#ApresSki Cap “It’s All Downhill” Fall-out From #RaceGate As Elise Wims Struggles In Her Role As Manager..


Hello Awkward

It’s been a week since #RaceGate and the feeling inside the #ApresSki chalet of concierges is “battle ready!” Bobby Crowder is still spinning from being called a racist by Elise Wims. When the group heads into the office on Monday, Elise acts as if nothing has happened. There is a 5000 lb gorilla in the room as they try to haphazardly discuss new clients. Elise powers over any personal discussions and gets down to business. The clients want to create a sexy fantasy photo-shoot and hit the mountain to shred. Jim and Kendra are chosen to take the lead. Lynsey points out to Elise that the clients also want to hit the mountain, but she is more concerned with the photo-shoot and surprise proposal details. After double-checking the client preference sheet and seeing the couple’s desire to go snowboarding, Lynsey takes the initiative to make that happen. None of this is acknowledged by Wims.


elise wims

The team of Elise, Jim Sced, and Kendra Larkin scouts a dream location in Whistler for the client photo shoot. Jim asks Elise if she has discussed/resolved the sticky situation with Bobby since the “race dinner.” Wims acts as if she and Crowder were two people at dinner having an argument instead of a manager and her subordinate. Elise defends herself by saying Bobby shouldn’t have played favorites and given Kendra the crappy job. Jim asks her if she plans on speaking to Bobby to clear the air. Wims says there needs to be an effort on both parts so if Bobby wants to walk around with a “stank attitude” that’s his problem and “I’m not going to kiss his ass.” Jim (and the audience) are left questioning Elise’s ability to manage the team.

For more on Wim’s background and work experience click here: https://bitchbybravo.com/2015/11/22/why-is-bravotv-placing-seasoned-reality-tv-stars-on-its-shows-production-is-planting-showbiz-vets-to-cause-conflict-on-belowdeck-and-apresski/


Bobby and Charlotte discuss #RaceGate and Crowder is still absolutely devastated by being labeled. He tells Charlotte that he called CEO Tamara Moore for a meeting since Elise ignored the situation when they were together that morning discussing clients. That is 100% correct protocol to use when you can’t get satisfaction with your supervisor and have no Human Resource manager to discuss the issues with. Anyone who feels otherwise is incorrect- it’s management 101.


Tamara Moore meets with Bobby over coffee to discuss #RaceGate. She’s visibly shocked when she hears Crowder’s story. It is painful to see a Manager fail on so many levels. Tamara needs to spend more time at Gibbon’s Life mentoring Elise Wims in the management of people since Wims has zero experience in the field. I don’t think Wims will listen to any performance feedback as a way to better her skills, but it still needs to be offered. #RaceGate should never have been perpetuated by a manager who by that title should know better. Watch the conversation below:


Bobby seems to feel better after the discussion with Moore, but she isn’t looking forward to the conversation she now has to have with Elise. Wim’s explosive temper is scary when directed at you during a heated situation. I hope that Tamara’s Zen can calm Elise during what’s to come!

Secondary clients  are zip-lining with Lynsey and Bobby. Whistler has the world’s highest zip-line and the footage their individual cameras grabbed was insane. Adorable Bobby Crowder was terrified but put on a show of bravery so client Nic wouldn’t cancel the experience! Lynsey and Bobby knocked it out of the park. Lynsey is extremely efficient and quietly becoming a top player for Gibbon’s Life.



Meanwhile at the photo shoot, Jim and Kendra are working on making the luxury photo shoot/proposal happen. Elise walks in and tries to take over, which isn’t appreciated by anyone. Client Lauren looks like a porn model and Elise tries to direct the photographer to shoot her in a suggestive manner. Lauren and her boyfriend Colin want to pose without being barked at. Colin has a ring in his pocket and decides to propose in the bathroom? It’s gorgeous and beautifully lit with candles, but there is still a toilet in the corner. Lauren is oblivious and happily says “Yes” to marriage with Colin. The couple that flushes together stays together. Another success for team Gibbon’s Life and congratulations to Jim and Kendra for a great job.



