Why Is #BravoTV Placing Seasoned Reality TV Stars On It’s Shows? Production Is Planting “Showbiz Vets” To Cause Conflict on #BelowDeck and #ApresSki

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Bravo fans it’s time to get your panties in a big bunch. There are a few similarities between the much beloved BelowDeck and freshman series ApresSki, but one such commonality is a no-no with Reality TV audiences. We don’t like being played by producers who think the audience is too stupid to realize some characters are cast on shows like actors are for films. If you are going to do a show about working on a yacht use authentic “Yachties.” Same with Apres Ski. If you are being hired as a high-end concierge manager of Whistler Mountain activities, have experience managing SOMETHING. Instead of remaining authentic, both Below Deck and Apres Ski planted experienced Reality TV stars into jobs they were not qualified for to “bring the drama.”

Let’s start with Apres Ski

Executive producers for Apres Ski include:

Andrea Gorfolova and Jameel Bharmal produced “Ex-Wives of Rock” and “Power and Ice.”  Kevin Lee has worked on “Secrets and Wives plus #RHOC in 2012-2013. Michael Call worked in #RHOA, #RHONY, “Secrets and Wives” and “Tori and Dean Inn Love.” Marc Whitehead hasn’t worked since 2008 in TV. His credits include “After The Attack” and “Shark Tribe” as production coordinators? Somebody got lucky landing an EP title for Apres Ski!

ew1 ew

The cast of Apres Ski all have experience with Whistler in Canada. CEO of Gibbon’s Life Joey Gibbons owns most of the bars, restaurants, and hotels in the area. He hired Tamara Moore of Ascent Behave, her own company providing luxury brand PR services, to be CEO of start-up company Gibbon’s Life. This is where it gets dicey. Under Ms.Moore is Operations Manager Elise Wims, an obvious production plant with ZERO experience managing anything except her own kitchen. Wims has appeared on Hell’s Kitchen and NBC’s Food Fighters as a chef contestant, but has no experience in executive management or even at a Forever 21. She does have an IMDB profile and resume though, so as far as producers are concerned she’s uniquely qualified? She has trademarked her title “The Diva Chef” for future bookings in her field. So why was she cast in Apres Ski?

elise wims skills

elise wims


Is Elise Wims beginning to sound like someone else we know at Bravo? Can you think of another lightening rod for drama on Below Deck with dual IMDB profiles and zero yachting experience? Yep. Elise Wims is the “Rocky” of Apres Ski! The bikini shot isn’t appropriate for LinkedIN or executive management resumes. Let’s hope that was just an IMDB teaser for casting agents, ready to put her into a 4th show…..

elise imdb elise wims2

elise wims1

Elise Wims’s LinkedIn profile and experience reflect ZERO executive management skills, nor does her educational background. I have no problem with working your way up the job chain with experience, but her history speaks to food services only.


elise wims5


elise wims4



Another coincidence between Raquel Bartlow and Elise Wims on their respective Bravo TV shows? Both women are the main catalysts for drama and outrageous behavior. Rocky used her secret relationship with Eddie Lucas to drop a bomb on him during the finale. Nobody on the Eros knew about Rocky and Eddie’s hook-ups in the laundry room until she volunteered her phone as evidence halfway through the season to producers. That’s how they knew to film the laundry room bump and grind noises, and Rocky’s texts from Eddie. Eddie’s reactions are real as he slowly sees he’s been set up. It’s doubtful he will come back after what 51 Minds producers dropped on him. Shame on you Rocky for using sex to get the attention on Below Deck and trying to play victim.


rbedit4  rd5 stunt double for toilets

Laundry by bravo   decisions by Bravo

Wims is no better than Rocky when it comes to bad behavior. Elise is taking innocent comments made by her crew on Apres Ski, and turning them into racial stereotypes. After befriending/favoriting her employee Kendra Larsen, who is also African-American, Elise often listens to Larkin whine and complain about her peers. Elise shouldn’t play favorites with her employees and it has caused a divide amongst the group. When you draw a line making it white employees vs. black employees you have a huge no win situation in a workplace, and you’ve lost your audience who find it far from entertaining to watch. Elise also allowed Bobby Crowder to play favorites with his best-friend Charlotte which caused tension when Bobby delegated tasks. A real manager doesn’t allow (or participate in) any of that behavior. Producers obviously pushed this agenda due to Whistler being predominantly white rich people, catered to by white ski/snowboarding professionals. You add in Kendra Larkin, who has a fashion background, and Elise Wims who is a chef, both knowing nothing about outdoor sports, and they become the “odd men out.” It’s sad that Bravo TV is airing contrived racial tensions in an aspirational Reality TV format, when we are just tuning in for light entertainment. Shame on Elise and Bravo producers for taking us down this ugly path. You knew what you were doing and it’s not ok. Apres Ski will be lucky to get a second season now, and it’s a shame for the “real” cast members from the mountain sports industry that wanted to give 100%

