#BelowDeck Checking In With Fan Favorite Stewardess Kat Held! See What She’s Been Up To Since Leaving The Show..


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I LOVE Kat Held! She was such a great part of the “Below Deck” original cast. Many of her fans were sad to not see her returning for S3, but will she return for a fourth season of Bravo TV’s hit show? Kat recently spoke to “The Dish” from BravoTV.com and had this so say about the new cast and what she’s been doing since leaving the show.

What have you been up to since filming on Season 2 of Below Deck ended?

Kat Held: After filming Season 2, I reached my six-year mark working in the yachting industry and also had my 30th birthday. I realized it was time to go down a different path and try something new. I decided to quit the yachting industry and move home to Rhode Island. I got a job right away working as a waitress in a very busy restaurant in Newport, and I also bartended at a yacht club.

Although I kept busy, becoming land-based was a difficult adjustment. Being away from the civilian life for so long can change the way you view the world. It can be hard to explain to others where I’ve been and what it’s like to live and work at sea.

Do you miss being on the show? Why or why not? 

Yes, I definitely miss being on the show. I miss being a part of all the shenanigans the crew and I got into. Below Deck allowed me to build lifelong memories and relationships. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

What has being a part of Below Deck meant to you?

This is a tough question to answer. Below Deck has meant more to me than I can explain. When I went to college, I actually wanted to be a film producer and did my internship at a production company making TV commercials. My uncle is a retired actor in L.A., and my father has his master’s in directing. It has always been a dream of mine to work in television. The fact that I was lucky enough to have that opportunity is an amazing feeling and an experience that you can’t understand until you’ve done it.


You’ve posted a few photos of you and fellow Below Deck Season 1 cast member Aleks Taldykin on social media. How often do you see him?

Aleks and I have kept in touch a lot. He’s been a genuine friend to me. He’s a very positive, hardworking, and caring individual. He’s almost like the brother I never had. I can tell him anything without feeling judged. He has a good head on his shoulders, so I value his opinions and advice. I even got to work with Aleks outside of the show. I wish the best for him and hope to continue to stay in touch.

Do you keep in touch with any of your other Below Deck cast mates? If so, who?

Yes, since Below Deck has been such a big part of my life, I do keep in touch with several crewmembers. Sometimes, they are the only ones that can understand the things that I’m going through.

Ben [Robinson] and Kate [Chastain] are two people that at anytime I pick up the phone to call, they will answer. They both have a positive way of looking at things and can always make me laugh. I have also kept in touch with Captain Lee [Rosbach]. We’ve come a long way since Season 1, and I truly admire him for giving me a second chance. He’s a fun and admirable captain. I miss having Cheerios with him in the early mornings during filming. Sam [Orme] and I shared a special moment together during Season 1. I have visited her family since and even got to go out on the catamaran that her father built with his own two hands. We stay in touch as much as possible.

I don’t keep in touch as much as I would like with Eddie [Lucas] and David [Bradberry], but I absolutely adore those two. I hope to get together with them in the future, and if I ever plan a wedding for myself, they will be on the guest list.

You made a lot of positive, healthy changes in your life from Season 1 to Season 2 of the show, which you still seem to be maintaining today. What motivated you to do that? 

Watching yourself and your behavior on television is a great form of psychology. There were things I learned about myself that I did not like, so I made it a point to change those things. I’ve learned that with everything in life, moderation is key. In order to be successful and make positive decisions, your health is one of the most important things to have on your side. Life isn’t worth going through if you can’t remember what you did the night before.

According to your social media profiles, it looks like you went back to school this summer. Why did you decide to pursue your degree now, what are you studying, and what do you hope to do once you complete your education?

This semester I’m studying to become a personal trainer. I feel as though it’s a good way to get into the health field and a way to make money while I continue my education. Maybe I’ll start my own business, helping people achieve their own personal health goals. I did it for myself, by myself, so with the education to do it for others I think I could really be successful.

Have you watched this season of Below Deck yet? If so, what are your initial thoughts?

