BelowDeck Episode 7 “Storm’s A Comin” : Understanding Why Kate Chastain and Chef Leon Walker Are At Odds

Chef no nuts

Squalls come and go in Bahamian waters. Unfortunately the storm brewing inside of Super-yacht “EROS” has been upgraded to Hurricane status. Chef Leon Walker and Chief-Stewardess Kate Chastain have stepped over the line into unrepairable relationship status and their feud is affecting the guests and crew alike.

Chef Leon has exaggerated his abilities in yachting to be sure, and Kate has been quick to point out his flaws with her razor wit. Leon copes with Kate by stubbornly refusing to communicate. This lack of teamwork between 2 very important department heads is lethal and doesn’t belong on board. I did a bit of research on yachting and its important to understand everyone’s role.


As Chef, the minute Leon gets the guest’s preference sheet he should begin the provisioning process. This is where Leon’s lack of experience and general laziness come into play. Yachts use provisioning services that provide meats, cheeses, wines, produce, spices, and gourmet ingredients for ANY dish an established chef wants to serve. The more turn-around time you give to the provisions, usually 24-48 hours, the better chance you have of getting everything you ordered at the freshest available quality. Remember back to S1 and S2 Chef Ben sourcing produce HIMSELF in local markets? Chef Leon can use that option too, instead of bitching about the quality from the provisioning service! But to provision properly you MUST plan your menus in advance! It’s obvious Leon just throws together whatever he feels like making on any given day. If he had created a “tasting menu” in advance, he wouldn’t be trying to thaw out a leg of lamb 4 hours before dinner, that had to be delivered last-minute frozen! Leon’s lack of passion for his work is strange, most Chefs love what they do and strive to be the best. His “Beef-Cheeks” are proof positive that Leon has a very limited amount of tricks up his sleeve…..

Leons cheeks rubbing CL wrong way

Kate’s role on Eros encompasses a combination of Chief Stewardess/Purser duties. Her stewardesses keep the interiors cleaned as well as providing service to the clients.  Because she wears so many hats on board Kate’s skills at organization/time-management are critical to keep meal service, cabin cleaning, and guest activities/service all flowing. Chef Leon’s lack of respect for Kate and her role make life difficult for the interior crew. It’s impossible to plan dinner service in a formal setting with a Chef that has no idea what he’s preparing! Kudos to Kate for trying to work out her problems with Leon one on one and not involve the Captain. I can’t say the same for Leon who already went to Captain Lee about Kate! Neither Kate nor Leon should be gossiping to the crew about each other. It makes them both look bad and sets a poor example of professionalism on the Eros.

kate and leon

Eddie’s role as Bosun also encompasses managing the deck hands. Captain Lee has a 1st Officer that isn’t filmed regularly for the show. The Eros isn’t a mega-yacht, so the crew outline above has several roles merged. Eddie just as to focus on managing the deck hands for his 1st Officer, who then reports to Captain Lee. On Below Deck we see Eddie reporting to the Captain instead for show purposes. Eddie’s crew includes Emile Kotze, Connie Arias, and now Dane, whose performance reflects directly on him. Instead of Eddie keeping his personal life quiet, the entire boat now knows about his recent (Last week) breakup. That gossip takes the professionalism down a few notches. Tonight’s episode also shows Eddie hitting on Rocky Dakota with suggestive texts? If he keeps up this behavior Eddie Lucas will find himself on the dock soon with an STD and harassment lawsuit. We expect more out of you Eddie! Shape-up.

Amy Johnson and Rocky Dakota are Kate’s stewardesses. Amy is 1st Stew and Rocky is a hot-mess. Rocky’s attitude is poor as she gossips to Chef Leon about “What a bitch” Kate is. The Eros would be a better boat without Rocky and Leon on board. This lack of professionalism is not what guests pay $30,000 for. Rocky made these comments about Kate Chastain to What were your thoughts on the conflict between Kate and Chef Leon?
RD:  No. 1: The chief stewardess and the chef need to be able to work together. The way Kate talks to Leon is so demeaning and condescending. She attacks or hounds him every time she approaches him; it’s not very welcoming. She asks him questions just to make fun of him later. Let’s get real here: Kate is total bitch, she thinks she’s better than everyone else, and Leon can see right through her whole act. Kate only likes you if you kiss her ass. At least he doesn’t pretend to like Kate; he is honest and tells her straight up, “I don’t like you,” while Kate constantly talks badly about people behind their back. No. 2: We’re all on the same team, Team Eros. Meaning instead of putting each other down, we should be lifting each other up. What’s really important is that in the end all the guests seem to be really enjoying Chef Leon’s food, so maybe Kate should give him a compliment everyone once in a while instead of tearing him down.Hearing Leon speak his mind makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who thinks Kate is an old, cold bowl of oatmeal, with no berries, and no sugar. On a side note, I also think it’s hilarious that Kate treated Amy so horribly last season, and Amy just pretends like that never happened. Really?! This season, Kate has to be nice to Amy, because she doesn’t have anyone else. No. 3: The guests tell him day of what they want on their tasting menu, and he makes the phone call immediately to get them what they want. I think he does a great job with time allotted. ( He should have left the boat and sourced it himself!! Don’t shift blame Rocky!)

