#RHOC Reunion Part 3 “What I learned From This Episode”

Tamra Baptism

1.) Brooks must have a giant penis or Brooks is a giant penis. I choose the latter.

devil inside

2.) Vicki lied about so many things even she is confused


3.) Vicki called Briana an “F*&%$ing Bitch” for questioning Brooks. I’d call Vicki that for her questionable tastes.

fam by bravo

4.) Heather Dubrow had no story-line, but has great bone structure.


5.) Meghan King-Edmonds tries really hard to cry, but never quite gets there. #ActingCoach


6.) Vicki is the girl that better-deals her friends/family for a guy. That “Love Tank” sure takes a lot of gas.

brooks biopsy

7.) We are all in deep shit if Tamra Judge is the voice of reason and the go-to-girl for advice on relationships.

Bunnyranch by bravo

8.) Brooks Ayers is clearly the new Teresa Giudice of Bravo, complete with his own hour-long special next week with Andy Cohen. Well played “Crooks.”


9.) Brooks has hit on everyone with a vagina in Orange County, except Vicki…..

10.) This one’s for me! Finally over until next season…….Yeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

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4 Comments on #RHOC Reunion Part 3 “What I learned From This Episode”

  1. I don’t get the righteous indignation Vodka Shanny has for Vicky because she told her brother and his wife that David was having an affair. Shanny told the entire freaking world that David had an affair, in fact she won’t shut up about it. What am I missing. Every single one of these women is a complete fake, but Shanny takes the cake. I was a great friend to you, go ahead dig your own grave more, Vicky. What? That people would lie about cancer to make money and it is sanctioned by Bravo is shocking. Bravo is acting like they are trying to get to the bottom of things, when they have known all along about Brooks and Vicky’s pyramid scheme. And Tamra goes to online church and has a Pasture. Heather, who cannot get her face on television enough, has been given a show by her husband to interview past Botched guests. It is unwatchable. I feel so filthy for having watched this show.

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    • Totally….They have made it impossible to care for any of these “characters” on the HW’s shows. All lies and producer created plots. Over it!


    • Oh Shannon’s the worst! Not really because Vicki’s pretty bad too so now that I think about they should be besties. Anyway, I think Shanny wants to have complete control about what gets revealed regarding the cheating scandal. That Rhonda lady totally broad sided her and she was fit to be tied and cut Vicki out after that ordeal. Shanny is scary, vindictive and like a dog with a bone basically. I’m starting to feel bad for David to be honest. I still don’t quite believe the affair happened though.

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