#LadiesOfLondon Episode 9 RECAP “Unbelievable Balls” Julie Montagu Grows A Set While Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle Neilson Square-Off Before Next Week’s Finale!


I love our cast being woken up by Luke Henderson and his custom collection of onesies!! That’s true love when you pick last night’s caviar out of Caroline Stanbury’s bed-headed coif. Both Caroline and Luke enjoy a bit of gossip over coffee looking less than perfect. They discuss how Annabelle is “Poe-faced” on this trip, and bringing the energy down for everyone. I’ve reached out to Caroline and Luke for a definition of “Poe-faced” but am guessing that it’s not good…

A luxury coach whisks the ladies to Fleming’s castle Valdemars .During the drive Stanbury, Fleming, Julie Montagu, and Sophie get into a deep discussion. Caroline Stanbury tells Julie she’s slightly pathetic, following Annabelle around like a puppet. Fleming tells Julie it compromises her integrity.Julie has “JUB” but needs to find her own set of testicles. Neilson can hear the conversation, but chooses not to speak up while on the bus. Montagu listens without taking offense. She knows what the ladies are saying is true. Julie needs to find her own path without being led by others.


Valdemars Castle is insane!! The rooms all have names like Empress, West Indies, etc. Juliet Angus’s room has a chapel attached go figure! 18 bedrooms, a grand ballroom, and Europe’s greatest collection of hunting trophies-including a walrus’ penis bone. Yes I said PENIS BONE. Who knew?

angry me

Dinner is served buffet style and includes Danish traditional red cabbage, beer, and a potent liquor. Julie Montagu says she LOVES it at the castle, while Annabelle sneers and snickers at her remark. As Julie gets more confident and empowered, Annabelle gets snarky and rude. Julie normally caters to Annabelle and is up her ass 24/7, letting Annabelle lead her around like a pony. Caroline tells Julie she has been Annabelle’s bitch, but that she’s changing and beginning to think for herself. Stanbury says that since Julie’s been surrounded by this group of women she’s become confident in herself, that she’s now Julie Montagu and not just an extension of who she’s with. Annabelle doesn’t want to hear ANY of it and covers her ears. She tells Caroline Stanbury that she’s a stupid cow. WTH?? Annabelle should be proud of Julie, but is instead troubled by her friend growing closer to Stanbury. Is she jealous or just annoyed to be seated next to Caroline? Ugh.


Everyone sleeps late and misses breakfast that was served hot at 10am. Caroline Fleming scolds them ALL and tells them to have a little respect, set their alarms, and be on time for dinner with her parents. Yes ma’am!


Julie Montagu does some yoga and reflects on her relationship with Annabelle. She feels that Annabelle isn’t happy with her for finding her own voice. Julie Montagu is hopelessly inept with tough personal situations, and would rather lose a friendship than do the hard work to salvage one. I love Julie and think she’s sweet, but she is equally to blame for the state of her relationship with Annabelle. Neilson is obviously hurting and lashing out at Julie to get a reaction. Julie needs to understand that and be a sympathetic friend. Why would a “Best-Friend” not inquire after her? The cold-shoulder isn’t cool. Nobody wants to feel abandoned.Annabelle later opens up about troubling news regarding Alexander McQueen in the tabloid press being the reason for her depressed behavior. Julie should have known that.


Caroline and Caroline go to visit the resting place of Fleming’s deceased mother Margaretha Lundgren at Svendborg church. The church holds the generations of Fleming’s Luel-Brockdorff  family remains. Her mother’s urn is a masterpiece, reflecting the love of her husband (Caroline’s father) who designed it.The two women mourn and cry together over losses great and small. It’s nice to see a softness in Stanbury and the love she has for her friend Caroline Fleming as they hug in the church.



A formal dinner and reception is held that evening with Fleming hosting. Her desire to please her father is in every action and she wants it to be perfect. Annabelle charms the Baron with tales of shooting parties and her ample cleavage. Caroline Fleming makes a spectacular toast! Everyone is gowned, glamorous, and on their best behavior. Marissa and Fleming have a really beautiful moment during dinner and a better understanding of each other. Marissa then makes a toast on behalf of the group in thanks for the hospitality of the Baron Niels Luel-Brockdorff (Caroline’s daddy)



love spritz


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9 Comments on #LadiesOfLondon Episode 9 RECAP “Unbelievable Balls” Julie Montagu Grows A Set While Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle Neilson Square-Off Before Next Week’s Finale!

  1. I use to think Annabelle was boring but she is stepping up and being more real.
    I hope she is on next season so we can watch her evolve more.
    Julie M I do like her she just needs a new hair color it is a banana color yellow.or could be my tv color
    Julie seemed to be there for Annabelle after her accident and I am sure they will work things out.
    it was a riot that Juliet was put in a room with the church ,Caroline F, has got a sense of humor,I could see her and caroline having lots of fun together.
    Caroline and her business lose sucks you can tell it is a major downer for her she will make a come back somehow.

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  2. Bitchy By Bravo wrote: “Annabelle later opens up about troubling news regarding Alexander McQueen in the tabloid press being the reason for her depressed behavior. Julie should have known that.” Excuse me???? Annabelle found out about the unauthorized bio of McQueen that morning. However, Annabelle has been po faced for a while….perhaps for the 5 years since McQueen died. Annabelle’s slurred speech in the last couple of shows has made me wonder if she has a prescription drug and/or alcohol problem….. and if that is why she is acting like she is about to nod off…..or why why she decided to tell everyone off earlier at the dinner party.


  3. I googled poe faced and it means humorless and disapproving, lol! I’m getting so tired of Jules. Find some ground and stand on it! Be loyal before a smear one of Marissa’s hot dogs all in your yellow, greasy hair and make it look even worse! Dear Lord woman, you’re titled now look it! I just can’t with Jules. I used to really hate Marissa now Jules is winning. Her really close friend Annabelle really needed her friendship and she just sat there like a dumbass bump on a log. Pffft, next! I felt so bad for Annabelle. She was hurting badly on this episode. She’s still mourning her dear friend after so many years that he’s been gone. It’s so sad and her closest friends are acting like idiots and bitches. That sucks! I still like Juliet even though she’s boring now. Sophie is nice when she’s sober and the town drunk when she’s been drinking, my goodness! Caroline’s going through a lot too though. I understand that losing a business has to be hard as hell so she gets a pass. Luke is so damn adorable. I wish he was my bestie/makeup person! I’m in love with Caroline Fleming and I don’t care who knows it! Starting tomorrow I’m moving in to the castle. I hope Finn is ready although I don’t eat much. 🙂

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