Caroline Stanbury INTERVIEW With #NewYorkLive “Annabelle Neilson And I Are NOT Friends” Plus More Behind The Scenes Drama From “Ladies Of London” Season 2!

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Caroline Stanbury is in New York City doing press for the Season Finale episode of “Ladies Of London” airing tonight at 5pm Pacific/ 8pm EST tonight on Bravo.

At her first press junket stop this morning the Bravo-Brit appeared on “New York Live to answer a few questions about the show. During the interview Caroline was asked about Annabelle Neilson’s recent Twitter attack and had this to say.

“It’s fair to say there is no love lost there. We started off as friends obviously, my husband (Cem Habib) and I actually suggested her for the show. It’s just gotten to a bad place. If you watch the whole second series it’s become based around her (Annabelle Neilson) trying to turn people against me and I think the person who actually wanted to say something to me was Annabelle.”

“I’m watching the series playback and I’m thinking gosh that’s interesting, she’s telling Juliet, and Julie to stand up to me and say something to me, but she’s the one that’s got the problem with me!”

“We are definitely not friends now.”

See Stanbury’s full interview below. Tune in tonight and live tweet #LadiesOfLondon with me @BitchByBravo

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Yes Mr. Cow Annabelle has gone mad!

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