#SybilOfTheSea aka #BelowDeck’s Rocky Dakota Tries To Make Wine Stick In The Eros Kitchen Fire…Captain Lee Let’s Her Have it!



Raquel Dakota must be seeing butterflies instead of the truth when it’s handed down at the #BelowDeck Reunion by Captain Lee. The fire was caused by a greasy oven in the Eros galley which was the responsibility of “The Sleeping Chef” Leon Walker. Poor little Rocky still can’t face the facts. A grease fire doesn’t break out in an oven by putting a frozen pizza into it. A filthy, dripping, greasy mess is a fire hazard, and would have caught fire by pre-heating it with nothing inside. Since Captain Lee shut you down with logic, you then say Kate Chastain had a mug filled with wine next to the oven? That makes so much sense! Wine always catches fire in a mug when it’s sitting on a counter top. Little Sybil’s insanity is showing again!  Check out the newly released clip from the #BelowDeck Reunion:


Frankenfood Rocky   rocky bartlow 2bd rocky bartlow bd

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8 Comments on #SybilOfTheSea aka #BelowDeck’s Rocky Dakota Tries To Make Wine Stick In The Eros Kitchen Fire…Captain Lee Let’s Her Have it!

  1. Dear BBB
    You are a brilliant writer. Don’t let anyone who “had collidge” bully you by saying otherwise. Your gift for gab cannot be taught. Many with degrees couldn’t begin to concoct the read-worthy sentences you assemble on a regular basis. It’s your imaginative banter that keeps us hooked, makes us laugh. Not the correctness of your grammar. (Which, by the way, is pretty flawless). Keep it up. I just discovered you!

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  2. Don’t have any idea if Kate drank wine, water, or seltzer. I do know that Rocky accused Kate of this “drinking” because you can read Dan’s handwriting in his notebook if you pause your screen, BBB. She told Leon the same story that she told the Captain and Dan. Frankly, I can’t understand her thinking here? A “drinking” Kate made an oven flame up, and then secretly sneaked away to make Rocky take the fall? Ok, I can see this scenario in a sick, undisciplined mind. Need to revise my DSM diagnosis of poor, little Rocky.

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  3. #sybilofthesea cracks me up that is a name that suits her

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  4. Or when she lands in prison for boiling rabbits

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  5. I have a new expression for Rocky, it’s called crangry. Crazy Angry. That is her defense at the Reunion. Being crazy angry.

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