#LadiesOfLondon Season #3!! Which Of Our Ladies Will Return? You Be The Judge!

cf9 Baroness Caroline Fleming!

ladies-of-london-season-2-wtw-shooting-attire-01 McQueen Muse -Annabelle Neilson

caroline_tumblr “It Girl” Caroline Stanbury

ja Troublemaker Juliet Angus

yjQjESTC “Top Dog” Marissa Hermer

smb Divine Sophie Stanbury

jm2 Princess Julie Montagu

I hope we keep them all! Don’t forget to vote for who you want in Season #3!! Comments are welcome too 🙂

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6 Comments on #LadiesOfLondon Season #3!! Which Of Our Ladies Will Return? You Be The Judge!

  1. Who will be back or who do I want back? Marissa will come back because she has to sell those hot dogs. Sophie really wants on the show so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her mug on there next season. Julie M I think needs to be to keep that castle in business it seems. Juliet and Caroline S might leave. I think Stansbury is over it. Maybe she’ll break out on her own. Who knows? Annabelle will stay. Fleming won’t be back as much as I like her. Who am I leaving out?

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    • I think you got em’ all. I think Stanbury will stay to develop her name and new opportunities. If Sophie stays it would be cool to see more of the Stanbury family history. Annabelle…to me she’s a wild card. I don’t see her staying if Bravo manufactures fake drama. Montagu is adorable/ditsy needs the money for Mapperton so she’s a stay too. Marissa Hermer is having an identity crisis this season. If she goes back to be S1 Marissa I hope she returns, if not don’t care. Fleming…..love Fleming! She doesn’t have to do the show so I like how she doesn’t promote. Denmark episodes will be great. If she gets embarrassed by her castmates with the Royal Family she’s out. Juliet Angus….can go today. She’s sneaky and only looking to latch on to movers/shakers. xoxo B3

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  2. Annabelle is boring sorry if i was in charge I would replace her ..Juliet just gets on my nerves and is a a pot stirrer , she is just so fake it wouldn’t be heartbreaking to see her go either. JMO

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  3. Sophie, Caroline S, Juliet, Annabelle, Julie, Caroline F, and a new person

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