Elise gets a phone call from Tamara asking if they can get together and talk. Wims immediate response to Moore is,”Is it bad?” If you are so amazing in your role as manager why would the first thought in your head be negative? Tamara’s conversation with Elise below:


Jim and Lynsey hijack newly engaged clients Colin and Lauren for the snowboarding they had their heart’s set on. Lauren calls Elise and asks her to get them a later flight so she and Colin can extend their day on the mountain. Elise agrees, yet doesn’t acknowledge Jim or Lauren’s initiative. After a great afternoon in the snow, the clients leave happy. Kendra, Jim, and Lauren were amazing, and the clients got the luxury experience they paid for. Kendra is really beginning to bond with her co-workers and it showed tonight.

ew1 js1

Back at Gibbon’s Life concierges chalet, the team gets ready for dinner with Elise. Elise has chosen to wear an unfortunate bustier revealing a “Tit-Tat” of her name over her breast. You can’t stop staring at it until you look at her hand with a giant ring featuring a 6-inch cross. During the meal, Elise apologizes to Bobby for offending him, which he accepts graciously. She then begins to overly compliment Jim Sced, finally giving him the credit he deserves. Jim is upset that it has been a month since they began to work together and Elise is only now trying to make amends with the team. Elise again apologizes, but it falls on deaf ears. Jim releases the floodgates and unleashes a tirade on Elise that has been long overdue. Jim tells Elise that she makes him feel like shit with her attitude every time he walks in the door at work. A huge screaming match ensues with insults being hurled between Jim and Elise. The rest of the team sits silently, stunned by what has transpired. Elise needs to earn trust by her actions, not just apologize, but truly listen to her staff instead of ordering people around blindly.

That’s the cliffhanger folks! My prediction is Elise Wims will quit or be fired by episode 6. Who wants to take that bet?

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11 Comments on #ApresSki Cap “It’s All Downhill” Fall-out From #RaceGate As Elise Wims Struggles In Her Role As Manager..

  1. I think Elise Is Young And Scared She Has An Amazing Opportunity In A Predominantly White Community She’s A little Intimidated The Bobby Guy Did Say Insulting Statements That Were Race Sensitive If A Statement In Regards To Him Servicing A Client Because He Was Gay In Negative Way He Would’be Felt That Was Homophobic He Should Have Apologized Instead Of Acting Offended Remember Kendra Went To Elise With The Concern And When All Hell Broke Loose She Just Sat There Elise Needs Joey To Step In And Side With Her And Tell The Team She Has His Support And Tell Jim To Job Shop If He Needs Too And Anyone Else Bottom Line And The Team Will The Get The Message And Start Delivering Amazing Result For Viewer’s And I Support Her Assertiveness She Said What Needed To Be Said And Bobby Needs To Stop Trolling For Boys And Do His Job Too Today If You Say Look That’s A Racist Statement You Offend The Person Who Caused The Action When That Person Just Needs To Own It And If That Not There Intentions Say So Learn And Move On It Doesn’t Mean You Are It Means Your Being Stereotypical Of The Past Move On


  2. Elise has what may be the worst case of BRF (bitchy resting face) I’ve ever seen. I can’t stand her, but mostly because she lacks humility and doesn’t listen; not only to her subordinates, but to her superiors, and even THE CLIENTS! The woman in the photoshoot couple clearly said she didn’t want to feel like she was working during the shoot, since she’s a model, and Elise spend the whole time barking orders and treating her like an employee. She doesn’t seem capable of taking Tamara’s advice about being “grace under pressure,” AT ALL. But what kills me most about this show is the bad chemistry between this cast. They seem so thrown together, and nobody (besides Bobby and his already-BFF, Char) seems to even like each other. They all have the same complaints about Elise’s non-management style, but whenever one of them stands up to Elise, nobody else backs them up! When it was Bobby speaking up, even Char barely chimed in. When Jim was standing up to her, everyone — including a still butt hurt Bobby — was giving crickets. Lindsey even went to give Elise a hug! Way to show a united front, TEAM. I really don’t think I can take much more of this show. They seem to dislike each other so strongly, that it’s not even fun to spend time with them. Bring back Below Deck! Minus Rocky, of course.

