Below Deck Episode 6 Recap: Stewardess Rocky Dakota Has Become The “Sybil” of The Sea….

5 charters w rocky woes

My patience for “camera ho” Raquel “Rocky” Dakota on Below Deck is wearing thin. Her arrogance and self-importance really know no bounds. But when her manic need for attention hurts the performance of other on Eros, it’s time for her to go.

stunt double for toilets

She led Emile into an intense flirtation,then dropped him when a new deck hand (Dane) landed on the ship. Rocky tells the camera in her talking head interview that, “I need a man! I gave Emile a golden opportunity and he blew it!” Perhaps she should have told Emile that fact instead of the camera? Poor guy is still following her around thinking he has a chance at romance. Very hard to watch, yet typical Rocky behavior. It feeds her ego to have Emile chase her. “High School calling Rocky!”-nope, they don’t want you back either…Of course Emile did utter perhaps the worst line ever in history to attract a woman telling Rocky,” I just want you to know I can last quite a long time.” Great. Thanks for that visual Emile.

emile1 rocky

Primary guests this week were former Sorority sisters…..yep, that’s how Kate felt too.

Leon and Kate’s relationship is spiraling out of control. He thinks she’s a “Bitch.” Kate feels that Leon isn’t qualified to be a Charter Chef and is expressing her opinion to the other crew members. Unfortunately Leon has been made aware of Kate’s comments, and the resulting galley communication isn’t great to say the least.

chef leon luxury ship

Crew mistakes ran rampant this Charter. In the Galley, Leon prepares a lunch the client doesn’t want. Kate explains they want light finger foods instead of a formal meal. Leon gets pissed, and blames Kate for not getting information from the client earlier. Charter chefs are used to the whims of guests, and at $30,000 they should get what they want-no questions asked.

Then its Eddie’s turn in the hot-seat. Emile or Dane didn’t tie up the Jet-skis properly and one began to float away. Emile had to dive out and retrieve it. With Eddie’s head being diverted by girlfriend problems, Emile, Connie, and Dane aren’t getting proper direction, and the mistakes are showing. Captain Lee calls the deck hands to the Bridge and gives them a “pep-talk” – either improve or get off the boat immediately. Eddie then has a separate meeting to yell at the crew once again. The deck hands think Eddie needs to be working with them, instead of being mentally MIA. Ouch!


Kate decides to throw Rocky a bone and let her cook the crew meal. Apparently Rocky thinks chicken should be served raw since she has no idea how to turn the stove on. Chef Leon was standing in the kitchen when she put the chicken into the oven, yet said nothing? Chalk it up to Rocky again exaggerating her work experience.

Yep, she lied about being a “Chef” too, and has the rare distinction of being the only Stewardess ever to kill a crew with Salmonella poisoning. Way to go Rock.

leon is dinner

On the final night of Charter Leon makes “Gazpacho” as a 1st course, which Kate calls “Laziness in a bowl.” The main course for the guests is roasted chicken and vegetables….WTF? Again I’m paying $30K and you give me Rotisserie Chicken from KFC?? The guests are kind and don’t complain. Yet later,still hungry from their extra value meal, they ask for “Sliders” and brownies for dessert. Leon has an actual hissy fit over the simple request and tells Kate “NO!” because, “I’ve turned the oven off already.” This request enrages Leon why? The entire purpose of Charter Cruises is to enjoy private travel in luxury and the food is a HUGE part of the experience. If the guests want 3am Lobster salad you need to dance monkey! Kate is 100% correct that Leon thinks like a Cruise Ship chef. Meals are served at a certain time, and on his schedule. Wrong! Leave your ego at the dock and please the client-end of story. Hate him.

chef conch

The guests were happy with their mediocre food and left a mediocre tip. Chef Leon thanks for your lack of effort! Captain Lee wasn’t happy with crew performance. He asked the Interior crew (Kate and Leon) to fix the communication breakdown without further delay. Love Captain Lee. He’s Stealthy and lethal all rolled together. But can Lee course-correct this sinking ship of fools before its too late? I vote “YES.”

stud of the sea

Until Next Week!  🐳 -Bitch By Bravo

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  1. Elizabeth white // October 28, 2015 at 2:56 am // Reply

    Jiminy Christmas yall. . Who couldn’t get along with anyone for a limited amount of time on an awesome boat in amazing surroundings? Really?

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