BREAKING NEWS!! Rocky Dakota Bartlow in THIRD Reality TV Show!! She Appeared on Season 5 of ABC TV’s “WipeOut” EXCLUSIVE VIDEO/PHOTOS!!!


She’s a busy bee!






The Raquel “Rocky” Dakota Bartlow  “I didn’t know what I was getting into” tour of lies continues with a THIRD Reality TV Show appearance.

That’s right folks….Ol’ Rockhead has been in THREE Reality Tv Shows!!

  1. WipeOut 2012
  2. Frankenfood 2014
  3. Below Deck 2015

Does being cast on three Reality TV shows make you a professional? Guess that whole “I don’t watch Reality TV” quote (above) complete with deer in the headlights look isn’t going to fly this time. Sorry Rocky, Bullwinkle won’t even back you up now. You have lied to everyone – production, co-stars, and viewers alike. Are your parents proud?

stunt double for toilets Capt Lee Not Amused Rocky

Of course Rockhead didn’t hide the evidence very well. She removed all traces of #Frankenfood from Facebook and Twitter, but forgot about the YouTube channel she created. It’s easy to miss on YouTube as the channel is filled with weird crap, much like her head. For more on her “Frankenfood” appearance and the video click here:

rocky3 ROCKYS MOM  cray

Finding her 3rd Reality TV appearance was a gift from an Anonymous source who’s close to the production of one of her many shows. I was directed to a Facebook entry on Dakota’s page from 2012. In the post ( photo below) Rocky Dakota brags about her performance, and how the producers felt she was the most energetic and entertaining person on the show…(Gag) Personally, I loved the part where she’s excited about being offered a job being a “test rabbit” for new stunts. If you’ve ever seen “WipeOut” you will get that joke, or just watch the gifs I’ve included further down the page. If she did work as a “WipeOut” stunt subject, it would explain A LOT of her behavioral issues…..You can only get punted in the head by a giant red ball so many times before tragedy occurs….


rd2 (Raquel Bartlow Facebook photo )


After finding out that Rocky Dakota was on “WipeOut” in 2012 from her Facebook post, I searched YouTube for ages looking for her episode. WipeOut was a long-running series with 7 seasons of episodes to sort through….UGH!! Then it dawned on me, if you’ve ever been on TV or in a film you must have an “IMDB” profile page. Sure enough the daughter of Glen Close, Raquel Bartlow, has an IMDB page!! On that page it listed her having a single TV show entry, “WipeOut Episode 524 Rats.”


Something else that is quite interesting from Rockhead’s Hollywood credentials Rocky has TWO different IMDB profiles! Her latest, under the name Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, lists just “Below Deck” as her only credit! People trying to make it in the entertainment industry don’t change their stage names, unless you are Rocky/Raquel trying to hide previous jobs from “Below Deck” casting directors. I wonder if she has done porn? Can somebody check “PornHub” for me so I don’t have to make an account?

fake      rdb

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Look at little Rocky! For “WipeOut” she used the name Raquel Bartlow. For “Below Deck” the little minx switched to Rocky Dakota. Did she think people wouldn’t figure it out? This brings another question to mind. Did the Bravo TV production team “51 Minds” have knowledge of her prior experience? If they did, that is a huge red-flag. Fans of “Below Deck” tune in to see AUTHENTIC “Yachties” do a job that is physically demanding, mentally exhausting, and has amazing travel and tip opportunities. Producers DO NOT need to plant an actress in the middle of the Bahamas to make a mockery of yachting professionals.




rbedit4   rbedit

If you decide to watch Rocky’s performance on “WipeOut” she was VERY savvy when choosing her wardrobe. Notice the striped pants on our “Non-Stew?” Yep…those pants stood out in every shot. The team challenges have 8-10 people huddled together mastering an obstacle course. Yet the striped pants save Rockhead from fading into the blur of bodies. Bartlow/Dakota must have taken style advice from a special someone we all know and love…



Too bad Rocky Dakota didn’t make it to the finals of “WipeOut” and collect $50,000 for the win! Guess that’s why she went on to disgust a nation with her ice cream and Calamari combo on “Frankenfood.” The oysters and grenadine weren’t the only “puke-inducing” seafood moments in this self-proclaimed “Chef’s” repertoire.


