BelowDeck’s Kate Chastain Has Had Enough of “Chef” Leon’s Lack Of Communication Skills

Our favorite Chief Stew Kate Chastain has had her hands full this season with an angry, bald, Cruise Ship Chef, and Rocky the wanna-be Broadway star who sings about ironing the Captain’s shorts. Its comical to watch, but has to be hell to work with.

leon leon is dinner

Kate took to her blog to give us her take on the crew’s antics. What are your thoughts on Rocky’s issues with Emile?
Kate Chastain: I think it’s safe to say that Rocky has a short attention span in general. Whether it be in work, relationships, or stringing together sentences, she tends to get bored and distracted quite easily. I think she only flirted with Emile in the first place because she was bored. It was a fun little game for her, and once she achieved her goal of getting his attention, she became bored with that. Kind of like a child that gets super excited about a new toy on Christmas morning only to cast it aside for the next shiny object a week later. What was going through your mind when Leon blew up at you over lunch and then again over the brownies and sliders?
KC: I don’t normally bite my tongue during heated confrontations, but with Leon it was different. First of all, he made it nearly impossible to get a word in with his constant aggressive interruptions. Secondly, after working with Leon for a few weeks, I just knew that any point I tried to make would fall on deaf ears. Trying to get Leon to calmly and rationally hear any viewpoint other than his own would be a waste of my breath. And last, but certainly not least, it was very clear that Leon has a healthy temper and is comfortable crossing boundaries of respect. I don’t know how to explain it other than I was legitimately scared that if actually told Leon what I honestly thought about him, he would fly off the handle and do something we would both regret. If a rabid dog were to come at me, I wouldn’t go and agitate it further or say, “Hey buddy let’s talk our way through this.” I’d just tiptoe away and hope that it didn’t attack me from behind. It was the same feeling with Leon. Civilized communication is a skill that some creatures simply are not capable of learning, unfortunately. Were you surprised when Captain Lee called out a lack of communication between the interior crew and the galley?
KC: I wasn’t at all surprised that Captain Lee addressed a disconnect between the interior and the galley. It was made loud and clear (emphasis on loud) numerous times by Leon that he was not happy with our working dynamic. I was however a little bit surprised at Captain Lee’s choice of words. I don’t think the problem between the interior and the galley was a lack of communication as much as it was a clash of communication styles. When it comes to speaking with coworkers, I get the best results when I use a proactive, calm, and reciprocal communication style and focus on the ultimate good of our charter guests (and thus the entire crew when it comes time for the tip).

Conversely, Leon proudly enjoys communicating with a more reactive, aggressive, and one-sided approach, with the main concern being his personal nap schedule in between meals and/or doing whatever is easiest for him at that moment. Our communication techniques just didn’t match up unfortunately but, as they say, “There is a lid for every pot,” so I’m sure that someone out there is Leon’s communication match…so someone who doesn’t communicate and does exactly what they want.

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