Who Is Rocky Looking At During #BelowDeck “Talking-Head” Interviews? The World Waits With Baited Breath….



The number one question asked by #BelowDeck fans this season has to be.”Where the hell was Rocky looking?” during her one-on-one interview with producers? She and her wonky eyes were everywhere, except looking into the camera where they belonged. Ms.Dakota aka Bartlow was asked this question during the “Below Deck” reunion part 1 and had this to say.



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5 Comments on Who Is Rocky Looking At During #BelowDeck “Talking-Head” Interviews? The World Waits With Baited Breath….

  1. wonderbreaddots // November 21, 2015 at 11:41 pm // Reply

    Rocky is so koo-koo that no one calls her out on her BS because they don’t want to come home to a boiling bunny on the stove.

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  2. Her answer would have been cute – out of the mouth of a SIX YEAR OLD! I’ve decided that she’s not disturbed; rather, she’s just immature and yearning for attention ALL OF THE TIME. It must really be exhausting to breathe the same air as her…assuming that there is any left to spare! The more interviews/clips I hear, the worse I feel for her former coworkers.

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  3. It depends where she is looking people who lie tend to look to the left ,I believe she is a lot like my brother and he is a pathalogical liar

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  4. That’s one angry person. Not righteous anger, but shoot to kill anger.

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  5. Watching her just now really creeped me out, how am I going to make it through the reunion? Eddie what’s up? Ugh. Something is wrong in Bartlow town.


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