Bitch By Bravo “My Favorite Moments From #LadiesOfLondon Season 2!” Snipets, Snark, and A Few Posh Put-Downs Made This Show My Fall Favorite!


1.) From Episode #2 : Caroline “The Barefoot Baroness” Fleming’s gorgeous Christmas dinner was the setting for an amazing comedic moment. During the meal Fleming eats Goose meat off of the bone, and Caroline Stanbury says to Fleming “There is a caveman moment happening here.” Finding that funny, Caroline Fleming lets out a great honking laugh while gnawing on her bird! I sat stunned wondering how such a huge “laugh” came out of a tiny blonde? Genius moment!

baroness and bone

2.) From Episode #2: The YELLOW Hair!! Por Julie Montagu and Caroline Stanbury have beautiful blonde hair. BravoTV Production must have employed entry-level cameramen, who made the lighting horrific on these women! I mentioned Julie’s “Yellow” hair once on Twitter, then EVERYONE jumped on board. Once and for all it’s the LIGHTING, not the hair. I am still sorry Julie, and will by a case of JUB to make up for the “Miss Clairol” debacle.

ladies-of-london-2-julie-closet-2 nye6 ss7

3.) Caroline’s Gift Library : It’s not a favorite moment in the sense that I enjoyed seeing Caroline Stanbury’s business fail. What I relished was the brave face, and dignity with which she handled the situation. Can you imagine filming a Reality TV Show as the business you created 7 years prior goes under? That was Caroline Stanbury and I love her grace under pressure.

stacks_image_1417_1 22AA967C00000578-0-image-a-20_1418302647321 Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 19.05.40 caroline_tumblr

4.) From Episode #3 New Year’s Eve : The party at Cafe Royal hosted by Juliet Angus was the perfect storm of high fashion, big hair, perfect make-up, husbands, and ALCOHOL. Caroline called out Juliet for kissing the ass of a Baroness and acting like a social climber. Julie Montagu did a head stand, and lost her mind when Stanbury made fun of her. Caroline’s response to the hysterical Montagu ended in her uttering the best one-liner of the season! ( see pic below ) We later find out that Julie has an over-reactive disorder that she insists has a medical name. Caroline’s SIL Sophie Stanbury also got completely drunk during the Cafe Royal after-party and felt the need to deeply kiss everyone at midnight! I fell in love with Sophie right then. God I want to be there next year…..

cs quotes

not a social climber

ss12 stan

cc  social climber2

5.) New Year’s Eve In Onesies! : After the glam comes the heavy drinking and onesies supplied by Caroline Stanbury!! Caroline the Unicorn gets in trouble for straddling Juliet Angus’s husband Gregor, and poking him with her horn. She did it for a photo that Julie Montagu was taking! It was hysterical to watch and in no way sexual or inappropriate! Juliet Angus came into the room and accused Caroline of being a #HusbandHumper! Thus #Humpgate was born. Poor Juliet just can’t help herself when she feels offended. It keeps building and building until her head literally leaves her body. Marissa Hermer warns the camera,”Juliet vs the Stanbury sisters? Come on they are going to crush her!”

Husband humping serious


caroline vomits

6.) Sophie Stanbury wasted is the best thing ever!! She wound Juliet Angus up so tight on New Year’s Eve the woman looked like a Nuclear Reactor at defcon 4! Sophie then took Juliet’s entire guest party back to her room, yelling to Angus,”You Americans have no idea how to party!” Even Stanbury’s husband Cem gets sister-in-law Sophie’s wrath when she says,”Turn on the music Cem I’m ready to dance bitch!” When I get to London Sophie is 1st on my speed-dial list. She and Caroline together can out-party any challengers.#StanburyStyle


7.) Julie’s Unbelievable Balls #JUB : There were unlimited “Ball” jokes the entire season based on Julie Montagu’s balls. (That was another one!) Julie makes hand-made balls (LMAO hard to type that!) that are a healthy snack and was able to gain investment to expand the brand! For more balls >>>


8.) Marissa’s Wiener …….The picture tells the story of Hermer’s own brand “Top Dog” coming to fruition! Hot Dogs in the UK! Many wiener jokes ensued questioning the position of the hot dog pictured in the Sunday Times article below. Sex and hot dogs…..only with this group.


9.) Julie’s Loose Lips : Julie Montagu tells Annabelle Neilson the fine points of a private conversation between herself and Juliet Angus without Angus’s permission. Juliet WAS NOT happy to be confronted by them both during lunch over the matter she had spoken privately to Julie about!! Juliet wanted to deal with her issues herself, then Montagu made it into bigger drama by including Annabelle! Julie has a bad habit of being the town crier, or as Caroline Stanbury calls her “The Village Foghorn.”

jm lol2

10.) Juliet Angus’s daughter Georgina is a proper English rose who often out-shines Mummy with her superior manners and worldly knowledge. “Georgie” is EVERYTHING plus she’s 5 going on 40. She already loves Chanel too.


