently Stanbury threatened to run Juliet and Gregor Angus over with her car and wipe them to the floor? If Caroline said that, coming from Juliet it’s a strong “IF’, she was being sarcastic. Knowing Juliet she called Julie for sympathy, and embellished the conversation in her favor. Julie, being a sweet and caring person, took Angus at face value and thought the threats were real based on her own interactions with Caroline. Juliet Angus is now caught in a big fat lie on camera, and Annabelle calls her out on it. You can’t play both sides Juliet. Annabelle sums it up perfectly saying Juliet feels safe playing Caroline’s pawn. Meanwhile somewhere in Surrey…..Caroline Stanbury in enjoying the attention 🙂

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Caroline and Luke Discuss the episode in a Bravo extra!

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1 Comment on Ladies Of London Episode #4 Recap: Caroline Stanbury Labeled “Husband Humper” On New Year’s Eve By “Nuclear Over-Reactor” Juliet Angus!

  1. If I were Cem I’d be wondering what my wife was doing when I was out of town so often on business. Seeing as though he isn’t concerned then if I were CarolineS I’d be worried wth he’s doing while out of town… Caroline was completely out of line to get on Gregor like that. The poor guy didn’t know what to do! Sophie is a bitch. Plain and simple. I would have told her to fuck off and mind her teeth. Oops, I mean business if I were Juliet. Marissa needs to stfu and permanently shove a hot dog in her mouth and leave it there. I’m so sick of hearing her. Seriously though, of all restaurants to venture into… a hot dog one? She’s so lame I can’t even stand her. Love Annabelle and I have to admit that CarolineF has grown on me. Seeing her with her grandmother made me fall in love with her. That was a very tender scene and how could anyone not love her after that? I’m a turncoat, lol!


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