#KUWTK #KylieJenner and #Tyga….Is the Magic Gone Now That They Aren’t Breaking The Law?


Tyga aka Micheal Ray Stevenson aka “The 26 yr-old who dated Kylie Jenner when she was 16” dude isn’t feeling the love. The youngest of the Jenner-Kardashian clan seems to be growing tired of her older boyfriend. Unfortunately for Tyga his master plan to become the next Kanye West by using the fame dating a #KUWTK star can bring imploded. His career, credibility, and brand have been irrevocably harmed since flaunting the then underage Jenner around LA.


Dating Tyga was more about being a rebellious wild-child for Kylie than getting serious with the rapper. Tyga has a 3 yr-old son with his ex-fiance BlacChyna that she has zero desire playing “Mommy” too. Kylie wants to grow up fast, party with bad boys, and replace her sister Kim Kardashian-West as the number one star in the family. She’s well known in Los Angeles for underage drinking at clubs, blazing with her crew, and staggering out at 2 am on her way to an after-party. Sister Kendall Jenner has said on camera that,”Kylie doesn’t have her priorities straight and is a huge bitch to people.” That behavior is easy to see on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”



It was widely reported last week that Tyga and Kylie had broken up. The 18 yr-old Jenner was nowhere to be seen as Tyga partied the night away with members of his Entourage to celebrate his 26th birthday. Kylie was seen the next night leaving a club with Justin Beiber and A$AP Rocky. Let’s hope Rocky is smarter than Tyga and gives Kylie a wide berth. She’s is “trade-up” mode. With the excitement gone from her relationship with Tyga, Kylie is looking to “better-deal” him soon. Kim was able to land Kanye West, so in Kylie’s small mind she has to get a rapper that will be on Kanye’s level soon. That isn’t Tyga. His music is just awful. His last 2 videos included Kylie to generate interest, but those fans don’t download his music.



E! News reported this item about the couple and their living situation. In this case you have to give credibility to the news source, they have direct contact with Kylie Jenner and the entire Kardashian machine.

The 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her 26-year-old rapper beau had recently taken a short break from each other. They later stepped out together after the 2015 American Music awards and Kylie said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that they’re not broken up. Tyga joined her family for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

A source told E! News on Friday that he recently moved out of Kylie’s house. The teenager owns a $2.7 mansion in Calabasas, California, near the homes of mom Kris Jenner, 60, and sisters Khloe Kardashian, 31, Kim Kardashian, 35, and Kourtney Kardashian, 36.

“They are back on track for now,” a source told E! News exclusively, about Kylie and Tyga’s relationship. “Kylie has been hanging out at his new place.”

This past summer, Tyga was staying at a $6.7 home, also in Calabasas. It is unclear where he is currently living.

“Tyga was going to stay there until his house was ready,” the source said. “They lived together for about a month. He was thinking about moving out anyway because he likes his own space. But then she started that ‘needing her space’ stuff and he decided to leave earlier.”

Another insider had told E! News last week that the reality star “wants time to just be by herself and do her,” while “Tyga is not giving up, as that’s his one and only lady.”


Kylie Jenner’s way of speaking to Tyga and her fans is through SnapChat which she calls “One of my talents” LMAO!! But within those ridiculous clips of herself preening and pouting silicone enhanced bubble lips is a message. Her new favorite song is by Bryson Tiller and she’s devoted at least 20 snaps to this particular song:

“Been That Way”

I wanna know how we became so distant girl
The way we fell in love it was almost instant
I’m tryna find a way around it
Girl tell me how you feel about it
You still love me, that’s the way it’s sounding
Thank God I would have never found this, I doubt it
I’m there for you if you allow it
Girl you know I gotta keep you around me
All this paper we counting, blazing these ounces
Spending on you baby no matter what the amount is
Now you wanna know what’s gotten into me, what’s changed?
I guess I had a hard time showing it at first but

Baby it’s been that way
Baby it’s been that way
Baby I still feel the same
Something I gotta maintain
Listen to me when I say
Baby it’s always, always, always been that way
It’s always been that way
(Didn’t I tell you girl?)
It’s always been that way
Baby I still feel the same
Something I gotta maintain
Listen to me when I say
It’s always been that way

How did we become so distant?
Like I’m the one to blame and you’re innocent
I try to make a way, make a difference, but
Some things don’t change, I can’t complain
I try not to think about you
What can I say, everytime I get near you
I want that old thing back, now bring it to me
Shorty keep telling me what to do about you
Then she got jealous soon as she knew about you
She don’t never want to see us go through round two
(Cut her off!) Cut her off that’s what I’m doing now, you
Told me I should go out and do my thing
(Damn right!) Damn right I do my thing
Now you want to know what’s gotten into me, what’s changed?
But baby none change

kylie picks crotch
The writing is on the wall for this couple. Kylie Jenner is beginning to see what real-life would look like for her and the broke rapper. Let’s hope A$AP Rocky steers clear of this teen career breaker. Nobody in the music industry wants to keep up with a Kardashian anymore.



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  1. We can only hope they both wake the heck up !! I guess they are finding the rush of it being forbidden to some degree-illegal it isn’t as much fun
    Maybe Kylie will find a 16 year old boy sick I know I can Not believe they got away with being together when she was 16 I thought they met when she was younger

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