#BelowDeck: Raquel “Rocky” Dakota’s Raw Chicken Crew Dinner Isn’t Indicative Of Her True Cooking Abilities…She Really Is A Trained Chef!

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It certainly seems like most of the Season 3 Below Deck cast has “Reality Star” fame on the brain. The most obvious member of that tribe is Rocky Dakota. She’d rather sing than stew, which is ok….unless you are being paid to do a job where guests and crew depend on your service at 100% effort.

Rocky has been bragging the entire season about her culinary skills, so to improve her manic mood swings Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain let her prepare crew dinner. She must not know how to turn on an oven, because after 2.5 hours chicken should be falling off the bone. Instead it was tough and raw in the center! This however may be an isolated incident because Rocky has serious skills in the kitchen. Bravo’s “The Daily Dish” spoke to Dakota today on bravotv.com:

5 charters w rocky woes

Before joining the Season 3 cast of Below Deck, Rocky studied at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. All the while, she also worked as a barista at the city’s Happy Bones coffee shop, according to her LinkedIn page.

Of course, Rocky doesn’t just make a mean cup of joe. She can also bake up a badass dessert to go along with it, as she showed during an episode of Spike’s hybrid food competition Frankenfood last year. Everyone’s favorite free-spirited mermaid rather fittingly served up a dish called “Rocky’s Surf & Turf,” which consisted of vanilla ice cream, a calamari garnish, squid ink chocolate sauce, and — to top it all off — a cookie with calamari baked inside of it. Rocky knocked out the competition and made it to the final round of the show, but unfortunately, she ultimately lost out on the $10,000 prize and a spot on the menu of the New York bar and restaurant Lillie’s Times Square.

But none of that mattered because Rocky quickly moved onto her next cooking gig, and it was a prestigious one at that. Rocky worked as a line cook at the Element 47 restaurant at The Little Nell, a five-star hotel in Aspen. Just like the charter guests on Below Deck, visitors to The Little Nell probably only expect the best, so that speaks volumes about Rocky’s culinary skills.

Though Rocky hasn’t cooked much on Below Deck this season, she hasn’t given up on her culinary career completely. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Since filming on Season 3 of Below Deck ended, Rocky got a job in a food truck in Hawaii. She has also done some freelance work as a sous chef on a megayacht. As that Instagram photo shows, wearing chef’s whites definitely suits her.

Like any exceptional chef worth her weight in beef cheeks, when Rocky isn’t preparing food, she’s posting some mouthwatering food porn on Instagram. Whether it’s salads that look like works of art or next-level chocolate-covered strawberries, Rocky’s food pics are so good, you can practically taste the mouth-watering goodness. If only that’s how the Internet really worked.

Ultimately, if this whole yachtie thing doesn’t work out, who knows? Maybe Rocky can try out for Top Chef next. We already knew she’d be an entertaining contestant, and now we’ve seen that her cooking skills are up to par, too.
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