Caption this: “I need a helmet because………………………………………………..”

rbedit3 rbedit2

rocky bartlow bd

These are my first gifs……I could stare at the one above for DAYS!! I’m dedicating it to Kate Chastain of “Below Deck” Mazel Kate!!

rocky bartlow 2bd

Let’s hope three shows is a charm, and Raquel Bartlow aka Rocky Dakota, rides a wave into TV oblivion…………..just like Adrienne and Sam from Below Deck season 1. Who? Yes loves….that’s exactly right! I’ll see if Chef Leon can make her a “good-bye” cake with his friend Betty Crocker….Revenge By Bravo  ZIP IT ROCKY  wabbit

Live tweet with me during the “Below Deck” finale Tuesday 11/17 and follow @BitchByBravo

Cheers! ~BBB
















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22 Comments on BREAKING NEWS!! Rocky Dakota Bartlow in THIRD Reality TV Show!! She Appeared on Season 5 of ABC TV’s “WipeOut” EXCLUSIVE VIDEO/PHOTOS!!!

  1. Rocky kept falling on ipe Out cuz she too busy looking up!!! Actually funny guess she was honest on Wipe Out she doesn’t look for her Mothership w/Sparkling butterflies during her interview jn her striped pants

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I need to know if this show is scripted and if producers knew she was certifiable AND a veteran of two other shows? If she displayed her real personality she needs medication and a kick in the ass. On another note, I now know why she didn’t leave with Leon. That would have cut into her televised time. So, she stayed and created a scene. I hope this woman gets help because she needs it.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I love this post hahaha as if wipeout wasn’t funny enough..

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Bravo had her real name. I read the blogs for Bravo shows on Bravo’s site. I discovered Frankenfood because the URL for Rocky’s blog page has her real name at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great article on ole Rocky! I am still a little confused where the multiple names come into play tho? 👀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved Wipeout hate to admit it ,it is a spin off from the show on Spike Most Extreme elimination ……I Rocky was brought on to shake things up and shake things up is what she has done,producers were not expecting another crazy like RHONY Kelly …..
    If Rocky comes back next season,it will be hard to watch again…..Below Deck stood on it’s own without the craziness … Now if Rocky can provide proof of meds ,dosage and electric shock treatments then I might be inclined to view

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I just had to look at this post again, if only to crack up at the mud flop and that Facebook entry from 2012 regarding Wipeout (“…the PRODUCERS…loveeeedddd me”) – Priceless! The girl is obviously an actress, and if she wasn’t a “plant”, her lack of experience made it obvious to Kate that something about her was off almost immediately – girl wasn’t “legit”. Again, hats off to you, BBB – awesome post!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I’d enjoy RHOBH if it were more real, just for the lifestyle envy. The same is true of Below Deck. Rocky has been so odd, so “borderline personality disordered” that, a. It’s unrealistic to believe she could hold any job, and therefore suspicious, and b. Easy to believe that even the sex noises behind closed doors were faked. “Mommy, Daddy, it was only ACTING!”. You know that’s what Eddie has told his girlfriend, Amy. What idiot would do what he did surrounded by cameras and then act surprised that people knew, or that his GF would find out unless it were scripted. And it’s the only scenario that the GF could accept and still be seen in public.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think Rocky was planted by production. She gave them the story with Eddie by showing them her phone/text messages. Eddie was stupid. Rocky tried to exploit the hook-up to make herself look like a victim. They are both guilty, but Eddie will be the one to suffer.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Great post. Just discovered this website and love, love, love it. So, if she was running around doing all those reality shows, when did she have time to get previous charter experience and become a world-class chef? Maybe that’s why she serves raw chicken and other inedible dishes? BBB, you’re so right that she was planted on Below Deck for dramatic relief – that’s probably why Captain Lee made it a point to say that he has no say in picking the crew. For the members of the crew who are 100% professional and know how to do their jobs, it must drive them crazy to have to go along with the Rocky Horror Show just for ratings.Get rid of her and keep it real, Below Deck. There needs to be at least one “reality” show that isn’t scripted and fake.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Kate did an interview with “Watch What Crappens” where she said she believed Rockhead lied lied lied on her resume. Watching her struggle with the simplest duties you can tell she had zero experience. Made it horrible for Kate and Amy who were there to work.

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  10. Glad everyone is enjoying my post! Feel free to leave questions and comments.

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  11. My dearest BBB, another good post, this one, by far, most excellent, calling Rocky the nob head out once again. WTF? Is she an actress? Why the name change? Was she a pawn by Bravo? I have so many questions now, but I KNOW you will get to the bottom of it. 😉

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