#BelowDeck Charter Guest Tells What “Chef Rocky’s” Dinner Tasted Like….


Rocky Dakota may have convinced the Eros Crew she was a trained chef, but the 2 meals she prepared with cameras rolling left much to be desired.

For the lucky cast who worked 10-14 hours per day, she treated them to baked raw chicken, after to failing to turn the oven on for the first 90 minutes. I guess the culinary school she trained at for less than a year in New York City failed to teach her how ovens work, and how to stop them from catching fire.

Fast-forward to the Below Deck episode “Fire” where we meet Alan Miller and hs family who are on board celebrating Alan’s 50th birthday. Mr. Miller and his group are some of the most polite and well-mannered guests ever to grace the show’s Charters. Unfortunately for the Millers, Chef Leon quit the show with a full-day left on their Bahamian adventure. Captain Lee bought them lunch on shore while the crew scrambled to figure out a dinner plan. The night was to be a formal “White-party” celebration for Alan’s birthday.

Enter “Chef” Raquel Dakota. She had spent her day stripping naked and hurling herself from the yacht to protest Leon Walkers “unfair” treatment by Captain Lee. A boat nearby picked her up and brought her back to the Eros, where she grovelled to Captain Lee promising better behaviour. With no alternative, Chief Stewardess, Kate Chastain, gave Rocky permission to cook for the clients. Rocky attacked the duty with gusto for filming but sabotaged the food for the Millers.


“Trust Me” seems like an odd thing to say when preparing a meal, unless you are trying to convince others that your ideas are tasty when they look anything but. Rocky says it for the first time when she sprinkled Oreo cookie crumbles on a salad.

gren trust

Why would anyone say 3 or 4 times while preparing a salad course, and raw oysters to “trust me?” It’s completely obvious to Bosun Eddie Lucas after the primary, Mr. Miller, has left the table to vomit that Rocky sabotaged the meal!!


Raquel Dakota is a horrible human being who ruined Alan Miller’s birthday dinner purposely. Who does that? A psycho 3rd stewardess with a penchant for drama and an axe to grind against the crew, that’s who! Mr. Miller never complained about the dinner causing him to become sick while filming the episode. He posted feedback on Facebook 11/25 on the “Below Deck” fan page.

alan miller statement

You screwed yourself, Rocky. No restaurant will hire you after seeing your antics on Bravo. Captain Lee gave you great advice in part 1 of the “Below Deck” reunion. He said,”You are the only person in the crew that has not acknowledged and learned from your mistakes.” Perhaps Rocky needs to sort out proper medical attention before attempting a 25th career opportunity this year? Good luck with that dear.


Thanks to bitchbybravo.com reader “Dana” for the tip!

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13 Comments on #BelowDeck Charter Guest Tells What “Chef Rocky’s” Dinner Tasted Like….

  1. I agree regarding the hygiene (though I only saw her lick her fingers once and I missed her double dipping). My husband has a biochem degree and having him enlighten me was sort of a horrible experience since I was already a bit of a germaphobe. In the winter my dry skin will crack from all the washing when I cook meat. Stewed Chef- if the opportunity arises I will point it out, heck this Thanksgiving I gave the chef a little ribbing when I watched turkey germs get spread from surface to surface during the brining process. My experience is mostly with Rocky’s mom, as I think I said she is very tight with my own mother. She was always the uber cool and glamorous friend in the group (well there are a few glams in the group) who would include me in the fun stuff- usually having to do with the beach!

    I think I babysat the kids a few times when our parents were home but having a dinner party. I would describe her mom as being eccentric (not at all crazy), successful, kooky, and at appropriate times a little wild. It doesn’t surprise me at all that her daughter would be similar and when I look at Rocky I don’t see crazy at all (nor does my mother who has a double MA in education and childhood psych and a PHD in psych). I see a budding young lady much like her mother. Maybe where I grew up is just a haven for this personality but I know plenty of artistic people who are a bit like this-love it or hate it- it doesn’t make them crazy.
    Rocky is just coming into her own. I see some mistakes she made, but geez – did you ever act out when you were young? Consider if you were in a situation, stuck on a boat, with a friends with benefits situation and no one to talk to while it blew up in your face…..he may have had reason to distance himself from her but his manner was overly harsh and cruel. It would be rough to hear someone who you had been recently intimate with talking poorly about you to the rest of the crew while you harbored that secret and had to continue on as if nothing had happened- while Eddie became more and more rude. For me I woudl have also been weighed down knowing that my folly would be broadcast for all of the Bravo audience to see.
    I think it must have been like a pressure cooker. On top of all that she was doing a job that she wasn’t exactly ready for and having every moment shot for a tv show- phew I am glad my early twenties didn’t get broadcast to the world, I can only imagine what people would have said about me. If I were on a show now you would think I was a very balanced and together person- but then….yipes! It would depend which month and what boyfriend you caught me on.
    Reality tv (especially when shot on a boat- cabin fever is real, yo) isn’t a recipe for showing people off at their most stable- but that’s the point and why we watch reality tv, isn’t it? Impeccable behavior does not make great reality tv- let’s get honest here.
    When I told my husband that Raquel had a mermaid tail with her he was like- “Of course she does, is it her mom’s?” I wish I had proofed my first comment but I am going to assume everyone understood me, please know that I usually don’t leave so many grammatical errors when I write. I have little kids- so it’s just incredible that I found time to sit down and string a couple words together.
    Get this- I am a fan of Kate (though I don’t really use twitter so the reunion was the first I heard of twitter bashing- I don’t know how bad it is) and I didn’t like Leon one bit- but I STILL think all this Rocky bashing is ridiculous.

