#LadiesOfLondon Preview! Caroline Fleming Still Isn’t Sure About Marissa Hermer’s Apology…..


Caroline Fleming isn’t happy with Marissa Hermer and it shows. Marissa gave Fleming’s sister a “less than complimentary” review of Caroline’s 30 yr-old boyfriend that rocked the royal family in Denmark. While Hermer continues to apologize, Caroline Fleming doubts her sincerity.


What do you think? Should Caroline Fleming forgive Marissa or keep her at arm’s length for gossiping?


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6 Comments on #LadiesOfLondon Preview! Caroline Fleming Still Isn’t Sure About Marissa Hermer’s Apology…..

  1. Marissa knows damn well that she should have kept her feelings about CF’s boyfriend to herself. She only knew him for a hot second. There was nothing to tell the sister anyway. Marissa blew it and now she has to suffer the consequences. If I were Fleming I’d ice her out completely. Even if she ends up breaking up with the boyfriend. Marissa can’t be trusted.

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  2. Marissa has it in her head he threw her out of a taxi Caroline can not trust her …

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