Kate seems to be her usual self, with her quirky remarks and stylish leadership style. She never ceases to amaze me. Amy seems to have stepped down from her high horse and is a bit more put together in terms of being a team player. Hopefully she won’t stab anyone in the back this season (watch out, Rocky [Dakota]). Then there is Rocky. She has her own unique style and is clearly a free spirit. She seems to live life to the fullest and doesn’t give a damn what other people think of her. In terms of Connie [Arias], I give her a lot of respect for working as a deckhand. It can be hard, manual labor. She comes across as a strong, independent woman.

In regards to the boys and men, Captain Lee is on his game keeping his crew in check. I know now he has a soft side, so sometimes I just want to laugh when I see him upset with his crew. It will be interesting to see how many more people quit or he will fire. At least this time around, I’m not the next candidate.

One person I have noticed a change in is Eddie. He’s not as physically involved in his work. He’s taken a step back and has more of a dictatorship role. Maybe he’s practicing to be captain one day. I know he has been struggling with his relationship on land. That’s one of the reasons why I now realize that if you are working on Below Deck, you shouldn’t be in a relationship! It can consume you, and it doesn’t allow you to be yourself when your mind is somewhere else. 

In terms of the other exterior crew, Don didn’t strike me as someone who really stood out from the rest. No wonder he chose to sink rather than swim. On the other hand, Emile offers great entertainment, and he’s easy on the eyes. I hope his primitive and excitable behavior doesn’t get him tossed overboard. There really isn’t much to say about Chef Lame Leon. He must have left his personality at shore. Lastly, the new deckhand [Dane] is better off with a beach towel and surfboard in his hand than a shammy.

Who among the new crew stands out the most for you and why?

The person who stands out to me the most out of the new crew is Emile. He’s not American, so he has that adorable, fun accent. He’s witty, and he’s got the nerve to say whatever he feels. He definitely comes across as a ladies’ man, but in his situation, who wouldn’t be? He’s handsome, young, and he knows how to enjoy himself. On top of all that, he’s funny and he’s not afraid to be himself. There’s also a side of him that is selfless, and he shows sympathy for his crewmates. I believe he has a good heart. I can definitely relate with Emile, especially when I was his age.

Who do you think is going to get into the most trouble with Captain Lee this season and why?

Whoever gets in the most trouble with Captain Lee, have mercy on their soul. I know what it’s like to be practically shunned by Captain Lee, and I’m sure whoever reaches that point will deserve it. If I were to guess whom, I would have to say either Emile or Rocky. They both have the type of personality to push people to their limits. Captain Lee doesn’t like crew members that push his buttons. There’s already too many of them.

What advice do you have for the new crew members this season?

Always be yourself, don’t take everything that you hear to heart or too personally, have fun, and enjoy the experience while it lasts. Stand behind yourself, stand behind your crewmates, build positive relationships, and don’t burn bridges — or the boat.

What do you hope to see happen on this season of Below Deck?

Honestly, as much as I would like to see Amy get fired, I know that’s not going to happen with her angelic way of persuading others. With that said, I guess I would like to see Kate and Amy work through the animosity that existed between them throughout Season 2. They are the veterans, so they might as well get along and fashion up some excitement for the guests and the crew, while also making some money in doing so.

Chef Leon is actually painful to watch. He’s the definition of boring. The only thing he’s doing on the boat is sucking up oxygen. I’m looking forward to seeing if Ben replaces him for good.

Furthermore, what would Below Deck be without someone rocking the boat? Personally, Rocky is crazier than a box of frogs, which makes her the best bait for any guy at sea to hook up with. Plus, her name goes perfectly with the saying!

Finally, I would like to see another deckhand come on board who has some substance, preferably someone attractive with a great personality. Then maybe when I return, I could have someone to connect with! 


I hope you return soon Kate! Maybe you and Ben can drop in on the Eros together? The fans would love.

All-new Below Deck Episodes air Tuesdays at 6pm Westcoast time on Bravo!

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  1. NO!!! 😠 I hope she does t return!!! I could not stand her! And the way she is talking about Amy is making me mad!!! I think she is jealous of Amy Bc she is likeable and Kat isn’t.
    Why would the Captain want her back after what she and Ben did in the master suite???!!! I would not trust her!!

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