On Tonight’s #BelowDeck Finale, Eddie Lucas Tries to Lie About Hooking-Up With Rocky Dakota! LMAO!!

guilt by bravo

On tonight’s too-soon #BelowDeck Finale, our beloved Amy Johnson decides to spill the “Rocky” rumors to Eddie Lucas. Eddie apparently has been living under a condom cloud and is blissfully unaware that Rockhead has been spreading news of their “Love” all over the boat!! C’mon Eddie. You couldn’t stay celibate for 6 weeks at sea? You didn’t see Rocky’s “Freak-flag” flying at full mast like the rest of America?

Check out the preview below:

sp1 sp2 sp3  rocky


You just got played by Rocky and #51Minds Eddie Lucas!!

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10 Comments on On Tonight’s #BelowDeck Finale, Eddie Lucas Tries to Lie About Hooking-Up With Rocky Dakota! LMAO!!

  1. Well, BBB, waiting to see if you can make last night’s s##t storm funny. Need a laugh. But I fell in love with Chef Ben, umm, want to kiss his boo boo and wipe away his tears. What a kind hearted man to try to help Rocky over and over.

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  2. I will not mind Eddie being back next season, I really hope Kate and Amy are, but I definitely dont want Rocky. She drove me crazy all season with being so selfish and not looking at the camera in talking heads. Her laugh also was annoying, I dont know how the others managed.

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  3. I want Ben’s SUSHI that he made. YUM.


  4. I figured it out, why I love Below Deck. It has men, real men. Not Reality TV type men. Men interacting with women. Women with men. For better or worse. In fun and sorrow. In love and anger. Real life as we all live it. And God forbid a camera followed me around when I was silly and young! There but for the grace….etc.

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