LadiesOfLondon Preview: Where Is CarolineStanbury ‘s GiftLibary Heading? (Clip)


I am a “ride or die” Caroline Stanbury fan. That’s why I’m having trepidations about seeing the upcoming episode Of “Ladies Of London.” Caroline has a meeting with her board of directors/financing to discuss the future of “The Gift Library.” If they decide to stop funding, Caroline will have no choice but to sell/close the doors. What always shines through is Stanbury’s tenacious personality in the face of adversity. Good luck Caroline!

Tune in Monday to BravoTV for an all-new episode!

~Bitch By Bravo

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14 Comments on LadiesOfLondon Preview: Where Is CarolineStanbury ‘s GiftLibary Heading? (Clip)

  1. Seriously, what’s Marissa’s deal? Her pot shots at CF were ridiculously uncalled for. Btw, am I the only one that wants to see Flemming’s boyfriend? lol! I bet he’s cute 🙂 The bowling wig party looked fun besides stupid Marisa being all bitchy to Flemming. What else happened in the episode? … Oh ya, Gift Library. They really drug that one out.

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    • I think Marissa is trying to be more “Stanbury” and it just isn’t working for her. People love sweet Marissa, not snarky biotch M. Caroline Fleming didn’t appreciate the shirt, seeing her reaction why push it? Little producer whispering in her ear most likely….. I don’t like them chasing Gift Library negatively while praising Top Dog, Annabelle’s books, etc.

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      • and JUB… I think they finally saw Caroline not being perfect and got excited. That sucks. I bet if she chose to leave the show they would be sorry. Top Dog is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard for a restaurant. Who the hell wants a hot dog? Marissa’s so annoying and is using her husband’s connections because she can. It’s like it’s all one big joke on him. I don’t know… It can’t be real, can it? I’m excited for next week. I want to see what Fleming does to hot dogMarissa, lol!


  2. I don’t get why Cem didn’t swoop in to save the day. That’s seriously where I thought this all was headed.

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    • Nope. One of her partners Goga Ashkenazi is a billionaire and one of her original backers. She has enough money to buy the USA. Maybe the friendship didn’t survive in business and Goga pulled support? Cem said she lost her momentum in the business, and her father pulled out a year ago…I think it grew very quickly and didn’t have the right management structure in place.


  3. The last time the “Gift Library” tweeted was Feb.

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