#BelowDeck Unseen Footage: Amy Johnson and Eddie Lucas Try To Reason With Rocky…….(Insert Joke Here)

decisions by Bravo

Rocky is MENTAL

In the unseen footage below, both Amy Johnson and Bosun Eddie Lucas try to reason with Stewardess Rocky Dakota. After Chef Leon Walker is fired, Rocky threatens to quit in solidarity and jumps ship (literally) to cool off. What we don’t get to see on Below Deck are both Eddie and Amy pushed to the limit by Rocky’s continued antics and drama. Rocky no longer respects Captain Lee because he didn’t fire Kate and reacts like a spoiled teenage brat.


Anyone else completely over this idiot shit-stirring stew??


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More clips here at Stoopid Housewives!


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4 Comments on #BelowDeck Unseen Footage: Amy Johnson and Eddie Lucas Try To Reason With Rocky…….(Insert Joke Here)

  1. Kellie Terry // November 19, 2015 at 2:50 pm // Reply

    Eddie is such a little bitch. He was the voice of sanity all prior seasons and now he’s a shameless scumb bag, who took on the role of the chick. Grow up you little bitch. Emile what can I say love love that guy he should teach Eddie what a real classy gentleman should be, although I doubt Eddie can learn he’s way too much of a bitchy chick.

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  2. Rocky has wore out her welcome ,she is not cut out for reality tv…leon sucked at his job kate is good at her job there was a reason leon was fired..Rocky needs to get over it..she has no control over anyone else’s fate but her own.
    Rocky is delusional ,she needs to grow up

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