#LadiesOfLondon PREVIEW! Back To Mapperton For A Hunt Hosted By Lady Julie Montagu!

lady julieWho doesn’t LOVE Julie…..I mean…Lady Julie Montagu of Bravo TV’s “Ladies Of London?” Julie has received funding for her JUB treats and is investing the proceeds into the Montagu family’s ancestral home Mapperton. Watch the sneak-peek clip below courtesy of www.bravotv.com

Tour of Mapperton by Julie Montagu


Preview! The Mapperton Hunt


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4 Comments on #LadiesOfLondon PREVIEW! Back To Mapperton For A Hunt Hosted By Lady Julie Montagu!

  1. What is with the way she over enunciates words that end in -ing? That bugs the crap out of me! Also, her husband has the thickest, and most monotone English accent. I would fall asleep if I were married to him. The garden looks dilapidated, I’m sorry. I know it’s gorgeous in the spring, but still, it’s a famous freakin’ castle!

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  2. I like Julie ,but her banana yellow hair has got to go it looks so fake …

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