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  3. Ive never seen such disrespectful workers in my life. These people totally ganged up on a Elise. However she could have handled the tobogganing situation better but at that point I do think she was totally frustrated and felt disrespected by her entire group. Jim is overstepping by not following the protocal and goes to show what Elise has been dealing with disrespect


  4. I guaruntee that the owners of the concierge team will be appalled b the behavior from Elise throughout the entire season, until they get rid of her, once they actually watch the footage. Not to gang up on someone, but when she is having these one on one botch unloading fests with one person, the others need to take their issues to Tamara as well. That way, it doesn’t allow Elise to continue misrepresenting the company that everyone else IS actually working their assessment off for. What does Elise even contribute to the team? Let’s see, she prints papers to toss at her subordinates in a degrading manner, though I believe she gets the pages from Tamara who likely prints them and books the clients herself. She doesn’t actually arrange any of the perks or treatments or actiities, the unfortunately misguided yet knowledgeable staff members below her do that, she is completely unprofessional rolling her eyes, talking over clients, bossing people around like slaves (yet has the nerve to play the race card) and ignores client requests while skyping. She has twice, TWICE ever craked a smile, one time which was while jumping up and down screaming that they won the bobsled competition, against THEIR CLIENTS while the team watched in embarrassment and horror, luckily the clients were already gone). She calls staff meetings and ignores everyone who enters until it suits her to acknowledge their presence. She gives backhanded, self effaced “compliments”, which even in those rare instances you can see how much it PAINS her to do so…. Get rid of her. She not only is making a fool of herself, she is making a mockery of the job, attempting to use activities paid for by clients and the company as “experience” to better understand the team she continues to disregard and degrade. She gives every manager out there a bad name. She gives this company a terrible image they will have to shred away from if they ever want new clients after this season finishes airing, unless they drastically turn things around by removing any associat ion with her. She throws anyone within earshot, and definitely anyone not present, including her own superior Tamara, under the bus at every opportunity, and then some. She claims to be able and willing to take constructive criticism, but a) it’s so far from the truth it smells of BS through the TV screen and b) it is too far beyond any level of construction with her involvement, as she cannot admit to or accept her own misgivings and wrongdoings without merely showing she thinks of it as an excuse for her bad behavior and illlical, truly garbage managerial skills since she is away from her son. Then go home, Elise. Because you aren’t bettering yourself and you definitely aren’t bettering or benefiting the company or clients. The team could work so much better without your negativity and drama. How shitty to come to work each week on edge as the ice queen emerges from her ivory tower, ready again to strike you down and ride the successes of everyone else’s teamwork and dedication all the way to the finish line. Oh, and don’t forget, she will hop up on the pedestal and do a little dance and sing that she is the best, just to rub it in. Shit, she may even Crack a smile, because she is the only thing she likes. Elise’s concept of teamwork? Learn to take an order, bitch. And shine my working girl shoes while I step on your back.

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  5. oldladyisback // December 1, 2015 at 4:41 pm // Reply

    Granted Elise can be difficult, but am I the only one who got a glimpse of what some of the “team” really thinks. The scene where Bobby and the other woman said that Jim would make a better leader and then Bobby said he would be better, and the woman answered, “or me” Sometimes you get a feeling about a situation and maybe Elise has picked up on this?? Their attitude seems to be that she is an “outsider” on their turf. I don’t believe that Jim would be happy working under any woman because he’s the Alpha Male in any group.


  6. Elise needs to go. She is sooo disrespectful to her Boss Tamara. I own a business she would have been gone along time ago.

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  7. Michael Mahoney // November 30, 2015 at 8:01 pm // Reply

    Elise is definetly the weak link and its because of that ghetto chip on her shoulder.
    Her social skills are below zero.
    No leader does it by his or her self.
    My fuess is she has no friends because of the way she is.
    Tic toc

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  8. Elise is an awful manager and a horrible leader. I really hope you are right about them letting her go!

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    • I really think that’s going to be the case. She has zero interactions with her cast mates on Twitter and RT’s all of the horrible racist comments against Bobby. She also RT’s anything rotten said about Tamara Moore. If you are still part of the crew that isn’t going to happen. She’s Rocky.


  9. I think that Tamara needs to support Elise better, but Elise, wow, she’ s a piece of work. She did NOT greet them when she came in and had a scowl on her face. Granted she tried to redeem herself, but at that point, it was too late for some of the staff. 🙂

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  10. I hope they let her go. She needs better people skills.

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