#BelowDeck “Chef Ben Robinson is Back, Leon Walker is Gone, and Rocky Dakota Forgot Her Lithium…….

fire1  fire

What a mess. Tonight’s episode picks up with the damage from the oven fire extinguished on last week’s episode.
My Captain Lee doesn’t need the aggravation provided by these asshat, unprofessional, fire-starting crew members! Nobody is taking the situation seriously and processing just how quickly this grease fire could have sunk the Eros. While the Captain and his 1st Officer investigate, Rocky and Leon use their energy assigning blame directly on Kate’s shoulders. After listening to accounts from Kate, Rocky, and Eddie, and checking the oven in the galley, Captain Lee is convinced the fire was caused by grease from a filthy oven. Leon. hearing there had been a fire, immediately starts scrubbing the galley walls down and frantically tries to scrub the oven down to hide the grease.

ben cleans up

Chef Leon was the only crew member to sleep through the fire alarm! After serving the primary guests breakfast, Leon is called to the bridge. Captain Lee tells Leon the cause of the fire was grease in the bottom of the oven, and he’s met with a blank stare. Leon accepts no blame (He’s likely a hoarder) and instead lies to the Captain telling him Kate has been drinking on Charter! Kate NEVER drinks on Charter because she knows it’s against the rules, and also that cameras are everywhere! My poor Captain has had enough of baldy McDouche and tells him his services are no longer required after the current charter ends. Ever the dick, Leon quits on the spot leaving the entire crew shorthanded and no one to make dinner.

Leons FU face

Before Leon’s dramatic exit, he apparently dumped a large container of honey on Kate’s bunk. Charming. Hearing of Leon’s long-overdue termination Rocky looses her flippin’ mind. She is truly mentally unstable and needs medication STAT. My guess is she forgot her mood stabilizing drugs before the charter season began. Eddie and Amy both try reasoning with Rocky, but you can’t explain a logical situation to crazy. So what does Rocky do? She strips down to an ill-fitting thong and jumps overboard. Personally…..I’d let her sink. Her dramatics may have been cute when 51 Minds casted her role on Below Deck, but her erratic behavior is dangerous, and almost burned the boat down! So there goes Rocky swimming away in what Captain Lee refers to as her “Exodus.” If only that were true…..

rockys grease

There were rumblings on Twitter tonight when Captain Lee didn’t immediately fire Rocky after her stunt dive. People who work in management may be more inclined to his logic. With the Eros down a Chef, the unfortunate Miss Dakota was the only person left on board with culinary skills. Captain Lee’s #1 role after manning the Eros is to satisfy his clients! How do you do that without feeding them a dinner worthy of a $30,000 charter fee? Ah…..now it’s becoming clear! Rocky decided to apologize to Captain Lee. He in turn tasked her with filling in for Leon by cooking the client’s dinner. In the meantime Captain Lee made arrangements for a new chef and deckhand.

rd2 dish-101415-captain-lee

Rocky’s vow to help the Captain by doing an amazing job in the kitchen is met with doubt by Eddie Lucas. He’s not leaving her alone after the “raw chicken crew dinner” incident. As usual, her spastic cooking skills resulted in flavor combinations that weren’t palatable to the clients. The primary actually vomited after  eating an Oyster she had doused with grenadine syrup….Did I mention the crushed Oreo cookies on top of the salad? Yeah. Eddie called BS too and took over to cook the main course himself. Was Rocky trying to sabotage the meal or help? Eddie produced some wonderful beef filets that the clients loved, and decided simultaneously to never bone Rockhead again…..God is good.

rocky has no font


After the client’s are fed, disgruntled Rocky childishly picks a fight with Kate. Kate tries to have a rational discussion with an irrational 15 yr-old, but Rockhead doesn’t want to make sense. She feels Kate should have been fired, not Leon, and is spreading that damage to the entire crew. The Rocky rollercoaster is wearing thin on everyone.

But who really gives 2-shits about Rocky, when the new chef is coming to town…………”Hello Lovelies” Ben Robinson is on deck and hot as ever!! Everyone on the Eros and watching Below Deck is in love with Chef Ben. I too have fallen under his spell, must be the accent and his naughty sense of humor. The great thing about Ben is his passion for cooking and professionalism with the clients. He’s not going to put up with any silly stew antics or gossip, and will be a great partner for Kate. Ben is the anti-Leon, a chef inspired to always out-do himself by taking risks and creating fresh flavor combinations. Did I mention I adore him? New viewers will too!

ben is back2

Ben and Kate play catch up. I wonder if the hook-up will start-up again? They make a great couple, and great TV!! Til next week “Lovelies”

~Bitch By Bravo

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3 Comments on #BelowDeck “Chef Ben Robinson is Back, Leon Walker is Gone, and Rocky Dakota Forgot Her Lithium…….

  1. I am in love with Chef Ben..he is a young John Lennon..he Is so intelligent, good looking and has an awesome sense of humor and so talented. Ben has a great future ahead of him..he is one of a kind!!!!

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  2. Let’s face it, this show has some tough characters, tough to like, starting with Kate C., always on the rag, always cutting people down(including the guests), never does anything wrong(in her mind),can’t get along with anyone, let’s face it, it’s just a matter of time ’til she starts undermining Ben R. the new chef; then we have Eddie L., a total high maintenance girl, two face, on the rag, like his mentor Kate; the captain, no back bone, no personality, scare of his own shadow, couldn’t even fire Rocky when he had the chance. Like Amy’s honesty, and hard work, didn’t like but understood chef Leon’s attitude towards Kate with her sarcasm and constant nagging, Rocky, a total horny bi-polar, attention whore. Liked the two chefs, Ben and Leon, totally understood when they acted like a-holes.

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