#BelowDeck Episode 11 #TheRealHousewivesOfAtlanta – Kate and Ben’s (sexual?) Tension Is No Joke-Eddie Lucas Has Gone From Hero to Zero In His Dealings With Rocky Dakota!

Hey Below Deckers!

Sorry I’m late with the recap. I posted a few extra’s to keep you amused until I could complete the main event 🙂 Enjoy! Tuesday’s episode 11 featured the first ever cross-over between “The Housewives” franchise and Below Deck cast.

ben is back2

Poor Chef Ben Robinson walked into a galley disaster! Chef Leon Walker left the kitchen and surrounding areas absolutely filthy. Ben told me personally on Twitter that he really did call a hazmat crew out to help him get the Eros ready after Leon’s departure. Grease makes me shudder…

Dave Trouble from S1 is back too! Captain Lee called in his best players for the last 2 Charters of the season. You can’t help but love Dave and his adorable manner. He’s the kindest man to ever grace the decks.


Captain Lee holds his weekly meeting with Kate, Eddie, and Chef Ben to discuss preferences of the clients waiting to board. Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” are celebrating Bailey’s birthday on the yacht with a few family members and friends. Ben openly flirts with Kate to loosen her up and has Captain Lee and Eddie in stitches. Did I mention how happy I am to see Ben? He and Kate dated since we last saw them together season 2, but haven’t seen each other in months. But the banter and body language suggest these two may be riding a few waves together again soon.

cb ek ek1

On the morning of Charter it is extremely windy! Captain Lee has to tell the ladies from Atlanta some bad news…..they can’t leave the dock. Too dangerous. This puts a ton of stress on the interior crew to make sure everyone still has fun while trapped inside. Enter Emile Kotze – hot South African man meat for the ladies to drool over! They soon have him stripped down, serving them all strawberries that he hand dips in warm chocolate before placing in their mouths seductively. Kate also calls in a glam-squad to provide facials, massages, and chilled champagne to make it even more sublime.



Back in the galley Ben (did I mention I love Ben?) is busy, busy, busy. It seems so odd to have a Chef that is awake, busy, and actually thoughtful about the food he is preparing. Rocky walks in and is not busy doing her job per usual. Ben sees an opportunity to get additional hands and assess Rocky’s culinary skill set by helping him in the kitchen. The Chef asks Rocky to trim the over-spill on the muffins that have just come out of the ovens. He wants to makes sure they look perfect before serving them. However this task, much like cooking crew dinner, is too much for Rocky to handle. Instead of trimming the over-spill on the muffins, Rocky cuts off the muffin tops…..wtf?? My 6 yr-old niece could figure out the task Ben wanted by “LISTENING” idiot!!

chef bc in gone

Ben is quick to quip,”It’s my fault, I just shouldn’t have had you do it.”Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain comes into the kitchen just in time to enjoy the show. Kate tells Ben,”Now you see what I’ve been putting up with?”

below-deck-season-3-gallery-33 below-deck-season-3-gallery-17

Kate is in love with the clients. They are super sweet and just happy to be there. Cynthia’s daughter Noelle has developed a cute crush on Emile whom she has running around, getting her virgin cocktails, taking her jet-skiing, and bringing her a rose.

below deck

Ben has decided to make sushi for the primary’s dinner as it’s one of his specialties. He sees Kate come into the kitchen an hour before dinner making a huge charcuterie platter of heavy meats, cheeses, and dips for the ladies. He immediately challenges Kate about the amount she is giving them, and that it doesn’t compliment the sushi he’s preparing.


Amy takes the guests on a tour of the Eros crew area, while the guests get their buzz on. It’s surreal for them to see how cramped the quarters are compared to their luxury staterooms. After they finish and have a few more drinks the ladies are toast. At 9pm they decide they are full and don’t want dinner. Ben blames Kate for the food tray she served them earlier as being too filling and ruining his meal. Kate thinks Ben is being a “dick.” Amy thinks Ben and Kate need to settle their tension in bed. Lol!


Eddie Lucas is caught bad-mouthing Rocky to Dave Trouble. Rocky overhears Eddie say, “she’s completely crazy, and jumped overboard after the last chef was fired.” I’m no Rocky fan AT ALL, but I have lost all respect for Eddie. He’s part of Eros management and started a sexual relationship with a subordinate in the workplace. He feels guilty and ashamed of himself. You banged her Eddie, you made her promise not to tell anyone, then you spread gossip about her to the crew to make yourself look better. Can you say backfired? This is going to blow up in your face Eddie, and you deserve every inch of what’s coming.

Laundry by bravo

Emile, Dave, and Eddie take over on Day 2 to provide the guests with shopping, fishing, and watersports. Taking the tinder to shore Emile hosts the ladies while they flirt outrageously with “South African.” Once they return to Eros they are starving! Visiting Ben in the galley they ask him for dinner in 30 minutes. Only Ben (whom I love, did I tell you?) can pull of insane cuisine on a fast timer. Chef Leon would have cursed the primary, and served something out of a box!

stole me job

Dinner looked insane. Ben did stone crabs as a starter for a menu based on Southern comfort foods. Serious food porn. Kate and Ben again get into a snit over the timing of service. Kate gets super bitchy and doesn’t understand Ben’s vision of an upscale buffet. Ribs, corn, pasta, corn bread…..yum! Plus he made a Red Velvet cake for Cynthia Bailey’s birthday, served while the crew sang “Happy Birthday.”

Eddie calls his girlfriend and begs for another chance-even telling her he loves her! Interesting. Is it a viral love that comes and goes within 24 hours? Gross.

decisions by Bravo

The clients have become the crew’s favorites of the season. Cynthia’s daughter Noelle cries when they leave because she had such a good time and loved the crew. So cute! Housewives of Below Deck is a hit!

Captain Lee hands out the tip and gives the crew a night off. They head to shore for dinner and drinks. Eddie tells lies about his fidelity to Dave Trouble, Ben apologizes to Rocky saying he feels sorry for Leon getting fired, and I try not to throw-up over both “crock of shit” comments. More tension at dinner comes when idiot Eddie calls Rocky “Emile’s crazy girlfriend he brought to dinner.” Rocky leaves the table after giving Eddie a dirty look, and heads to the bar. Connie then tells the table that Rocky is annoying and an attention whore while Emile looks stunned.A puzzled Rocky can’t figure out why Eddie is now being openly rude to her, and she is about to blow up. Next week’s season finale is set to be explosive!

See you then! ~BBB

Amy sees crack

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