#BelowDeck Episode 9 FIRE!!! With The Crew At Odds Captain Lee Has To Fight Fire With Fire….Before It’s Too Late

New week and new guests aboard the Eros!


Captain Lee and the viewing audience are hoping for smooth sailing, and a fun Charter to experience vicariously through the passengers. Unfortunately for all that was not the case.

Kate, Captain Lee, and Chef Leon all meet on the Bridge to discuss the clients. Leon blatantly ignores Kate in front of the Captain. Any suggestions she makes are immediately discarded because of Leon’s feelings about Kate. Kate was excited that one of the guests looked like Ryan Gosling….I think she’s been at sea too long. You decide after watching the clip!


kate hid rabbit

Meanwhile the “Chef” Leon decides to move forward with the Wabbit dinner, even after hearing the Primary’s heartbreaking childhood trauma over losing her bunny to the axe. Who the hell does that??? An egotistical sick pig with no care for the guests he’s paid to serve that’s who!! I know you have lamb and a variety of other meats in the freezer since you ordered them too late to use during the multi-course tasting Charter last week! Go home Leon…you don’t want to be here and we are tired of watching you do the bare minimum.



Things are so bad between Chef Leon and Kate Chastain that they almost come to blows over a moldy cardboard box. Kate wants to use it to create a shark fin to amuse the guests, but Leon wants to make her miserable and says no. Huge argument ensues and Chef Leon explodes on Kate. Captain Lee and Eddie Lucas are not amused in video below:


After a “Fabulous” rabbit dinner that the primary guest did not enjoy, the guests decide to watch a film in the main salon. Rocky doesn’t even know how to turn on the DVD player by the 7th charter, so asks Kate to go fix it. Kate puts a pizza in the oven and popcorn in the microwave before stepping out to start the DVD. Rocky is in the kitchen and doesn’t stop the popcorn before it burns, causing the smell to resonate through the boat. Then she goes to check on the pizza. When she opens the oven smoke pours out. Rocky grabs the pizza, then leaves the smoking oven WIDE OPEN so the fumes engulf the galley. Fire needs air to grow and the open door gave the greasy oven what it needed to ignite. Kate comes back to the galley, sees the flames and CLOSES the oven door. She radios for Eddie immediately. Rocky continues to flit about the kitchen and AGAIN opens the door! Eddie comes in and quickly extinguishes the fire while Rocky puts the blame for it all squarely on Kate. BS Rocky. It was burning grease in the bottom of a filthy oven! Aren’t you a trained chef? Don’t you know what to do in case of a fire? Do you run around the kitchen screaming for Kate like an idiot?? The entire incident is on film below……everyone on the boat reacted to the sirens, except Leon who was sound asleep as usual. If Rocky has been alone any longer in the galley the kitchen would have caught fire. She needs to go ASAP.



A new preview clip is below the picture of Captain Lee showing the aftermath of the fire. Heads are going to roll in episode 10 and a certain favorite chef is rumored to be returning!! Ben!!!



Captain Lee took to his Bravo blog to express his displeasure with the crew’s performance…

“Well, we made it through the Dane debacle fairly well, and I was hoping that things had improved, but it doesn’t look like we are going to get a break. Things in the galley are not improving, Leon’s attitude is getting worse, Kate tries to give Rocky some encouragement but that backfires, Emile is regressing, and Eddie seems to have totally lost all sense completely. And to top it off they try to burn down the boat. So let’s get started.

Kate, I can see you losing patience. You have been trying to be civil to Leon, and he keeps going into the opposite direction. I can see that your efforts are probably not going to continue. Why do I think that the gloves are coming off soon? Good job with improvising the shark suit with Connie to make up a bit for not being able to go on the dive. Also you did a good job encouraging Rocky with some positive reinforcement. I don’t think that she took any of that to heart, as she is busy propping up our disenchanted chef. I do appreciate your effort though.

Amy, another great run for you. Nice of you to try to take Rocky under your wing and help her out even though it appeared like she thought she could see why you were having an issue with her. She would rather party with the guests than serve them. I thought I would die when you put that hairpiece on, that was funny stuff. I would really love to see your work ethic rub off a bit, but not sure it’s going to happen. Keep it up, I appreciate it.

Connie, you had a nice start. Good job with the anchor drop, your skill set is progressing nicely. Nice call with Emile as well, he needs all the help he can get right now. I still appreciate your sense of humor, even though I’m still trying to get used to it. Keep up the good work.

Emile, why can you not have two good weeks in succession? You make such progress and then you and Mr. Class discuss your masturbatory practices in the galley like you are talking about the weather. I do feel that your allegiance to Leon is misplaced as you only have one side of the story to work with. You think that his disruptive behavior is funny. Really? Your work on the deck is going well, but your social graces are so far removed from anything acceptable I can’t even describe it.

Leon, you are the single most disruptive force I have ever had the displeasure of working with. You now are going out of your way to disrupt and divide everything and everyone on board. The box, was it really that important. And when the primary said she didn’t want rabbit, you make it any way. You take a nap and let someone else take care of your guests. You go to bed instead of making their late night snack. In fact I am tired of commenting on it, so I won’t. But trust me I will have my way and we will get through this with or without you. At some point it doesn’t make any difference how good your food is, and it is, but if you can’t get on with anyone it’s all for nothing isn’t it?

Rocky, you step up in the laundry room; get a compliment, and then what happened. The reason your job is so hard is because you just don’t get it. That’s in spite of you telling everyone that you do. It’s obvious to everyone that you don’t and probably never will. You leave a huge mess for someone else to clean up, you don’t assist Amy when you are supposed to instead you want to party with the guests. Amy called you on it and you come apart. It’s not that you can’t do a better job, it’s that you won’t. And then you go to Leon for advice. Great move there. Let me know how that works out for you. So you are in the galley, and the popcorn is in, the pizza is in, and you, our self-proclaimed sous chef can’t watch popcorn and a pizza in the oven at the same time. Really? Impressive. Now you want to blame someone who wasn’t even in the galley all while Leon sleeps. Trust me I will find out what caused it and who is responsible and deal with it.

Eddie, I can’t believe what you are doing, nor can I believe your reason for doing it. She has a nice ass. That’s how you rationalize your behavior. Why do I feel that the mess you are making for yourself is going to get much worse before it gets any better? You are management and I really wish you would start acting like it. I can’t believe that you are texting Rocky about Kate. Not even your dept. and nothing good can come of you getting involved with it. Nice job with Connie and getting her trained on the anchor drop. Also, nice advice instructing your crew not to get involved with the drama in the galley. Now I hope you take that advice yourself. This thing with Rocky is going to cause some serious issues, I fear and I hope you are ready for it.

Well sports fans, there you have it. I’m not altogether sure we are going to get thru this charter unscathed. I may have to take some action before I really want to if things continue in this downward spiral, but rest assured that we will get through it. Until next week, fair winds and following seas. Oh, and did I see Chef Ben at the end? Going to be some action next week for sure.”

Until next week!

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