KUWTK : Tyga Can’t Hide It Anymore. Kylie Jenner Relationship Hasn’t Boosted His Failing Career And He’s Miserable!


Kardashian/Jenners take pride in creating controversy and turning that into cash. Kim Kardashian turned a home sex-tape into a $100M empire before merging her “talents” with 3rd husband Kanye West. Kylie Jenner convinced rapper Tyga that together they could be the next “Kimye” if they hooked up. Tyga isn’t stupid. His music is all about “getting rich” and not much else. Most men, of the non-pedophile variety, would laugh off the advances of a 16 yr-old girl desperate for the attentions of a “Bad-boy” rapper. Tyga was a family friend of the Kardashians, through his relationship with Scott Disick, and couldn’t escape the Jenner girls who loved to party with his crew. Kylie set her sights on the 24 yr-old rapper while he was living with his baby mama BlacChyna and their son King Cairo. Being the youngest and most selfish of the sisters, Kylie turned herself into a girl who Tyga would be attracted to, copying BlacChyna’s style, heavy make-up, lip fillers, and colored wigs. Press dubbed Kylie “White Chyna” when her Instagram photos mirrored those of Tyga’s girlfriend.

before tyga k vs k

kylie-jenner-lips-2  kylie-no-makeup-072415 (1)  kk

After the #Kimye wedding Tyga broke up with Chyna to be with Kylie. She turned 17 a few weeks later, being barely 16 when the affair began. Kylie’s Instagram shows her de-evolution into plastic-pin up girl and sexual object Tyga could brag about in his crap rap songs. The couple held public interest telling press they were “Just Friends” to avoid Tyga being charged with statutory rape of  minor child. Kylie Jenner couldn’t resist posting clues and bragging to friends about the relationship. Kylie and Tyga together planned to use the attention of their forbidden relationship to garner attention for Tyga’s music. What the couple didn’t anticipate was the public backlash against the rapper, whose last 2 albums crashed and burned. After Kylie turned 18 she and the rapper went public with their romance, proving to fans/media they had lied for over a year.

ty  ky3  ky4

Desperate for a hit Tyga agreed to an MTV reality show called “Kingin’ With Tyga.” Its premise was to show him as a super rich, famous, and living like a King. Unfortunately before the premiere Tyga was sued by his landlord for non-payment of rent and lost. Kings don’t rent and the show was a joke. Subsequent cheating scandals with his ex BlacChyna and Transsexual model/porn star Mia Isabella, complete with penis photos/texts, sealed the deal for the public. Tyga tried releasing a mix tape “FukWhatTheyTalkin’About” with a song called “Stimulated” complete with video starring…….Kylie Jenner. Her fans gave the video plenty of views, but music sales are again a disaster. Tyga seems to be realizing his mistake too late. America loved Kylie Jenner as the cute youngest sibling on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” They don’t appreciate Tyga taking advantage of a minor, no matter how willing she was.


Tyga is motivated by cash and the image of a lush lifestyle. Kylie is rumored to have paid off Tyga’s debt to his landlord and to have bought her own birthday Ferrari that he’s credited with “giving” to her. Tyga’s reputation is in shreds, with his music career and street cred tattered. He’s beginning to resent Kylie for everything. She’s immature, posting to social media 24/7, while wearing heavy make-up and mouthing lyrics to songs. The thrill of the “forbidden” romance is also gone. Tyga is stuck with an 18 yr old narccissist that needs constant attention, who he can’t take with him to club appearances due to her age. This relationship is going nowhere ……just like Tyga’s career. Guess that’s why he’s been photographed looking miserable with Kylie lately. RIP #Kyga

ty1 ty2  ty

tyga-and-kylie-jenner tyga-kylie-jenner  tyga-kylie-jenner-dinner-date-calabasas

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7 Comments on KUWTK : Tyga Can’t Hide It Anymore. Kylie Jenner Relationship Hasn’t Boosted His Failing Career And He’s Miserable!

  1. Is their an app that you can get to block all mention of the kardashia fambly?

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  2. Were his songs ever popular? He’s not talented, not cute, doesn’t look tough, is broke, can’t get a woman his age, likes boys anyway… She’s a hot mess! Seriously, I think she’s more messed up than Anna Nicole Smith was. That’s scary!

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  3. I see the before and after of that poor girl and it is not a better ,prettier Kylie if she marries that loser her parents better make sure she has a iron clad Prenup,they better do something right by that girl. Chris is all about the $$$

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  4. I believe that even the low I.Q. people that would be inclined to listen to his rap noise, have higher standards than he can produce. Which ain’t saying much. Young girls who might be interested in his music, even though he is extremely unfortunate looking, probably resent the fact that he is with a white teenager. The boys in that age group know that his tough guy rap is all fake, like Vanilla Ice, and that he likes transsexual men. They would probably get mocked if they were caught listening to his “music” He has lost whatever street cred he had. Did he really name his kid King Cairo? Are you sure it wasn’t Kingaroo? Anyway, these two idiots deserve each other. Jenner and Kris deserve to be in prison for child neglect, and we can add 1 to the 17 men who have been ruined by the curse of the Kardashians.

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  5. donewithbravo // October 10, 2015 at 6:27 am // Reply

    I think that America is sick of this whole twisted family! None of them have a chance! Now, go away. All of you. Forever! Take the disgusting Hiltons with you too.

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