5 charters w rocky woes

I always love to hear Captain Lee’s take on each Charter. He is fair, sensible, demanding, and honest. Qualities that are severely lacking in some of the Eros crew this season. In a way he’s the “Father figure” at sea, teaching a group of boys and girls life lessons while they struggle to execute their jobs and interact as a team. I’d never make it in his shoes. The desire to drink heavily after a day of crew BS would ground me.

The feeling u get know leon is making cheeks again

Captain Lee speaks his mind below courtesy of

“We got through this charter successfully, but for the life of me I am having a hard time figuring out how. We have had great guests (including these guests), and we keep dodging bullets that are being fired out of our own gun. I am really running out of adjectives to describe what is happening with the crew. The crew is getting a day off because of the feedback the owner is getting from the charter guests. I hope that that will translate to resolving some of the issues we are having. We will see how it plays out.

At the preference sheet meeting, I thought that I made it perfectly clear that this charter was going to revolve around food; I mentioned it not once, but several times. Did my point get across? I think not. Leon should have been on the phone ordering extra items immediately after the preference sheet meeting, so we don’t run the risk of not having it when we do need it. But it wasn’t done and I can’t figure out why not.

So, let’s get down to it. As a whole, the crew, when they were above deck, performed well and the guests were well taken care of in spite of the weather and some of the crew’s best efforts to derail things.

Dane, OK, you are signed, sealed and delivered. After viewing your behavior this episode I definitely have some concerns. I thought maybe giving you something important to do might wake you up a bit. It’s times like this that I am grateful that my cabin is directly behind the wheelhouse so I can keep an eye on things. And of course you didn’t disappoint. You were told not to leave the wheelhouse, and first thing you are down socializing with the stews that are trying to do their jobs while you, my friend, are not. So let’s move on to your next conquest, moving the Jet Ski into position so we can load it. Should be fairly simple. After running it into the side of the boat and damaging both the ski and the yacht, you hook up the lifting device backwards, twice. And from the display in the crew mess after the charter is over, your lack of social graces is only trumped by your bad decisions. Amy asked why you were being so stupid, and I second that. We all know how I feel about stupid. I would think that your future in yachting, much less on this yacht, is not looking all that promising if you keep that behavior up. I see some very interesting events happening in your immediate future, and not any of them good.

Rocky, don’t get off track right when you’re coming around. You have made so much progress. When the chef does his best to disrupt any semblance of harmony we might have, you think it’s great. Really? Don’t embrace that in a positive fashion, just for your own vindication with Kate. It’s all about the team on a boat, and the needs of our guests, not your own. Don’t align yourself with the discord Leon is causing.

So let’s talk about Leon. Never have I seen such talent wasted in my opinion. The tasting menu didn’t go as it should have, and it was only the combination of good food and service that pulled it out in the end. When we had the preference meeting, you knew that this charter was revolving around food. So why did you not order extra so that you had plenty on board to work with? Why wait until we left the dock and have a day go by to do that? You’re then forced to scramble to try and pull it together, thus putting everyone in the crew at a disadvantage. The day of the meal is not the day to get on the boat phone and try to get what you need. Your lack of planning was what caused the problem; then when confronted with your mistake, you got defensive and really just made yourself look incredibly inept at getting along with anyone who doesn’t agree with you. You have even managed to alienate Amy, who loves and gets along with everyone. That’s a tall order.

What was the reason you didn’t wear a chef’s coat when you came out to address the guests? You told Kate you didn’t feel like it, and it depends on how you feel, right? But that is not how charter work goes. You don’t want to make midnight snacks for the guests, you make muffins out of a mix, and give everyone a hard time all while espousing how you don’t care. That certainly is a newsflash to me. If you keep insisting on wanting to do things your way, you just may get your wish.

Connie, you are still doing well, and I’m pleased with your job on board. OK, substituting peanut butter for whipped cream is not what I had in mind. Putting yourself on display in front of drunken Dane was not your best move either, that could have gone pear-shaped really quick, but I feel that you realize that now. So keep up the good work, and no more peanut butter or whipped cream. Are there any other substances in there I need to worry about?”

Until Next Week!

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