#LadiesOfLondon >>Annabelle Neilson Speaks to #TheDish About Feuding With Co-Stars Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu!


Annabelle Neilson has been upset with Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu after viewing episodes of “Ladies Of London” and seeing what the girls were saying when she wasn’t in the room. BravoTV thrives on drama, and our London cast is no exception. Things have broken down between Neilson, Montagu, and Stanbury to the point that Annabelle Neilson has been bashing her castmates on Twitter since the Denmark episodes aired. Both Stanbury and Montagu have remained quiet on the issues, but Annabelle spoke to BravoTV’s “TheDish” today.


Bravotv.com: What were you thinking in the car when you could hear the other ladies discussing your friendship with Julie?
Annabelle Neilson: Hurt and disappointed in Jules not have the guts to say that was not true. She had asked me to go with her on every trip, and I had taken time out of my schedule, which is always busy, to try to make her feel like she could take over Mapperton when it came to it. Luke won’t be seen with anyone but me, so I made myself available to help her. I did that for her and for Mapperton, which has always been like a home to me. Caroline was just being a cow, but that seems to happen every time she opens her mouth.

Bravotv.com: What do you think about your confrontation with Caroline Stanbury about Julie?
AN: Caroline called Jules my bitch, not to my face but behind my back. And Jules says she always says these things to your face, but that quite obviously is not true. Caroline then said Jules had her head up my ass, but then all of a sudden I had my head up Jules’? Please make your mind up and wash your mouth out too.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about finding out about the press involving Alexander McQueen and opening up to the other ladies. What did you think of their comfort?
AN: Looking at the press in The Daily Mail and other papers, it was awful what they had written. It was actually so shocking and hurtful. I was also talked about in it, as well as other friends of mine. How did I feel? I felt abandoned and even when I told them, I really didn’t feel they cared; no one hugged me, no one came to see me, and I was left on my own in a strange house getting awful, upsetting phone calls from London . It was unkind and really disappointing on all fronts. I tried my best at dinner and for the dancing, but then I excused myself and went and cried in my bedroom.

Is it fair to call Caroline Stanbury a Cow every chance you get Annabelle?


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4 Comments on #LadiesOfLondon >>Annabelle Neilson Speaks to #TheDish About Feuding With Co-Stars Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu!

  1. I’m still team Annabelle on this one. She was there for Jules as a promise to her family friend, Luke Montagu and Jules shit all over her. I wonder how LukeM feels about how Jules treated Annabelle. He should be disgusted in his wife because she acts inappropriately and juvenile. Also, Caroline is a cow. Sorry, but it’s true. She acts as if she’s the queen of England. It’s getting annoying. LukeH needs to get out of her ass already.

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    • Julie needs to grow a set and be honest with her feelings. She could have made time for Annabelle, but flipped on her in Denmark. Something else went down there that we didn’t get to see. Blows that we don’t have a reunion to get to the bottom of things!


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