See video below: http://www.bravotv.com/apres-ski/season-1/episode-3/videos/lines-have-been-drawn#


For more on Below Deck’s Rocky Dakota and her Reality TV show background see these articles on bitchbybravo.com:



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12 Comments on Why Is #BravoTV Placing Seasoned Reality TV Stars On It’s Shows? Production Is Planting “Showbiz Vets” To Cause Conflict on #BelowDeck and #ApresSki

  1. BlackPeopleSki // December 21, 2015 at 9:45 am // Reply

    Both ApresSki and Below Deck was hard to watch, but my focus was on behaviors and the people/group dynamics. It was extremely painful to observe that the only two unqualified staff hired on ApresSki were to two African Americans, and even worse, one was hired to manage and supervise “expert” skiers and a “Whisler-ite”, who was the common arrogant and unsupervise-able arrogance of a white male, who is clearly expertly suited for the “outdoors and ski adventure” manager job, who would never have given any level of respect for any supervisor, and especially, an unqualified African American female, who knows zero about skiing, outdoors adventures or the Whisler community and without the necessary executive management background.

    My hat is off to anyone who puts themselves out to new adventures and life opportunities, even if it is a reality show and/or basic employment. The blame and/or fault rests with the one who hires unqualified individuals and sets them up for a complete and predictable failure! Zero leadership or mentorship was provided to Elise and she was unskilled and unprepared to respond to the subtleties of race relations and cultural diversity without the understandable human emotions tied to offensiveness that is delivered in a manner that interjects multiple triggers depending on one’s vantage point. This show illustrated a phenomenon that is common in the every day workplace – the setup for failure: hiring unqualified individuals for key positions, the suffering of those who have to work under the unqualified supervisor, the absence of support, mentoring and leadership for all parties, and the painful fall for all.

    SHAME ON Joey Gibbons for perfecting a typical and stereotypical employer commonly known to us whose careers are in EEO and employment of any and every industry.

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    • It’s time to hold the producers accountable for doing exactly what you so eloquently pointed out above. They set it motion the dynamics of Apres Ski knowing full well Elise’s lack of experience in Executive Management.

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    • After watching the next two episodes where Elise was fired I have to agree that some ugly stereotypes have taken shape (regardless of whether you chalk it up to the “script” or the actual behavior of the cast).

      With Kendra reduced to an assistant role despite her title and Elise fired, we see Jim go right behind his female manager’s back to talk to the (male) owner so he can take Elise’s job!

      If I were Tamara I would have a very hard time accepting an operations manager who trusted my judgement and leadership so little that he goes over my head when there are problems. She even flat out said she didn’t trust Jim! I’d definitely be getting my resume in order and searching for another job.

      Bravo has definitely screwed up with this one. I hope this show is DONE after one season.

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  2. Formerly Resident // December 14, 2015 at 10:14 am // Reply

    LOL! I landed here after googling “What the hell is wrong with the cast of Apres Ski”. Now I know!

    I was wondering why seemingly sane startup owners would throw their reputation down the toilet by making a woefully inexperienced manager take on a staff that does not seem too keen on doing their jobs. They’re there to cater to the rich, not hang out with them yet this seems to come as a shock to them each time I’ve watched the show.

    As far as “the race card” goes, I could tell from episode 1 that no one in this group had respect for the two African-American plants and that they were set up to struggle the entire season, if not fail completely. Ultimately, though I think disrespect and petty bickering were mistaken for racism.

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  3. Why has Janice Dickinson managed to get herself on every reality t.v. show ever invented? Her agent, that’s why. I absolutely agree with you. The best casting decisions with the best impact on any reality show, involve getting the real deal.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I agree completely. I saw the last show of apres ski and won’t watch it again after seeing elis throw the race card…plus it is clear she does not know how to manage people. It makes Gibbons Life look unprofessional and definitely not a company I would hire for any experience at Whistler.

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  5. Hey – now just wait a minute… I’ve ALWAYS included a bikini shot along with my resume… Are you now telling me that I didn’t get my high-paying Wall Street job (where I do nothing but play on my phone all day and take super long lunches) strictly based on EXPERIENCE????

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