#BelowDeck Episode 8: The Crew’s Day-Off Turns Into A Frat Party For One, And The Primary Isn’t A Scallops Fan….


Last week my favorite “Stud Of The Sea” Captain Lee Rosbach informed the Eros crew that the yacht owner was thrilled with the reviews the charters had garnered. As a reward  they received a day off in the Bahamas and an overnight stay at Lubber’s Island Resort. Unfortunately new deck hand Dane is either a Fraternity president, or a raging alcoholic. He downed an entire bottle of Stoli vodka and 5 or 6 mixed drinks, then lost his shit with Eddie. Captain Lee was contacted while Eddie kept his cool, ordering a tender to take the drunk back to the Eros. Dane is a very troubled young man who again makes me question some of 51 Minds (The Production Company) motives with casting. I get that you want to create drama, but this wasn’t a smart choice and could have endangered crew or the guests.

dane2  Captain Lee was quick to deal with Dane…….8am with a raging hangover, he was F.I.R.E.D


Firing clip by bravotv.com


New primary guest preference sheets are presented to Kate, Leon, and Eddie at the morning crew meeting. They are the creators of “Tapout” clothing, worth a whopping $200M. Strict nutrition guidelines, and very specific items were requested by the fitness focused guests. Captain Lee asks Chef Leon specifically if he needs to get a provision order in to meet the guest’s needs. Ever macho Leon shrugs the Captain off because he knows everything about protein shakes. When the clients meet with Leon in the galley the only shakes he has are for elderly people waiting to expire. What a dick. (Sorry, nothing else fits) What makes this situation even more “dicky” is the fact that the Captain spoke with Leon in unseen footage about his preparations. See below.


Dinner time rolls around. Chef Leon decides the guests will love Scallops, even though they don’t. Halfway through the meal the guests ask for chicken quesadillas.(Never a good sign) The unhappy primary guest asks to speak to Chef Leon and says the scallops made them sick.Chef Leon explains he flew the scallops in from Maine that morning for them! ( I would have asked why since we are surrounded by scallop heaven in the Bahamas.) Leon shrugs off the complaints then disses the guests in his talking head interview. This is Leon’s world bitches, and he resents every bite he has to prepare for “Low-life guests.”

Leons FU face

Meanwhile on a washer/dryer near you, Eddie continues to “romance” Rocky Dakota for 5-10 minutes twice daily, in what can only be referred to as “Jack-rabbit sex.” I have loved Eddie since season 1. He was so cute when he earned his Bosun stripes from Captain Lee. When I look at him now on Below Deck I cringe. He is literally making me ill, and could be acquiring a new range of seaborne STDs. I get that Eddie is sad about the break-up with his girlfriend, but Rocky is the best you can do? Anyone else, including adorable Amy Johnson, would have been better to spend time with. Of course Rocky is taking full advantage of Eddie’s bad judgement by showing their texts to the camera! Never have I seen someone so desperate for “Reality Show Stardom” than Rocky….This is going to haunt Eddie like Christmas did for Scrooge.

Eddies morning after

Clip of Laundry room Love >> http://www.bravotv.com/below-deck/season-3/episode-308/videos?clip=2920829#

The Charter guests enjoyed dinner the second night. Leon did “surf and turf” just like Red Lobster. When the guests asked to see Leon during their meal he mutters,”I don’t want to see those assholes” under his breath. For a man who makes his living in a service industry, Leon Walker hates those he serves. Its obvious by his lack of respect for the crew and his lack of creativity in the kitchen.

no sliders

When the guests leave in the morning they were pleased and left a $16,000 tip. Captain Lee commented to the crew that he wants all nonsense to cease and all crew to work as a team.

Yeah that’ll happen soon. Sorry Captain Lee!  You deserve the best, and this crew isn’t it.

Until next week!

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  1. I do not like Leon so haven’t been watching when he gets fired I want to see that

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