#BelowDeck Exposes Eddie Lucas’s “Dirty Laundry” Denial of “Rocky” Romance- Meanwhile Rocky Dakota Comes Clean to Emile Kotze and Amy Johnson…….

Wow! What an eventful episode!

Rocky Dakota is a huge mess and her wreckage is spreading. The first person you confide in about your raunchy Laundry Room hook-ups is poor Emile Kotze? He has had a huge crush on you all season, which you are aware of, so you throw your dirty tryst in his face? Emile is obviously jealous and hurt, yet still has to go back and work for Eddie? You are setting these two men on a collision course just to feed your sick, twisted ego, and troubled mind.Rocky tells Emile she has evidence on her phone of the hook-ups between her and Eddie. The look on poor Emile’s face says it all, he’s in Rocky Hell with the rest of the audience.


Ben sexually harasses Kate in the kitchen, and I secretly wish it was me. He asks Kate the color of her bra and panties while making sorbet.Poor Amy leaves the galley in a hurry! They discuss children, with the caveat that they all go to boarding school from birth in Hong Kong. I love this coupling!


Eddie has no idea that Emile knows his dirty secret. He openly discusses his girlfriend back home with Dave, while Emile grinds his teeth in disgust. Eddie Lucas has no idea that Emile wants to stomp his head in, except that Emile leaves the room whenever Eddie tries talking to him. Frustrated, Emile goes outside and picks a fight with Connie, calling her a “whore” in the process! None of this would be happening if Rocky had not told Emile. She’s now ruining his performance at work with her dramatics.

decisions by Bravo

Rocky needs a 5150 hold. She can’t stop crying over Eddie, the love of her life (not), whom she banged on top of the dryer in the ship’s laundry room 3 or 4 times during charter season. Of course douche-bag Eddie Lucas isn’t doing himself any favors in the ethics department. He tells the Bravo cameras,”I was lonely, upset, she seduced me!!” Guess ol’ Eddie doesn’t realize we have seen ALL of his texts via Rocky’s phone. The idiot lies blatantly in his “Talking-head” interviews. Betcha Eddie can’t wait for the reunion!

Laundry by bravoThe clients are less than appealing this Charter. Vito has money, but no game, and brought rental girls with him. I don’t think he could get sex the regular way, not even on Grinder. He doesn’t seem to know any of the girl’s names either? Trying desperately to appear cool, Vito speaks to Ben about preparing a special meal, which most of us mortals refer to as steak and potatoes. But hey,it’s always deliciou! The women want nothing to do with Vito or his brother, and ask Emile and Eddie to take them jet-skiing instead! Sounds like even a $30,000 charter won’t get them laid. At least Vito will have a big piece of meat……on his plate, via that “special meal.”

5 charters w rocky woes

Kate and Ben get into a serious sit-down conversation. Ben tells Kate to give Rocky a break and finish up charter season with positive vibes. Kate comes undone!! Ben has zero clue about Rockhead’s antics during charter season and shouldn’t have stepped over the line. Boy is he going to feel like an ass after watching the season playback! It’s safe to assume Ben will be getting zero sex from Kate ever again, or at least until next season.


After dinner, Eddie is in his cabin laying down and talking to his girlfriend Amy. The conversation turns to Rocky, because everything in the universe must be about the Bipolar wonder. Amy tells Eddie that his :Fatal Attraction” of the high seas is now following her on INSTAGRAM!! Hide the bunnies Eddie!! You have a stalker….


Ben’s steak dinner looks INSANE. I’m hungry while writing this and seriously tempted to call Ruth Chris for a filet. Ben’s is likely better, but at least I’m not eating an Eros meal with “Bougie-douche-man” Vito.

Rocky texts Eddie asking to talk. Eddie texts back,”I have nothing to say.” Unable to handle her emotions, Rocky again runs to Emile, who is an honourable if somewhat stupid man, who wants to kill Eddie after watching Rockhead have yet another crying fit in the salon. Does she ever think of anyone besides herself? Nope. Not ever.


Emile apologizes to Connie for his crude comments. He them falls in between the Eros and the skiff trying to adjust loose fittings. His distraction could have caused him serious injury or worse. Good job Rocky!

Ben hates making breakfast for charter guests. He feels like a line-cook at Denny’s.The morning is also not good for guest Vito, who has to excuse himself from breakfast to go vomit. After the food is served the clients send it back saying the sausage is hard and the eggs are runny. Ben now has to start over and is super pumped about it!! Just kidding! He is pissed, but does fix the disaster.Amy saves the situation with Mimosas! Amy is everything. She has saved the Eros at least once per charter and deserves a raise.


Amy and Kate are on breakfast service dealing with Vito’s nausea and crappy 1st round breakfast. Rocky is downstairs in her bunk writhing around and crying about her hump-mate Eddie!! Let’s hope she has mascara remover and a stash of Lithium to put in her coffee. Did she truly believe a romance was going to blossom by screwing Eddie on top of a washing machine? Guys have a name for girls like that and it rhymes with more………


Clients have requested a “Beach Party” day which looks insane! The dinghy takes the guests to a tiny private island that is postcard worthy. Rocky has yet to do any type of work, but I’m guessing she’s on laundry duty. Emile sees her and she cries to him again! Has she never held a job? Fold the laundry and cry since that room holds many “loving” memories for you Rock. Nope, she just can’t do her job. Rocky puts on her mermaid tail costume, jumps off the Eros (again) and swims to the island, rolling around looking weird. Kate and Eddie put her on the dinghy, and take her back to Eros- absolutely disgusted by her.Ben tells her she’s a nutcase. He’s seen the light illuminated off an attention whore gone mad.


Once aboard Eros, Rocky heads straight for Amy, who is trying to dry off from a shower. She spews her sad Eddie story yet again. Yep she’s infested yet another crew mate with her tales of washing machine woes. Amy is visibly shocked, mainly because she knows Ed has a girlfriend. Rocky gives Amy a play-by-play of the sex in graphic detail. She tells Amy she really digs Eddie, but now he’s being mean! Rocky also tells Amy she didn’t know Eddie had a girlfriend, which is BS since she friended Eddie’s Amy on Instagram! Rocky Dakota is Glen Close 2015 Fatal Attraction 2….

Next week is the season finale! Live tweet with @BitchByBravo

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6 Comments on #BelowDeck Exposes Eddie Lucas’s “Dirty Laundry” Denial of “Rocky” Romance- Meanwhile Rocky Dakota Comes Clean to Emile Kotze and Amy Johnson…….

  1. I do not think I can handle another season with Rocky the Nutcase
    a song comes to mind in honor of Rocky
    I’m a nut,(clap clap)I’m a nut (clap clap) call myself on the phone just to see if I am home called myself for a date pick me up at half past 8 I’m a nut (clap clap) I’m a nut (clap clap )

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  2. Another well written recap lovie! Perfect reading for this morning! I love your memes too, they kill me.

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  3. “Wait…you told the entire crew!?!?” bbb, you are too funny!

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