#LadiesOfLondon Episode 7 “Cougar In The Room” Heats Up With Marissa Hermer’s “Age Joke” Falling Flat With Baroness Caroline Fleming


Marissa Hermer is not doing herself any favors this season in the “joke” department. Maybe chew on that Top Dog for a few moments first…?? I love her, but  think she’s trying to be more Stanbury than Hermer in her humor this year. Caroline Stanbury has a salty sarcastic delivery that makes her a fan favorite. You can’t replicate that. Viewers like sweet Marissa who isn’t snarky and is without reproach.

Note to Marissa: ” When your audience does not laugh when being called a “Cougar” you should not repeat variations of the SAME JOKE 3 or 4 more times, and then tell people to “lock up their children” because the “Cougar” may grab them! When you deliver a one-liner, make sure and take the temperature in the room immediately after. One look at Caroline Fleming’s face should have stopped you dead in your tracks after uttering “Cougar” just once.” -BBB

Bowling left everyone feeling uneasy about #CougarGate. Off camera another event occurred, Caroline Fleming and her Boyfriend left Marissa in the street when she was wouldn’t get into a car they were sharing. Fleming said it was nothing, and Marissa said she was thrown out of the car by Caroline’s boyfriend. Marissa went on to tell the tale of her dramatic car situation to Caroline Fleming’s sister, who is also Marissa’s best friend. Those comments and her unpleasant rating of Fleming’s boyfriend got back to Caroline Fleming’s family in DENMARK! Fleming’s family, who have never met her new boyfriend, were irate about the gossip and the man’s age 30. Needless to say Caroline Fleming is FURIOUS with Marissa Hermer, who had no idea her comments had travelled.


Shooting party for……everyone except Caroline Stanbury?

Julie Montagu invites the ladies and their husbands/friends/make-up artists to attend an organized hunt at Mapperton. What struck me as funny is the extra syllable that Montagu adds to the word “shooting.” She pronounces it “Shoo-Ting.” So cute and typical Julie. Sophie Stanbury took Julie and Juliet Angus shopping for proper hunt attire. Style is extremely important at traditional British events. Hopefully there will be no drama……..yeah right!

Julies charm


Caroline Stanbury pays a visit to Caroline Fleming at her home in London where a beautiful bouquet of roses shows up from her new man! He also included some very expressive poetry. Fleming read the card aloud and Stanbury gagged. Caroline Stanbury is not one for silly romantic gestures, but Fleming thrives on it and was delighted by the gesture. How can you not adore Fleming? She’s such a great spirit! If she’s happy-be happy for her!

Of course the conversation turns to Marissa and Caroline Fleming is furious that Marissa told her sister unkind observations about her new boyfriend. It got back to Fleming and she wants nothing to do with Marissa, except maybe shoot her at Mapperton.


The Ladies begin to arrive at the hotel for before the shooting begins. Matt and Marissa arrive together as do Caroline and husband Cem Habib. Caroline Fleming, Sophie Stanbury, and Luke arrive as singles. Annabelle brings an old friend and Juliet comes with her husband Gregor. Small plates were served with cocktails, and the conversation turned to Marissa’s apology to Fleming. Marissa says she wanted to offend Caroline’s boyfriend, not her. That makes no sense. If you offend someone I love I’m going to get involved and it won’t be good. Marissa is coming off arrogant and unsympathetic. This isn’t going to end well with her attitude.


Time to shoot! All except for Caroline Stanbury. You can’t blame the “Bravo Blonde” for not wanting to shoot pheasants in 50 degree windy weather, while knee-deep in mud! I’d sleep in and get a massage too. Caroline’s still in shreds over “Gift Library” woes, but never lets on that its weighing deep on her. Instead she puts on a brave face, kisses her husband and friends “good-bye”, then takes a much-needed moment for herself. Good for you Caroline!

ladies-of-london-season-2-wtw-shooting-attire-06 ladies-of-london-season-2-wtw-shooting-attire-03 ladies-of-london-season-2-wtw-shooting-attire-01

Of course Annabelle was the most deft huntress! The birds had absolutely had no chance of survival………

After the hunt the ladies, and Luke, head back to the hotel to shower and change for dinner. They all agree to meet in the bar at 8pm. Instead of being timely, Marissa Hermer and Julie Montagu (The hunt’s Hostess!) decide to soak in a bathtub together drinking champagne and gossiping. Down in the bar the rest of the cast is getting angry, starving after the rigors of the hunt. In the tub Julie tells Marissa to speak to Fleming because the Baroness is very angry with her.

At 9:30 the ladies decide to order because they have waited 2 hours for Julie and Marissa who then walk in and are unapologetic. Really bad manners by them both. After the ladies order dinner, Caroline Fleming excuses herself to use the restroom. Marissa uses the opportunity to follow her and clear the air. She still doesn’t understand how deeply she hurt Caroline by gossiping to her sister, but apologizes half-heartedly again anyway. Fleming has flawless manners and tells Marissa they can put the situation behind them an moved forward. She may forgive Marissa, but she won’t forget. Her family will see to that.

cf7 cf9

cf4 cf5

I’m not feeling the fences have mended here, but you be the judge!


After the meal is finished Sophie decides  to put a funnel in Juliet’s mouth and Luke poor Tequila down her throat. Hysterical!!

Great way to end the evening and the drama until next week! In the meantime enjoy the extra clip of Luke and Caroline breaking down the Marissa/Fleming drama from episode 7.

Stanbury style2



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2 Comments on #LadiesOfLondon Episode 7 “Cougar In The Room” Heats Up With Marissa Hermer’s “Age Joke” Falling Flat With Baroness Caroline Fleming

  1. What’s the age difference between Fleming and her boyfriend anyway? It was all so stupid that age was made such a big deal. It’s not like he’s in his 20s or anything. I really can’t stand Marissa. Have I mentioned that before? Lol! She’s clearly trying to be top dog. No pun intended… and she sucks at it. Go back to being just another American on the show that likes to eat hot dogs everyday. I would rather see more of what her husband does for a living featured then her stupid hot dogs.

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