Annabelle Neilson Quits “Ladies of London” With Yet Another Social Media Outburst. Fans Are Left Betrayed, Wondering Why She’s Trying So Hard To Spoil The Show?


It happens every season on Bravo TV. Reality Shows are filmed, yet the cast doesn’t get to see the finished product until a few days before it airs. “Talking Head” portions are filmed where a producer asks the cast members questions individually, then their answers are used to fill in the story-line gaps. It’s the formula that has made Bravo famous, not only for its programming, but for the social media wars and attacks that occur between cast mates after viewing what is being said,”behind their backs.” The Housewife franchise feeds off of social media gossip, which leads to more viewers and higher ratings. Somebody forgot to educate the “Ladies Of London” cast on the machinations of Reality TV . This medium isn’t meant for those not willing to look at their  flaws in the Bravo camera lens.

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No one likes to hear criticism. Especially when it’s coming from someone you consider a friend. Annabelle Neilson struggles with anxiety and depression, often coming off as cold and uninterested in her cast mates during season 2. Neilson posts on Instagram photos of her “real friends” Kate Moss, Naomi Cambell, etc. and never let’s anyone forget she is Alexander McQueen’s widow/BFF. So is it any wonder that her cast mates question her commitment to the group?  Annabelle herself admits in interviews for the episode “There’s Something Funny in Denmark” that she has a wall up, and doesn’t share her personal life  with the other “Ladies of London.”  Annabelle doesn’t consider any of them true friends like Kate and Naomi. Julie Montagu seemed to be the one person from LOL that Annabelle could let down her guard with. After Annabelle broke her pelvis is a horse-racing accident in 2014, Julie was their daily nursing her back to health. In turn, Annabelle took ex-American Julie under her wing to teach her the finer points of  being aristocratic “Lady Julie Montagu.”

(For more on Julie Montagu and Mapperton click here: )

Julies charm

Things began to go haywire during the cast trip to Denmark. Annabelle showed up late at the airport with less than an hour before take-off. Everyone is annoyed and asking Julie “is she coming?” Julie hasn’t a clue and tells the camera “Annabelle has been distant lately.” Hmmmm what happened?  Annabelle complains to the camera she “didn’t want to be in Denmark” and would never have come unless required (By Bravo contract I’m sure!) because she had a crisis at home. She goes on to say that she’s expecting sympathy from the cast while feeling down, and imagines Julie will be the one to comfort her. Annabelle isolates herself while filming walking alone, or hiding in her room.

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At the hotel Julie asks Annabelle if she’s mad at her and Annabelle says, “I’m annoyed with the behind the back stuff.” We aren’t privy to more of that conversation until Luke Henderson enters Caroline Fleming’s room to do make-up. He just witnessed what happened with Annabelle and Julie. Luke was visibly upset warning both Carolines of Annabelle’s dark mood. All three are worried about the evening and make a few “of the cuff” remarks about the situation with Annabelle and Julie. Caroline Stanbury says she wants to protect Julie from “Being bullied” and that “Annabelle has slightly been taking advantage of Julie, dragging her around like a puppy.” Caroline Fleming suggests that at dinner they all air their grievances.

At dinner the question is asked by Fleming,”If you have an issue with someone please say it now before we get to my parent;s home.” Everyone is fine, except Annabelle who uses the moment to tell everyone what they need to improve on!

“Juliet try to listen more and go less immediately to your anger. Take a breathe and listen to what’s going on around you.”

“Jules, little loose lips, occasionally remind yourself that sometimes the things you say you may need to hold in.”

“Caroline be careful w posh put-downs because they can be hurtful sometimes and people don’t always tell you when they are hurt.”

Caroline Stanbury then decided she had something to say to Annabelle after all, “Sometimes you come into a place and you are very to yourself, and you make a face. I would rather hear what you are thinking than get the face,” Caroline says Annabelle is “Poe-faced” and constantly in a bad mood which brings everyone down. Annabelle was a huge cow during filming, using the recent bad press against her close friend (deceased Alexander McQueen) in the Daily Mail as an excuse to treat Julie Montagu and the others like crap. Annabelle put her hand in Caroline Stanbury’s face to shut her up at one point, then covered her ears like a child. It reeks of Diva and bad manners. Annabelle’s rudeness out-weighs any quip about bullies that Caroline made. Neilson’s “Talking-head” interview has her calling Caroline “Stupid, A Cow, and a Petulant Child” You don’t see Stanbury flipping a lid on Twitter because of that?

AN1angry me

That night at Valdemars Castle was the start of Annabelle’s war against Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu. Filming in Denmark took place in January of 2015 and the 1st Denmark episode aired on October 26th. When Annabelle saw what Caroline Stanbury said about her”being a bully to Julie” on Ladies of London, she had a COMPLETE meltdown on Twitter. You can read those messages here>> The rants continued on and off for 2 weeks. They are still there for all to see.