11.) From Episode #5: Luke Henderson’s guide to London includes his favorite “Big Blue Cock.” Only in London has a colored cock been so celebrated……

New Commission for the Fourth Plinth unveilled luke of london

12.) While Rome is burning all around her, Caroline Stanbury hosts Michael Sam and his boyfriend at her home in Surrey as they vacation away from the US. Luke Henderson is also on hand to join in the fun. Surrounded by gorgeous gay men, Caroline yet again delivers a tee-shirt worthy quote in the photo below!


13.) Marissa Hermer’s Cougar-gate! : How does an evening with girlfriends at a bowling alley turn into #Cougargate? Ask Marissa Hermer! Juliet Angus invited the group out for bowling in 50’s style! She had a special shirt and wig made for each of the ladies. Caroline Fleming’s shirt said “Cougar” because she is 40 dating a 30-year-old man. Fleming didn’t enjoy the joke AT ALL, but tried to be a good sport about wearing the shirt. Unfortunately Marissa didn’t realize Caroline Fleming was upset until she had made her 3rd “Cougar” joke and was given a look of pure iced venom from Fleming. “Lock up your children” wasn’t in the best taste. Add to that is the fact that Marissa is best-friends with Caroline Fleming’s sister, and her comments get funneled back to Fleming’s family in Denmark through that connection. As Marissa tells husband Matt Hermer later,”I really put my foot in my mouth!” That’s an understatement Marissa 🙂

marissa exaggerates

14.) Julie Montagu is a Manic Mess! In addition to having loose lips, Lady Julie has had a few other charming moments on Ladies Of London S2. She has a very odd pronunciation of the word shooting. You can’t get past it because it sounds so off. Julie says,”Shoo.Ting” Normally it wouldn’t matter, but she hosted a “Shoo.Ting” party at Mapperton and said it 100 times. BTW…..she is also the only woman over 18 and under 70 in the entire universe that has never heard the term #MILF? Not sure if I believe that to be a true moment and not producer induced? It did, however, get everyone’s attention at dinner, after the”Shoe.Ting” party was over.

Julies charm

15.) Annabelle Neilson’s Fashion For Relief Catwalk Moment: London Fashion Week 2015 kicked off with Naomi Cambell’s charity fashion show. Annabelle wore Alexander McQueen by Sara Burton and looked stunning as she walked the show. Annabelle and Naomi shared a great scene talking about their friendship with the now deceased Alexander. It was also sad because Annabelle admitted to Naomi that she “holds back” anything personal from her castmates. How do you do a show with them if you don’t share your authentic self Annabelle? Everyone misses out. You seemed miserable the last 4 episodes of “Ladies” and the fans deserve better.


16.) The Baroness Bites Back! : Caroline Fleming hosts the ladies at her family’s castle in Denmark. The rules are different in this very formal setting. When Fleming tells you breakfast is served at 10am and you don’t show up, she will hunt you down and shame you for your bad manners!! The cast found out the hard way that Fleming meant business. When 10:30am rolled around the women were missing from the Breakfast table. Fleming unceremoniously threw them out of bed, yelling at them about poor manners all the way to the dining room. Don’t mess with the Baroness!!

cf1 break

17.) Marissa Hermer’s Very Expressive Facial Moves!

mh3 mh1 hermer

18.) Dancing At Valdemars Castle: Who wouldn’t feel like a Queen of King dressed for a ball at a historic Danish castle? Luke and Caroline aka “Karen and Jack” are the perfect pair……

best bffs

19.) Luke’s Reaction To Annabelle’s Breasts! For the formal dinner in Denmark Annabelle Neilson wore a low-cut black dress with a fitted push-up bustier bodice and Luke was entranced! He couldn’t stop staring at the cleavage. “Where did those come from? I’ve never seen so much flesh from you Annabelle?” I don’t think Luke will ever recover. He will be looking for breasts everywhere….. 🙂


20.) Luke and Caroline’s BFF Showmance : This was truly the highlight of the season for me. Not only are these two besties fun to watch on “Ladies Of London” and BravoTV extras each week, they are also EXACTLY the same live. I’ve been lucky enough to develop a friendly relationship with Luke Henderson, Caroline Stanbury, and Sophie Stanbury on Twitter. Let me tell you these three let it rip and the comedy flows on social media! The special friendship Luke and Caroline have with one another is gorgeous and enviable. What girl doesn’t want a hot man around to make her beautiful and laugh with every day?

mj and bubbles 1413580403344_wps_3_A_DAY_IN_THE_LIFE_OF_CARO BFFS and bad dresses pizap.com14452913176261 squad    bubbles

Thank you to the ENTIRE cast of “Ladies Of London” for giving us such a great second season! Be sure and tune in Monday 11/9/15 for the season finale episode followed by “Watch What Happens Live” with special guest Caroline Stanbury!

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  1. OMG the husband humpah! That should have diffused in 5 seconds. All Juliet should have done was call Caroline a dirty whore, slap her ass and move on. Anyway I’m sure Sophie was right in that Gregor did enjoy the attention, lol! All men do. Seriously though, if anyone should have been mad it would be Cem and he wasn’t.

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