Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach Has Had Enough Drama and Crew Mistakes


Captain Lee Rosbach has had enough! The “Stud of the Sea” took to his BravoTV blog to sound off about the crew’s mistakes during their most recent charter.

Leon, why are you so unwilling to adapt to anything that doesn’t fit in anyone’s world but Leon’s? Oh and by the way is “yuz” a real word? “Yuz don’t want lunch.” If you insist on pretending that you are superior to the world, you should act it. Communicating is two, count them, two people exchanging ideas, thoughts, whatever. That would be you and one other person, not one person talking to you and you arbitrarily saying no. It is becoming painfully obvious to me that charter work, being a team player, and getting along with your crew are not part of your vocabulary. I am not inclined to watch much more of you just arbitrarily throwing a wrench into things because the rest of the world in not conforming to your idea of how it should be. When the guests request something, it’s your job to see that they get it. Period, no bitching, its why you are here. Why put everyone around you on edge, because you are going to throw a hissy fit about doing your job. You are extremely fortunate that I wasn’t there to witness your little tantrum. It’s called being prepared for whatever comes up, that’s what a charter chef (and you claim to be the best one ever) does, and does it with a smile.

Rocky, it’s a crew meal. It’s what you wanted. How tough is that? You had plenty of notice, and you’re supposed to be a chef. I’m not buying that crap that it’s been so long since you have been in the kitchen, you forgot. Bullsh–. Any first year culinary student can bake chicken so that it’s done and not raw (and over two hours late). It’s not that tough. I get it, you were trying to impress people, but doing your job correctly would be impressive at this point. Now, the situation with you and Emile is one of your own creation, similar to Frankenstein. This is what you made, and now you don’t want to deal with it. So you’re going to try to deal with it by leaving him a note? A sit down, face-to-face, serious conversation would be more in order. Not on the fly, in passing, but a sit down conversation. If it gets to the point where it is affecting the boat performance overall, I will get involved and deal with it in my own fashion. Oh, and I still want to know what you see on the ceiling that the rest of us don’t.

Unseen Footage of Chef Leon Throwing Kate Under The Ship’s Rudder…….courtesy

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1 Comment on Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach Has Had Enough Drama and Crew Mistakes

  1. About the fire……
    Captain Lee: just the facts Jacki
    Rocky : Well Leon and Kate don’t get along and Kate’s a bitch……..
    eye roll please

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