#LadiesOfLondon Episode 8 “Something Rotten In Denmark” Annabelle Neilson Gets A Few Things Off Her Chest!


The kick-off for London Fashion Week is the show,”Fashion For Relief” which Marissa and Juliet Angus attended in support of Annabelle Neilson. Annabelle walked in the show alongside old friend and supermodel Naomi Cambell land both led the finale with Neilson rocking Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton. Some great private moments between Cambell and Annabelle were shown in which we find a friendship that has lasted for over a decade. Naomi also praised Annabelle’s work as an author of “The MeMeMe’s” which touched Neilson immensely.

fr1 fr2

Meanwhile back at Chez Stanbury…

The Ladies Of London production team has bled the story of Caroline Stanbury’s Gift Library dry. Do we have to sit there in the empty office after the notices have gone out? Thanks for turning out the “Be Nice” neon light as an added touch. MEAN!! Caroline was absolutely right when she said the press loves to tear you apart. Enough already! The Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury was a brilliant idea that has now been put to bed….The End.

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 19.05.40

Oh God…..Marissa Hermer and Baroness Caroline Fleming are at it AGAIN. The apology tour continues. Fleming is not over Hermer telling her sister unkind things about her new relationship. She may NEVER get over it. Marissa crossed a line by gossiping behind Caroline’s back, knowing full-well that Caroline’s sister would repeat what she heard from Marissa to the rest of the family. Caroline Fleming isn’t on great terms with her Danish relations so of course Marissa knew that whatever she said would stick like glue. Not cool. Pissing off a Baroness is never a good idea, especially if she holds a grudge and you are co-stars on a Television show. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the drama between Caroline Fleming and Marissa Hermer.

marissa exaggerates

Caroline. Sophie. and Caroline Fleming meet for lunch. It’s Monday and Stanbury is out of sorts, not used to being out of work. Fleming discusses Denmark and a possible girls trip with the “Ladies.” Caroline Stanbury questions the wisdom of inviting everyone, but thinks the situation will help cheer her up with the drama that will inevitably ensue. Sophie thinks it’s an amazing offer and she loves the idea of Denmark. Thus the cast trip to the castle is born. Did I mention they ordered liver? No wonder British food gets dissed here in America. It looks like punishment on a plate….gag.


There are some great montages of the individual ladies packing for Denmark. It’s 0 degrees in Copenhagen!! Airports are never fun, and the amount of luggage these women need for a 4-day trip is astounding. Annabelle Neilson is very late, arriving less than an hour before their flight leaves. Stanbury in annoyed. They all sense Annabelle is distant and not very engaged with the group. Something is brewing here……

Denmark is gorgeous!! As they walk thru the airport Caroline Fleming gets papped in a big way! She is Danish Royalty and a celebrity so the media stalk her when she’s home. They are staying in a gorgeous 5-star hotel. C and C are joined at the jet-lagged hip. I’m looking forward to watching our Caroline2 relive a little history as past flat-mates and party girls.

Walking around Denamrk is challenging for Caroline Fleming. It doesn’t help that there is a statue in the middle of the city dedicated to her 10th generation great-grandfather, who saved the country from becoming part of Sweden. The paparazzi are everywhere. Dashing into Birger Christensen, the Ladies indulge in high-end retail therapy. Fleming leaves the store with a $150,000 fur coat. Let’s hope she got a deep discount for having production film there! Julie Montagu makes a statement (3 times so it’s not missed in editing) that she wants nothing to do with a fur store and will have coffee around the corner instead. Annabelle tells her she’s being rude, and Julie is a bit put out by the correction. Something isn’t good between these two, but Julie never tries  asking Annabelle what’s wrong.

c22 cf10

At dinner Caroline Fleming gives the ladies a warning. Do not take bad behavior to my family home period. Caroline says,” If you have something negative to say get it out now.” One by one each one of the girls says No I’m good, no I’m good, etc, etc. etc. until we get to Annabelle. Annabelle does have a few things to get off her chest. She begins to tell Juliet, Marissa, Julie, and Caroline all things they are doing wrong. So weird. Annabelle is never judgemental like this. Of course her comments incite a reaction from Caroline Stanbury who tells Annabelle she isolates herself from the group.

Something tells me this is going to hit the fan when they get to Fleming’s castle Valdemarsslot

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4 Comments on #LadiesOfLondon Episode 8 “Something Rotten In Denmark” Annabelle Neilson Gets A Few Things Off Her Chest!

  1. I kind of understand why Annabelle is put off by Jules. She was asked to show her the ropes so to speak by Luke of sandwich or whatever it is. Annabelle did that for them without blinking an eye because they’re old family friends and Jules basically spit in her face. To top it all off she’s mourning the death of her dear friend since it’s the anniversary. I really don’t blame Annabelle for being so touchy on this trip. Caroline is just being a bitch to her and I don’t get why. Maybe related to what we saw unfold on the twitter beef? Not sure

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  2. BBB you write amazing recaps and do some funny Pics .keep it up 🙂 I really enjoy reading your Blog do not always comment but like your style….

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