#PumpRules Why Do BravoTV Celebs Think They Can Sing? Case In Point: Tom Sandoval and Scheana Marie

I’m not a huge “Vanderpump Rules” fan. However, Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken are amazing business partners and two of my favorites to watch on BravoTV. What I don’t like are professional waitresses and bartenders creating dramatic moments of idiocy for TV.

The success of “Pump Rules” has clearly gone to the heads of castmates Scheana Marie and Tom Sandoval. Both “stars” think they have musical talent and singing ability. Why do they think autotune is a substitute for skill? Someone needs to explain to Tom and Scheana that just because you land a Bravo show doesn’t mean you can wake up a musical genius! Tom Sandoval has formed a group called “Charles McMansion.” Anything that brings to mind a serial killer really isn’t a great name choice. Check out their video for “T.I.P”

I also wanted to include Scheana Marie’s volcanic performance of “Good As Gold” live. Autotune was unavailable at SUR so the clip is short.

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2 Comments on #PumpRules Why Do BravoTV Celebs Think They Can Sing? Case In Point: Tom Sandoval and Scheana Marie

  1. I totally agree with you. I don’t like when celebs cross into different career paths. For some reason, I want them to stay in whatever industry that they started in, probably because it’s familiar to me. Just like when Jessica Simpson starred in “Dukes of Hazzard”. Although, Scheana Marie and Tom Sandoval are in reality TV, does that give them a pass for crossing into different career paths, since reality TV isn’t really its own industry?

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