#ApresSki On BravoTV: Alise Wims Takes “Resting Bitch Face” To Just Plain “Bitch Face” In The Boardroom. Will Tamara Moore Let It Slide? PREVIEW!



Tonight’s Below Deck  Apres Ski once again proves what a “delight” Elise Wims is to watch and work for. Elise’s boss at Gibbon’s Life is Tamara Moore. During a video conference with clients, Elise made a fool out of herself and the company she represents by acting like a petulant child. If I were the potential customers seeing this representation of the company through my computer screen, I would have cancelled my reservations on the spot. Ms.Wims needs to spend an afternoon watching reels of video footage featuring her horrifying facial expressions, or better yet….just let her go. She has zero experience with Winter sports and no interest in learning about them. Her attitude is poor and she lacks the knack to inspire her team. This start-up needs exceptional leadership if it’s going to survive, and Elise has nothing exceptional to offer, unless you count her volcanic head-band collection.

ew ew1 ew2

I’ve said from the beginning that Bobby Crowder has the skills, personality, credibility, and desire to manage this team. Anything else he might need to fulfil his position can be taught. You can’t teach enthusiasm, but you can mold it into an amazing executive! My vote is to impeach Elise and hire Bobby Crowder as Operations Manager. Kendra would make a wonderful Assistant Manager with her flair for details and work ethic. My work is done! Watch the clip below 🙂

PREVIEW Elise Wims “Missing her child” face :


(Jim had to turn away from the table after Bobby delivered his one-liner about Elise’s face!)

jim 2




jim   lusty

Lust: Preview Clip #2


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3 Comments on #ApresSki On BravoTV: Alise Wims Takes “Resting Bitch Face” To Just Plain “Bitch Face” In The Boardroom. Will Tamara Moore Let It Slide? PREVIEW!

  1. Not good, not good at all. I forgot she was on Hells Kitchen, she was annoying and I couldn’t wait for her to get kicked off.


  2. I tried to watch but just couldn’t get into it do not feel any kind of pull watching these people

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