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  2. I really feel duped by Bravo and 51 Minds. I thought I was watching a show about yachties, instead, I get Rockhead a two time reality TV looser, who is a lazy, manipulative, liar. Rockhead lets everyone do her work but eagerly takes the unearned tips. Rockheads only agenda was herself, not the guests who paid big bucks.

    Ladykatharyn, why don`t you hire Rockhead ? Are you concerned she will sleep with your boyfriend / husband, pretend not to know, then accuse you of being a drunk while assassinating your character ?

    BBB, thank you so much for exposing Rockhead for what she is, I agree with scifichick119, Bravo should hire you.

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  3. I really felt duped by Rockhead, I thought I was watching professional yachties work, I had know idea I was watching some third rate wanna be lie and get paid while others did her work. Rockheads only agenda was herself, not the guests, who paid big bucks to charter a yacht. Ladykatharyn you should hire Rockhead since you are such a fan. Hopefully she will not sleep with your husband / boyfriend and pretend not to know, then claim you are a drunk, while assassinating your character.

    Thank you BBB for pointing out Rockhead had already been unsuccessful on two other reality TV shows. I agree with scifichick119, Bravo should hire you.

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  4. I’m so excited that you used my tip, made my day!! I rarely leave my home because I am on oxygen and have an incurable disease… so I spend a lot of time reading. I just love your blog and your sense of humor. I wish you healing/recovery and good health. It’s a shame that Rocky is so young and capable and all she does is play the victim/brat and lie. Have you seen her tweet (video) of 11/24 as her response to the reunion, she is dancing and turns around to stick @ss up to the camera?

    I will let you know if I see any other juicy tips 🙂

    BitchByBravo reader Dana

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  5. Evelyn Niessner // November 28, 2015 at 2:25 pm // Reply

    That girl doesn’t belong in adult company.

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  6. Evelyn Niessner // November 28, 2015 at 2:23 pm // Reply

    I knew those guests did not like that dinner. It was pretty obvious. It looked positively gross. I feel so bad for those guests, they were so nice!
    I have to wonder how she went to culinary school for ‘almost’ a year and thought it was a good idea to put chocolate cookies on a vegetable salad, not to mention grenadine on oysters. Maybe she spent toooooo much time staring at the ceiling. But my guess is that she got upset at her instructors for instructing.
    I mean, how dare they try to tell her what to do!!
    Such a child. Ha, just realized that toddlers like to run around with their butt hanging out! More proof that she needs diapers!

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  7. She may not be a super yachtie but she got a ton of air time and was funny to watch so it will be interesting to see if she get’s asked back. Maybe a turn on dancing with the stars instead : ) She and her mother are both incredible athletes (can’t remember regarding the rest of the family but they are all certainly sea goddesses) she would rock their socks off. For all her mistakes she was flat out entertaining to watch and Eddie really did do her wrong- I could see acting out if you were being treated that way in that situation. So we shall see if the crazy eye comes out in future projects- that may have been the exact thing Bravo wanted from her and the reason we saw so much of her.
    Her mom is an artistic goddesses of the sea (our mom’s are tight and Raquel’s mom taught me to surf). At the same time her mother is very accomplished in her field (as is her father). Along with those accomplishments her mom is incredible, wild and fun- just like her daughter. The situation didn’t exactly play to Raquel’s strengths- I bet Bravo didn’t care about experience when they saw how gorgeous, talented, and hilarious she is, they just signed her up and put her where she probably didn’t have the training to be. When she finds her niche she will soar. Just my guess.

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    • Hopefully Rocky was playing it up for the cameras because she appears to me to be someone suffering from at the least, mental and emotional instability, and more likely from mental illness.
      I do not find watching mentally ill people parade their disfunction on reality TV to be entertaining. I find it really sad and hard to watch. I also find it cruel to display their outrageous behavior,

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      • LadyK, it is refreshing to hear from someone not speculating about what is wrong with Raquel. Since you know her mom, could you ask her mom to help her correct one mistake her daughter is making? Not to criticize, several times the camera caught Raquel swallowing food off her finger then continuing to handle the food while prepping a course. We collectively cringed each time! Raquel takes such pride in her chef title, I feel certain she will want to fix this basic problem with hygiene.
        With best wishes,
        Stewed Chef

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  8. I bet she isn’t asked back 4 another season ,Capt.Lee does not like her at all

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  9. Most excellent PI for Bravotv.com HELLO BRAVO! PAY ATTENTION! 🙂 You need to hire this woman!

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