After the finale episode aired November 9th Neilson couldn’t resist 2 final dramatic and unneccessary social media moments. She dropped an ugly blog at taking several uncalled for deep digs at Caroline Stanbury. What have you been up to since the end of the Season – anything with the Me Me Mes?
Annabelle Neilson: A lot obviously — writing more Me Me Mes and working on two film projects, exhibition, and my book. As well as modeling and looking for a new illustrator for a new, slightly older series of children’s books. What did you learn this season?
AN: I guess unfortunately to watch my back. But I did enjoy getting to know the American girls much better. Marissa was amazing helping me with the Me Me Mes! I learned that people are just not as strong as me, and I have to accept that people lie, which I hate. I don’t like losing friends, but that has been a decision taken out of my hands. I did write to Jules, but she has decided to ignore me, and that does not say a lot about her. But I wish her all the luck and success in the world. Do you regret anything from this season?
AN: I regret that after having been asked by an old friend to look after his wife, that I then did not get the same treatment back… Jules showed her true colors and they are very grey. Caroline Stanbury…I actually regret ever even having that woman anywhere near me, and the way she treated others and her employees really says it all. What was your favorite part of this year of Ladies of London?
AN: The Me Me Mes children’s party — seeing my granny, all my family, and the friends who bothered to show up (quite a lot of the cast were absent, going on holiday when their business was falling apart). All the work Marissa and I did together; she is amazing. Giving Angry Me’s bike to Juliette’s little boy. Walking for Fashion for Relief and my chat with Naomi.

Yep. Annabelle Neilson really holds a grudge. The bigger bomb came Monday as Neilson bid farewell to “Ladies of London” via Instagram in yet another nasty post aimed against her cast mates. Her departure announcement came as the season finale rolled, angering fans with her disdain of the beloved show and her co-stars. Of course she used a photo with one of her “real friends” Kate Moss. Good for you Annabelle. And good for the show! Sophie Stanbury will be brilliant as a full-time cast member, and Luke Henderson can be the first “Lad of London.”

an buh bye

Weary of the BS Caroline Stanbury broke her silence on Twitter today. It remains to be seen if Annabelle Neilson responds to Stanbury’s message. As for me, I wish Annabelle the best, but I’ve no desire to see her wreck one of my favorite shows with petty Reality TV drama. I’m looking forward to an “Annabelle-Free” season 3 for Ladies of London! Good luck with “The MeMeMe’s” Annabelle and continued success always.


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5 Comments on Annabelle Neilson Quits “Ladies of London” With Yet Another Social Media Outburst. Fans Are Left Betrayed, Wondering Why She’s Trying So Hard To Spoil The Show?

  1. I can’t believe Annabelle is leaving but for someone who hates confrontation and always wants to remain classy and very “British”, she is certainly behaving like a “typical American” in being so vocal about her beef with everyone. (I.e., when she left the 4 of July party and then got upset with Juliet for screaming in the streets outside of Bumpkin) I felt that what was lacking this season was proper editing. It didn’t seem as cohesive with some of the events and it was hard to follow along with the timing of everything. There was so much said behind the scenes that we don’t even gather enough information as to what was really said to cause all of this drama. But I do applaud her for deciding to quit the show instead of causing more unnecessary drama by sticking around. And what is up with her saying, “I’m terribly depressed. I do hope someone comforts me but I will not tell them I’m upset with a crisis at home and I will not approach my best friends for help. I will pride myself with being standoffish and a wall of no emotions.” She sounds like a five year old who needs to do play therapy because they don’t know how to form words in order to express their emotions.

    P.s. Sorry it’s kinda rambling but I have a ton of thoughts and feelings on this past season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great post! There was a lot of Denmark conversation that was missed because Annabelle wouldn’t speak about it on camera. We have to read between the lines, or take tidbits from the other cast to fill those blanks. Annabelle was one of my faves going into S2. Now I could care less since she so obviously does not.
      I feel swindled by her performance..


  2. Annabelle did what was best for her. Jules crapped all over her. Caroline made her out to be a horrible person when she’s no better. Caroline’s like the LisaV of LoL. She’s very, very sneaky. I like her sometimes, but wouldn’t trust her much. I also agree with what Annabelle said about Caroline’s behavior when her business was going down. No true business person goes on vaca when your business is failing. Caroline’s very selfish. Anyone that can’t stand to take care of their own children for one day gets the side eye from me. I don’t get her huge fan following. I still like Annabelle and wish her well. She launched her books and was able to use Bravo in the process. Good for her.

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    • I think Annabelle sees herself as in a different league than her co-stars. She considers herself “above the company.” I think her books are amazing and she’s got tons of talent. She just isn’t made for Reality TV, and that is a good thing lol. Let her go back to her privacy. I wanted to know more about her, but after 2 seasons the wall is still up.

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    • Julie Montagu and the “flip-flopping” loyalties are another story to be written. Annabelle said showing her the ropes at Mapperton was done after Luke Montagu asked her personally to help his wife.

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