#RHOC Reunion Pt 2 “What I Learned From Tonight’s Segment”


1.) Shannon Beador has lost any future sexual interest by husband David after having him probe her poop. In fact no one in the universe will ever find #VodkaShannon “F*&Kable” again. Ever. Never Ever. (Shannon’s enema kit above) #Shitilonic

Beador After Enema

2.) 13 Bathrooms is ridiculous, but 12 is OK via Shannon Beador.

whoop it up

3.) Circle Jerks are family fun at the amusement park with Vicki Gunvalson and her grandkids. Especially when Mr.Xanax is there to take the edge off.


4.) Jim Edmonds loves being away from home. To me 50% of the time elsewhere in a marriage is “Living the dream.”


5.) Vicki threw Tamra way under the bus at her sex party by telling Heather,”Tamra’s outfit (Including dildo strap-on) might hurt her custody suit with Simon, since she already lost one.”

bowels by bravo

6.) David Beador has suffered enough……somebody put him out of his  (and our) misery……PLEASE!!


7.) Shannon Beador needs to hook up with a Yogi and move to Tibet. They find “New Age” approaches to Life normal. In Orange County it makes any average 45 year-old male penis limper than limp. You make a man check your ass for a broken enema? He will never EVER look at you the same way.

Briannas mom said what fam by bravo

8.) Briana was basically verbally sexually assaulted by Brooks Ayers….And Vicki stood by her man. WRONG CHOICE.


9.) Vicki wanted to believe in Brooks Ayers because she’s a victim of abuse. “Girth Brooks” Is a con-man and you Vicki, are guilty by association. A 50 yr-old man makes sexual advances to your 8 months pregnant daughter, wanting her to see his large penis! Brooks tells you it’s a lie and you believe him. You’ve now victimized your own flesh and blood Vicki. Get therapy for the entire family.

oc r7 ocr ocr1

10.) These women aren’t aging well, except Heather who must inject fillers daily.

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3 Comments on #RHOC Reunion Pt 2 “What I Learned From Tonight’s Segment”

  1. Your RHOC Reunion Part 2 blog is pretty funny! Who knew a Sitlonic was $ 595 tho? 😂

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  2. #10 is my exact thoughts Tamra is really showing her wrinkles when she kept wiping under her eyes the wrinkles were really showing.

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