To Readers of “Bitch By Bravo” I Must Clarify A Few Points….


Dear Readers,

As the writer of this feisty blog, I need to clarify a few things.

  1. This is a joyous way for me to spread humor and make fun of Bravo TV show stars as I recover from several extensive surgeries. I appreciate the “suggestions” on how to make my blog better as much as you would your husband telling you your dress makes you look fat. It is my outlet to express personal viewpoints in. Feel free to plug in elsewhere if you want to change it.
  2. I am not the recipient of higher education, nor did I pay much attention in school. However, I worked my way up to Senior Management for one of fashion’s oldest and distinguished purveyors. After 20 plus years of fast-paced industry decision-making, I’m learning to slow down and explore a passion for writing.
  3. Would-be critics should go to the top of this page and click on and open a free account. Perhaps after staring at your own pages you will be less inclined to critique mine.
  4. For you punctuation and grammar nazis out there, turn and walk away. Thanks for the offers of “proof-reading” and sentence restructuring, but please go to that special place in hell that led you to offer unsolicited advice in the first place.
  5. Any stories you see in this blog and wish to share must be properly credited to with links back to this site. My original artwork and photographs are the sole property of and may not be duplicated or shared without my express consent.
  6. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @BitchByBravo


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21 Comments on To Readers of “Bitch By Bravo” I Must Clarify A Few Points….

  1. BBB hope you are doing well with your recovery

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  2. Rock on, sister! I love you and your blog! Wth is wrong with people?

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  3. donewithbravo // November 27, 2015 at 6:10 am // Reply

    BBB: I’ve been a supporter as soon as I realized you had a blog. I love your style of writing and conveying your thoughts. While I am serious about grammar and language skills (sorry, I have a B.S. in English Lit), I would never critique you in a mean manner. I’ve done it with other blogs (usually via email), in case they were writing quickly, or they just made a mistake. I’m sorry that you were bothered by some meanies. Keep doing what you’re doing. I always come to check up on your blog and you know that I always wish you well with your health! 🙂

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  4. I am one of your #1 fans! LOL ❤
    Sounds like some people who like to talk to butterflies on the ceiling may have their panties in a bunch.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, gorgeous lady!

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  5. Gee, Bitchy, I had no idea you had a fan club of grammar Nazis. I have always liked your writing and I have never seen anything wrong with it. Maybe I am a dumb-ass, too. I had no idea you were recovering from health problems, Get well soon. I think your blogs are hilarious. Love, love , love the Alaskan Bush people ones. I live for them and Ms. Stoopid’s as well. I love all of your photo shopped stuff. You are awesome. And very pretty, too. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  6. Oh! I had just written you a note telling you how brilliant your writing is….then I discovered this. My statement stands, of course. I’m just glad to see you already have a crowd of others saying much the same. Hope your recovery doesn’t stop your writing. Like, don’t just get up out of bed and forget all about us. I only just found you today! I’m going to be putting myself into the shop for repairs as well, and plan on reading your blog. So stick around, please.

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  7. wonderbreaddots // November 23, 2015 at 11:33 pm // Reply

    BBB don’t change a damn thing! Love your blog!

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  8. Hey there, BBB! I’ve only recently discovered your work, but I find your writing and observations to be hilarious and relatable. I am so glad that you wrote this – these “critics” are most likely powerless in their own lives, and are looking to feel superior in another medium. You are doing wonderfully and are obviously doing something right to have such a fan base!

    By the way, I have noticed your material being “lifted” by others in other websites and tweets. Copywrite!!!

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  9. not a critique just help take it or leave it… regarding last comment… IDK if there is a way or not but if so maybe a copyright or trademark or something that protects you and your material… stuff like this gets stolen for scripts often… love your stuff as you know and I enjoy swapping tweets with you keep up excellent funny work! F THEM CRITICS! Here’s to healing fast!

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  10. I love this blog wouldn’t change a damn thing

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